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We are the writers who work on the crossover series, The Conversion Bureau EarthGate Saga. It is a crossover between Sid Meier's Civilization II: Test of Time's Scifi mode (which is already a crossover between Sid Meier's Civilization and Master of Orion) and The Conversion Bureau.

Here, we store all fics for the saga, whether canon to the saga or not, as well as discuss upcoming parts of the saga to keep all of us on the same page. This means that spoilers may appear in the forum threads. Consider yourself warned. We also store all information on the Saga's particular AU here, so if any fic has left you confused, chances are that you can find the answers here in a stickied thread.


1. Anyone can join, but only contributors and admins can actually post fics, with the exception of the Submission for Review folder, where even Users are allowed to submit. If you want to be part of the team, PM Dolphy Blue Drake, the owner of this group and the author of the starting fic with your request to join the project. In most cases, he will gladly allow you to join and promote you to contributor status. Also, if you post in the Submission for Review folder and your submission gets accepted, you'll also get promoted to contributor status, but no matter how your promotion occurs, the rules for contributors written below still apply.
2. Anyone who has been promoted must be capable of contributing something. This doesn't mean they have to be able to write an installment. All this means is that they must be able to at least contribute ideas in discussion threads to help improve the Saga. Even if their ideas end up rejected, it still counts as contribution as long as it isn't obviously an attempt to troll the others with bad ideas that would ruin the Saga or derail it.
3. All writers must participate in discussions that revolve around the time frame their particular fic takes place in if they want it to be accepted as canon to the Saga. This is so all authors who write fics that occur in the same time frame will be aware of any events occurring elsewhere during their fic, so that if two or more fics end up overlapping in any way (whether it be as minor as simple information about an occurrence getting around or as major as the events of one fic actually being able to impact what's going on in another fic), the authors of those fics can coordinate events to prevent conflicting accounts of events.
4. All site rules apply here, just as they would anywhere else.
5. Please try to keep strong language in fics sparse if you actually write the words, especially if you are writing from a Clerisiac point of view, as they are a nation of religious academics.
6. Clop is allowed, but it can't be in any main branch, because this Saga is aimed at a teen audience, so any clopfics in the saga would have to be a sidestory that isn't required to be read to get the gist of the story.
7. The Saga is divided into multiple legs, with Through the EarthGate being the first leg. The second and third legs (and possibly more legs, depending on how the third leg plays out), will be divided into multiple fics, with all of the fics in each leg occurring in a similar time frame. Such fics should be marked in their descriptions as "Book (leg #)(letter)", for example: "Book 2A". The letter assignments are based on the order of when publishing of the fics of that leg begin, with "A" being the first fic to begin being published for that time frame, "B" being the second one, and so on.
8. If someone is trolling/baiting you in the forums, don't reply to them unless you are absolutely, 100% certain you can make their attempt to get a rise out of you fall flat in one reply (because it's always fun to see a troll fail). If you lack the ability to do that, simply report them, and remember to include a link to the troll comment. If you attempt to shut them down but end up causing an argument instead, you will both be dealt with instead of just the troll, for we don't want flamewars to happen here.
9. Anyone guilty of trolling/starting a flamewar will be given a warning on the first offense. they will also be required to make a public apology and promise to never do so again. Refusing to comply will result in getting booted from the group until the offender sends a PM promising to comply with the requirement to apologize. If allowed back in after that and they refuse to comply a second time, a permaban will be issued. The second offense will result in a three day boot from the group, and after reinstatement, the offender(s) will be required to publicly apologize for going back on their word and swear to not do so again (refusing to comply will result in the same punishment as refusing to comply with apologizing for the first offense). A third offense will result in an "Until Further Notice" ban, which will require the offender to petition to be allowed back into the group.
10. When writing for the Saga, please keep all information from the stickied info threads in mind, and adhere to all AU rules, especially concerning characters and relationships.

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