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Hello there everyone. My name's Nick. I'm a writer, college graduate, and oddball. Thanks for coming to my page, I hope you enjoy it here!

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There are some days Starlight Glimmer knows she made a mistake.

It's been a few days since Trixie and Starlight made things right with Twilight and the three became friends, and it's been eating up Trixie to know just exactly what Twilight thinks of her now. So, as two unicorns break into Canterlot Castle at the behest of her new bestie Trixie, Starlight realizes today is going to be one of those days with plenty of regrets.

This story contains the following: Shameless new episode bandwangoning ,Shipnanigans, and Phil Collins

Originally written for the Writeoff competition, the short story contest with the prompt "Forbidden Knowlege."

Also, this story contains sorta spoilers for Season 6 episode 6 "No second prances" (but figuring you're already here the damage is already done.)

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Now with awesome cover art, by the cool Magello!

Life has not been kind to Flash Sentry Jr. Outside of the stress of being a rookie in the royal guard, the life he has always envisioned is not turning out as planned.

His already less than desirable existence is thrown into chaos when his life becomes intertwined with the fearsome "Demon of Canterlot", a sinister being whose only desire is to inflict as much pain and suffering to those that are unfortunate enough to cross its path. A demon which now crashes head first with the rookie royal guard and refuses to let go.

Can Flash find the salvation he desperately seeks or or will the Demon of Canterlot destroy Flash, like it has to so many others?

The choices we make always have consequences, of both good and bad. No action is without reaction, and the ripples we make can reach further then we could ever imagine. The biggest question is how do we deal with these consequences, for they show us who we really are.

Taking everything I have planned in the story as a whole, Flash's Demon is rated PG-16 DLS.

For mild violence, strong sexual situations, strong suggestive situations and dialogue, and strong course language. If I am told that I need to upgrade the ratings or add certain tags, let me know.

This story takes place inside Saint Absol's Necro-verse. Knowledge of it really isn't required, but it can help. (especially when tying events Necro-verse events together)

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