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Valencia Orange, former business magnate and heiress to the Orange fortune, is an absolute wreck. Her prominent husband has divorced her, her reputation has fallen into ruin, and she still can't bring herself to get over the trauma her creepy aristocratic cult of a family inflicted on her. Out of options, she finds herself staying with Coco and the rest of the Pommel family, but everything changes when she mistakenly confesses her darkest secret to one of them. They're about to find out just how rotten Valencia can really get, and to her immense surprise...they accept her anyway?!

A "director's cut" story set in the If You Give a Little Love universe that fully explores the psychological implications of being in an incredibly creepy, incredibly sheltered aristocratic family that can be every bit as convoluted as an IRL royal family. This was based off a concept that did not make it into the fic proper due to some controversial topics it addressed. As such, reading it is completely optional, and you can choose to take it as IYGALL canon or just a deleted scene.

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