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Twilight shuts her friends out of her life as she learns that the Changeling Queen's final spell may have taken away the one thing she holds dearest. While looking for a way to reverse the spell she finds a mysterious key in a even more mysterious book. What kind of name is John Smith anyway? he town dentist, Colgate Minuette, seems to have the answers and tells Twilight it goes to something called a TARDIS. What's a TARDIS? And what's this blue box doing in the basement?
edited and co-authored by sparkypchu

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Wow! Six favorites already? This must be really good! New chapters will be longer once I have computer access

Might want to add the spaces between sections like I had put them. Make's it look a bit more organized and less like a condensed mess.

It's a good start. Grammar and structure might need a bit of work. I can do some grammar correction if you would like.

At long last, an update! Sorry about taking so long, but was having trouble pulling the chapter together. On a related note, don't expect updates to be continuous. I will try to update ASAP following every chapter, but it may take me awhile befor I finish writing the chap and post it.

Much better than the last chapters. Maybe more spacing and slower pacing.

Still, huge improvement in the last two weeks. Keep up the mystery.

Come on, please have Twilight be the Doctor, please, please be an alien. Or Captain Jack. Or the Rani. Or Romana. Or Susan Foreman. If she's the master, it's already been done.

3999577 umm...twilight IS the Doctor. It's right in the title:ajbemused:. Still, I will be trying to make the story as interesting as possible. As for Harkness, hehehe, you'll just have to wait and see:trollestia:


Please be Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, or Rainbow Dash...

3999711 I'll give you a hint, A. But not the A your most likely thinking of.
And sorry about the confusion for Twilight being the doctor, my first title was 'Doctor Twilight is in'

Hey, should I put Nyx from Past sins in hear later? For some reason I keep coming up with ideas that use nyx.

3999762 I like the update. it was a decent length and a great chapter.

*squee!* this is getting so good! im glad you used my idea for colgate as well! if i think of much more i will let you know. gah please tell me you will be continuing because this is really starting to get interesting!:yay:

4003657 of course I'm continuing! I'm just brainstorming the next chapter is all! I'm not gonna try to predict my schedule again, because of difficulties, so I'll just say this, I'll update when I can.

Clearly, its Adam Avaery Apples (or Triple A) lol

The Good: :twilightsmile:A very original and even compelling idea, and your not rushing to quickly into the adventures and hijinks. Patience is important to good stories.
The story also is opening a lot of questions that should have interesting answers. Like, What is the connection Between Twilight and the Doctor? How is she a Time Lord? How will Spike Feel if he gets left behind by Twilight? And How will Twilight's Magic affect her adventuring?
The Bad::twilightangry2:
The only thing that stands out is the argument between Twilight and her Friends. It seems a little sudden and forced. That scene really should have been longer and taken its time. The Decedent is a good example of how to write emotional scenes.
Just two minor issues that you should Iron out. Your writing isn't bad, per say, all you really need is an editor or proofreader. A far more pressing issue would be the lack of Spike.
Spike is one of, if not the most important person in Twilight life. Spike not being present for the argument is fine, but you cannot leave him out of the Story.
All in all, I eagerly await the next chapter. :twilightsheepish:.

4013371 I do have an editor and proofreader, but the plot takes place just after Twilight saves the day. The Queen has taken away her ability to use magic, ruined one of the most important days in her families life, trapped her underground, and tricked her friends into walking out on her, and as a result, she is very emotionally unstable and still really mad at her friends. She does forgive them later, but not for the next couple of chapters. As for updates, I'm not going to try to predict my schedule, as something always happens that keeps me from keeping it, but I will say that my next chapter will be soon.

4013371 as for our scaly friend, he will be there soon. But he will arrive after Twi gets TARDIS and memories. Remember, he left too, so she's not gonna be very happy with him at first.

4018488 if you have any ideas on how you want the confrontation to go, just PM me. Just remember that Twilight is still sore about him siding with her friends and not her, so she won't just be blindly giving out sugar and spice. Her hearts been broken and she needs time to have it healed.

4013371 will be updateing soon, just need to iron out my ideas. I'm having a little bit of trouble with making it go smoothly, but I should be back to writing in a few days, in the meantime, plz read blog post to know what I am looking for in ideas so this story can move along.

Chapter is in the works, and will be out soon.

I will post the next chapter sometime in the next two weeks, so don't worry. I'm just having a bit of trouble with My computer.

4189937 will be updating very soon. Just wait a little longer.

4206243 yeah, I got that a lot. But it will get better as the story gets longer.

sweet :-) but chapter 3 better come or i.will.be.pissed >:(

4208228 chapter should be out in the next day or so.

4208755 I may have it up later, but will be up soon.

Put a doctor who theme on chapter 3 :pinkiegasp: it be sooo epic:pinkiesmile:

4209101 k. that's what I'm doing. if chapter isn't up by midnight, its because I ran into trouble or haven't gotten the ok from my editor.

will also fix chapter 2 space problems

Hey could you have twi wear a bowtie, tie or a fez.

4214162 hmm... I was gonna make a mix of her normal personality with the 9th and 10th doctors. Haven't thought about what she's gonna wear yet, maybe the tenth doctors duster?

Wait:rainbowhuh: twilights horn is going to kill her :pinkiegasp: that means she is going to regenerate in a future chapter so long twilight sparkle you will be missed:raritycry:

4218384 I won't give to many details *spoilers* but twilight will regenerate. Not this early though, closer to the end. The Atron energy restores the most basic magic skills, levitation and short range teleporting, but she can't do more than that.

If you put the master as pinks you are the biggest dick in history.:twilightangry2: same thing for flutters and put this theme for when twilight regenerates [youtube=http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DpjUS0GD75Q]

4223721 btw, take a closer look at Starswirl's passage to get a clearer idea.

4224515 Okay everyone, time for a quick unicorn biology lesson. "A unicorns horn is a focal point for magic, but due to the fact that is the only way for a unicorn to use magic, that is also what's so dangerous. It lets the excess magic a unicorns brain unconsciously produces to keep it healthy. If a unicorn has their magic cut off, the residue, or magic that doesn't get expelled by a spell, starts to build up instead of dissipating as it's supposed to do. In other words, think of it like smoking ( I don't know any other way to describe it) but slightly different. Lungs start to build up tar in them as a smoker, well, smokes. It's the same with unicorns. The more magic they use in a spell, the more residue they build up. However, unlike smoking, a unicorns horn provides a way out for the residue, thus preventing 'magic brain cancer'. If a unicorns horn has the magic cut off,it doesn't have anywhere to go, so it stays in the brain. Another way to think about it would be thinking of chimney's, like in Mary Poppins. Chimneys needed to be cleaned regularly to prevent them from clogging up with ashes and other residue from the burning logs. If not 'cleaned' regularly, I.e letting the excess magic dissipate via horn, the build up of magic will bE fatal.

Oh please don't tell me that we got to wait 2 weeks for the next chapter.:twilightangry2:

4225624 nope, just until I get the ok from my editor. It's nice to see that this story has such a good fan.

Dude the doctor is twilight motherfucking sparkle:ajbemused:. I've always wanted a story like this:pinkiehappy:. Same thing for pinkie being the doctor not some other Time Lord.

I certainly hope you don't take too much longer for the next chapter...

4238775 shouldn't be too much longer. Depends on when I get the ok from my editor

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