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"They are coming for you, princess: the rising and the setting sun, the dragonslayer and the black flame, the raven and the glimmering star. I have seen them in the fires and in the smoke. I have seen them in my dreams, and darker things besides. They come for you, and seek your fall."

Once upon a time, Dawn Starfall and Sunset Shimmer were rivals for the affections of Princess Celestia, and for the fame and power promised to whomever won the glorious destiny for which they competed. But Sunset left, and Dawn's dreams turned to ash as she had to watch the prize and the princess' love stolen away by another: Twilight Sparkle.

Dawn's life is in ruins, her friends are scattered, her ambitions are all but dead; until one final injury makes her angry enough to want to get back at the mare who ruined her life.

Unbeknownst to Twilight or Dawn, Sunset Shimmer has returned from the human world, with that world's versions of Dawn and Sunset in tow. Human!Dawn wants to find the world promised to her in the books she used to escape her life, Human!Sunset wants to burn it down.

And in the shadows the Raven Queen watches, waits, and makes her plans.

As Canterlot is consumed by the chaos they have unleashed, Dawn and Sunset may have to put their old rivalry aside and work together, and maybe in doing so Dawn can finally repair the shattered pieces of her life.

This is a rewrite of my earlier fic Vengeance of Dawn but I think the changes are substantial enough as to qualify as a rewrite from the ground up as specified in the content guidelines.

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