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Hello my goals are to punch a hole in the fourth wall,recreate exotic technology in real life, make things interesting, and to both read and write on Fimfiction.


Plans for a story involving Doctor Whooves · 8:12pm Nov 21st, 2017

Hello I was inspired when I watched Doctor Whooves and Assistant, but was disappointed when after they posted that tear jerker known as the Isle of Flaputa when they just stopped. It was so sad that even there voice actor couldn't take it and left.
I'm hoping to help revitalize things on that front and what better way to do that then to add to there content.

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Thanks for following! Not really sure why, though, but thanks!

Glad you liked Letter to Cozy Glow's Parents!

Thank you for the Watch and all of the wonderful likes on my Grumpy Goat tales!

Thank you for watching!

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