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"Shut up kilo" ~Geo

Change log

I guess I could do this and put changes to my profile onto here don't know might take it out depends on how this goes...
9/8/21 23:09 re did my bio
9/12/21 9:25 PM added this ig

A little bit about me

so redoing this I guess... one more time probably should start dating this maybe? 9/8/21 (23:09)
I'm a male
I'm bisexual
I'm a furry
I have 2 fursonas one is a loveable fox (he is my main one names, Geo)
number 2 is a gothic wolf (he is my other one name is Kilo)
they are also my personality I guess you could say
my MLP oc is Star Gazer
I like reading books
At times I prefer books over people
and other things I cant remember.
check out my YouTube channel I will ad vids to it soon I promise just not sure how soon
I think that's it. I hope it was not


Hiii · 2:14pm April 5th

Hello everypony I'm going to finally be more active on here both with writing story's and reading them. Sorry for taking so long a leave of absence but hopefully I'll be back for good for this one.

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Happy Hearth's Warming! :pinkiesmile:

your welcome ill start on it soon

Thank you for adding Dream Date to your favorites. I look forward to hearing what you think of it. :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the watch/follow~

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