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Shortly after Princess Luna's banishment, she requests that the bat-ponies of Hollow Shades venture out into Equestria in an effort to enforce a positive image of them in the public eye.

Enter Pinkie Pie, the most happy, friendly pony in all the land. It's up to her to help a half-reluctant bat-pony make friends in Ponyville.

(Written a long time ago because of some silly joke about Pinkie Pie and Speck's love of ponies being able to transcend time and space, causing them to meet.)
Cover by ArchiveAnon.

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Princess Celestia regrettably banishes Princess Luna to the moon for a thousand years. The princess of the sun laments over her sister's children, allows them to share in Luna's punishment, and curses her two closest followers.
Over the course of a thousand years, the ancient race of bat-ponies flourish in the secluded woods of Hollow Shades, developing their own culture and traditions.
Luna's banishment comes to an end. She goes to visit the bat-ponies in their forest, and discovers something amazing.

Coverart by http://silverkunai.tumblr.com/

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Coverart by http://xn-dragon.deviantart.com
Trigger Warning: The word "Anonymous"

Some three centuries after Twilight Sparkle's coronation, something stranger than anything in Equestria's history appears in the very heart of Equestria itself. A human, lost, confused, and alone, finds himself warily welcomed by the rulers of this strange land.
After trading information about himself for information about the world he'll soon call home, he leaves from Canterlot to the quaint and quiet town of Ponyville, where he eventually meets a lonely bat-pony by the name of Speck.

A rewrite of the original ( http://pastebin.com/u/NukePone ) with additional content, restructuring, and fixes.
Featured from 09Jun14 to 12Jun14
Repeat feature nearly every time a new chapter is posted.

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