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There are some days Starlight Glimmer knows she made a mistake.

It's been a few days since Trixie and Starlight made things right with Twilight and the three became friends, and it's been eating up Trixie to know just exactly what Twilight thinks of her now. So, as two unicorns break into Canterlot Castle at the behest of her new bestie Trixie, Starlight realizes today is going to be one of those days with plenty of regrets.

This story contains the following: Shameless new episode bandwangoning ,Shipnanigans, and Phil Collins

Originally written for the Writeoff competition, the short story contest with the prompt "Forbidden Knowlege."

Also, this story contains sorta spoilers for Season 6 episode 6 "No second prances" (but figuring you're already here the damage is already done.)

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You know, if this is going to be shipping, having a romance tag would help. :trixieshiftleft:

It's midnight and I have to get up at 6 in the morning, but this story was worth it to be up this late to read it, it's that good, bravo, one tip of the fedora to you :moustache:

I had a lot of fun with this story. We can only hope that these two characters have interactions as good as this in the future of the show.

All of my yes! As well as my Yes pancakes!

“Starlight, you realize that was our one hundred bit coin, which was our train money back to Ponyville, right?”
Starlight Glimmer froze as her brain caught up to her body.
“Starlight, You just destroyed our train money home.”
Starlight nervously chuckled. “My… bad? Heh-heh...sorry...”
“Starlight, we are good friends… but sometimes, you make very questionable decisions…”
:rainbowlaugh: I can't put a price on that.

Well I can! One hundred bits!

Maybe so, or maybe no. Was what they encountered a dream, or were they tricked into thinking that?

How do yes pancakes taste?

Well, it might be or it might not. You gotta read it to find out


Thank you guys so much! I'm really glad you guys like it. If I managed to make someone laugh with this, then my mission has been accomplished.

:twilightsmile: " And That's how you use subliminal messages to mess with ponies' minds, my faithful student and ex-rival. Well, that and being friends with the Princess Of the Night.
Well, lesson is over. Now, where is my changeling -Brad? "

Hey, you found something that Phil Collins made better. Seriously, this was quite funny throughout, but I lost it when they started singing.

“I hope you don’t mind, but you two just looked so cute sleeping together that I couldn’t dare wake both of you.”

Oh my god Twilight is literally me.

oh my god there was this one time when my friends fell asleep together and they started snugglin' so i didnt wanna wake them up hhhhh!

But yeah this was cute and filled with great ship shenanigans :3 One of my favorites.

“I know what I’m doing with my girlfriend tonight~” The absolutely competent royal guard skipped off the balcony and flew away in joy.

This... This... THIS.... *composes self* Well played.


Outside, the duo heard a squeal of laughter and joy. The two followed the distraction out of the nearby open window and saw two royal guards, the pegasus stallion from before and a batpony mare both decked in armor, the mare swinging on a large rubber tire hanging by a rope on a large tree.


“Starlight… Trixie just remembered. Can’t you just levitate?” She asked, with all of her peanut buttery breath all over Starlight’s face.

this video comes to mind:

The changeling was bound by its hooves and wings, a magic suppressor device on his horn, and the cherry on top that was the ball gag in his mouth.

oh...this made me think of a fan-comic where Fluttershy had a Changeling tied up in her basement, and the CMC found him and started playing with him...lots of oral sex, but no actual penetration
it's called "a different sort of pet".

“I know what I’m doing with my girlfriend tonight~” The absolutely competent royal guard skipped off the balcony and flew away in joy.


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