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The DNA Test Archives are a place to house the various DNA Test stories. Back when the first one was written, it was intended as a single, simple silly one-shot, but then a sequel was made. And another sequel. And another, and another, and another, all by different people. This is where they all gather, in one place, for easy reading. Have fun!

A bit of world building for all DNA stories:

Equus sapiens unicornis refers to modern unicorn DNA.

Equus sapiens pegasos refers to modern pegasus DNA.

Equus sapiens terras refers to modern earth pony DNA.

Equus sapiens progenetrix refers to an ancestor of modern ponies, a precursor species, akin to Homo erectus or Homo antecessor.

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Just a suggestion if I may... for a scientific name for Kirin - equus sapiens droconis

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