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I've often found that its the little choices we make in life that have the biggest impact. Should I chance this week old sandwich or not? Is crossing the street now a good idea? If someone asks if you'd like to visit Equestria do you immediately say yes? Well in order, here's the consequences of yes... Stomach ache from hell, nearly being flattened by a semi and some newly brown pants, and waking up in a field in a body not your own and the strangest feeling of being dead.

This story is set within the wonderful setting of the Chess Game of the God's, and isn't to be seen in any way as cannon.

The image is not mine, but it fits quite well with the main character, so thanks to the artist whoever they are. Hope you don't mind me using it.

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Comment posted by DarkParable deleted Jul 4th, 2013

Just a reminder, comments are wanted. Gimme somefeed back or I'll sick Pinkie on you and arm her with a flugelhorn!

I am....Amused, and mildly impressed. What you specked in, frost? Blood is better I'll tell ya.

I'll be keepin and eye on ya, best watch your tail :trollestia:

2829889 Played post MoP, dual wielding frost dk. Stayed in the top three dps every instance. Good rotation, great guild, and above all, ruthless gear hunting. It also doubled as my PvP spec and worked great considering that I have a knock for lock downs and the like.

2829917 People hated dueling my combat rogue XD not the optimum spec, but its great for soloing and some light pvp. Just took a look at your page, so I do beleive I'll be giving your Chess-verse story a read here soon. This story is currently next up for an update on my rotation. You can expect a new chapter sometime this coming week.

2829930 Yeah I recommend the newer one I put up, the old/unfinished one sucks some ass.

2829943 "This is not Helping"? Seems worth a read to me. I'll look later, got my nose in "The Code's Apprentice" right now.

I certainly hope he regains his manhood, otherwise, the sex/rape threats are going to be a near constant theme.

2830430 They won't, but try and see things from the perspective of the D-Dogs. I've always figured that their females are much weaker and likely subservient to the males. Hence why they reacted as they did to a random canine female stumbling about looking dazed in the woods. Armored or no, it was still a female and likely something that would bow its head and hope to get petted in many senses of the word.

As for Rune, and yes that'll be her name going forth, She's not getting back the little rune in her skivvies... No room in that armor XD

2830461 Well then, she... He... Rune had better gain respect from the weaklings surrounding him/her.

2830662 She, its a she... Not by choice either. You can expect a bit of comedy outa this when dealing with that. In any case... This is a pawn we're talking about here... Monkey wrenches in the gears one and all for the most part.

You scafinate me with this story. Pray continue this adventure. I gave up on WoW (mainly due to the fact that expansion packs were being a bitch to connect up.)

2830849 I'm going to guess that you mean that I both scare and fascinate you... If that's the case I applaud your ability to come up with mashed together words. I'm sure Pinkie Pie would do the same with greater fan fare, possibly also massive amounts of balloons and confetti.

" A furrys wet dream,my self included sadly" i giggled at this,not at you but your humor...ill fallow this,and i cant wait fer more

2833043 Who wouldn't wind up requiring their brown pants after coming face to face with a lycanthropic death knight carrying a battle axe?

2833269 No I'm afraid not. Not unless it was a megaman reference.

2833344 Oh, You meant the shades and skellies lol... :facehoof: Don't know why I didn't think of that honestly.

2833354 And since I wasn't fucking around in the Soul Cairn I did not get mistman and some other shit, but I do have Boneman and I love the skeleton archer.

2833368 I play pure stealth. No need for magic when you've got a soul trapping crossbow.

2833377 actually I am a warrior(not using anything with spellcheck)

2833528 Well, there's going to be a new chapter put up tomorrow at the earliest, so keep swinging your sword sword sword till then...

2833540 I also haz Hearthfire and Dragonborn and I kicked mofo dragon ass.

2839516 Lol, you'll have to wait. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter though. You're welcome to give my other fics a read. :twilightsmile:

Maybe it's just me, but the way you write the diamond dogs makes me hope you strangle them. Deathknights be vicious, yo.

My guess is that you end up meeting Rarity when she was captured by the dogs.

2840600 Well, the way I had this planned out is that Rune gathers power slowly. She may have all these abilities, but she's clueless on how to use them for the most part. There are no hot keys here XD

As for the D-Dogs, they will indeed learn just why Death Knights are things to be feared throughout Azeroth.

ah justice, so scarce in situations like what the D-dogs subjected the ponies to, was at least close to being meated:pinkiecrazy: out

followed to see where you take this

2840637 try feared even farther than that if they can get away from Az

2912523 If a wild blood bath is your definition of close I'd hate to see what you would have considered fair punishment... Frankly I toned that down a bit, I'd originally written it a lot more gruesomely, with rune methodically dissecting Black jaw, but figured that would have been a bit much so.... Yeah.:twilightoops:

2912532 kids hurt, LITTLE kids even more so and I pretty much loose all compassion, all understanding. Vlad Dracule would pail at how cold my soul and blood gets when I hear of kids being hurt or some bull^(% that people just shrug off because, hey its on the other side of the planet so why should we care about it right? that is the worst excuse

2912558 Any loss of life before its natural time is to be mourned, and murder is an outrage. One should never take a life unless it is to feed one's self. Murdering another being for pleasure, greed, or what have you is an affront to the Cycle... But I'd rather not get into that kinda debate on here.

Suffice it to say that my personal beliefs run similar, but I do not condone a life for a life in most cases. If you really want to punish a murderer stip him naked and leave him to Mother Gaia's tender mercies.

2912576 to murder a murderer is to be merciful, I am not merciful.
take their hearing, their tongue, the sence of smell and touch, all forms of comunication but sight and let them live. yes, they will always need to be waited on for the rest of their life but to reduce them to such levels, to take away all ways to interct with the world....:pinkiecrazy:

There was an old form of punishment that was quite like what you just said. They removed the nose, ears, hands and feet as well as scarred the face and body. The idea was to make the one being punished too like the monster he was so even the very children would shun him outright.

bends over to pick up something, pulls a mussel in his back,

Muscle, allows for movement

mussel, type of shellfish.

2922080 :facehoof: Bleeding auto correct. I never bother to check on anything not underlined in red when I'm typing. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'll fix it soon as I'm able.

Wait, if your undead why are you breathing? inhaled weapons should have no effect.

2922180 Just because you don't HAVE to breath doesn't mean something that's done so all their life wouldn't do it on reflex alone.

If you really want to dissect such things Death Knights in terms of WoW are mostly only half dead. They're alive only by the barest sense of the words. No heart beat, cold to the touch, think vampires and you're close enough I suppose. Even so they can still be poisoned, drugged, and what have you.

I'd be happy to sit and discuss this with you if you'd like, but please don't go getting nit-picky in the comments. Critique to your heart's content, but don't pluck at the small things.


I hope to be seeing more of your story, I find it quite enjoyable. And I find it fairly hilarious that Rune is in all likelihood is a man trapped in the body of a lesbian.:pinkiehappy:

2922246 Mayhaps. We shall see. There's another chapter due this week, so you won't have to wait long. I update my stories on a bi-weekly basis. Next week is From the Outside In, this week is Mark of the Wyld. Thanks for the fav by the way


I only nit pick because I like your story and want to see it at it's best. Simply put, the devil's in the details.

As your explanation is perfectly acceptable I have no problem in dropping the subject, however I would politely suggest having rune experiment with the extent of her "deadness" if for just the benefit of the readers to establish her bodies capabilities. As I'm not familiar with WoW lore I'm not familiar with the extent of a death knights powers. Though you've done a fairly good job of explaining it thus far.

Again, I really like your story and I'm curious to how it will play out. Personally I'm hoping that... well I have my own ideas, but I'd rather see what you have planned.

I will offer a critique from time to time, but understand they are given with the best possible meaning.

And if you want to go the whole "he who lives in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" route you can nitpick my story all you want Here. Who knows, you might enjoy it.

With the best regards,


I make it a point not to review other people's stuff. Far too much time in art school, I can't NOT be harsh as hell when it comes to critiques any more, still you have a point. I'll be working on the next chapter throughout the week, and to be dead honest I was considering dropping rune in a lake. Lets see the puppy try and swim in all that armor while trying not to freeze herself solid XD


Sound's hilarious, can't wait. And its I take no offense with not wanting to review anything. In all honesty I just like to offer stories I think people will like to them. For example, there is a AMAZINGLY well written story called Airborne on this site, and it only has 92 faves because the author uploaded all his chapters once.

I'd say read it if you get the chance, and if it floats your boat I would humbly offer my own fic for your entertainment. This is the last you'll hear of it, scouts honor.


I'll put it on my, admittedly long, list. I'm always stumbling on to new things to read on here and as such I think I still have about fifteen other fics to finish reading. Read Fallout: Equestria, got hooked on fanfiction, been binge'in ever since :rainbowlaugh:

In any case I'll likely read whatever you recommend. I average about two or three fics (at least as much as there to read) a day. Just depends on how much home work I have for that week really. Lots of gesture drawings and sketching to do, as well as some other things. Yay art school.

Since we're on the topic of shamelessly plugging our own works, I'd appreciate it if you gave From the Outside In a read. Its a more traditional brony in Equestria story, but from what I've been told I'm doing something right XD... Apparently I write a damn good Pinkie Pie.

Bitches be stoopid."

Snoop Diamond Dogg?

I am a horrible person, but that is what went through my mind after reading that.

Anyway, moving on. You continue to show your talent for theatre of the absurd style comedy, and you really let your sarcastic edge bloom in first person. Definitely got the first person smartass style narration down pat, especially at the end when Rune Wolf epically fails to open a can of wupass on the dogs.

I think you meant 'was' his son, rather than way.

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