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Following the defeat of Lord Abaddon, Kaldor Draigo, the edge of his sword, is assigned on a paticularly dangerous task to foil a nefarious plan of Khorne, the blood god.

Of course, Draigo get's to work with a certain lavender unicorn. Much to his dismay.

While that, The Emperor, begins to plan for his next big thing.

A slap in the face to the dark gods, it will be.
Takes place after "Splinter in his side"

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I love that you're continuing your universe! You should make a group for it, if you haven't already. It's the best WH40K/FiM -verse on this site.

I am glad someone thinks so!


this story will be stored for future generations

“And The Last Fortress Is Truth.”

you silly little Kar'voth :B

For the Emperor!...er I mean....for the Alicorn! :flutterrage:

"You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows."

Verses of Sigismund, Book CIV, Verse I

Tzeench up in this place

this is not going to end well :facehoof:

The Tyranids have already destroyed at least a dozen galaxies

ooooohh look Brighthammer!

Ha, reference to that youtube flash/video,:rainbowlaugh: I can picture him with that funny voice

galaxia, how do you not get fat from eating billions of souls???? XDDD
..... or..... you did get fat..:pinkiegasp:

Typically, it's just that I don't really like to write MASSIVE LONG chapters, keep it in nice, small segments.

My style at least.

Hatred, fear and zealotry is the disease that kills the seed of reason that will spring into the tree of advancement.

Except for daemons, heretics, and mutants. Go ahead and hate the shit out of those.

As for myself, I am more likely to kill Fateweaver then get what I need to know.

On the other hand, Fateweaver would probably be so scared if you showed up that both heads would tell you the truth. Free of charge.

Defeating a daemon primarch once may be something most of us can only dream about

Only after the other 2,999 Grey Knights had died softening him up. Even then, he was banished due to several other factors combining. Otherwise, Kaldor would have been rotting mulch.

having no interest in our universe

Knowing the luck of 40K, those are probably the nice ones. Hmph, assholes could give us a hand!


Not so sad. Humanity helped hasten their destruction by kicking their asses when the idiots attacked us during the Age of Technology. They were so thoroughly roflstomped that they turned their attention completely inward. This degenerated their society until The Fall.

I hope they don't want an apology.


Well, the others are "bad" because they feed on souls. Technically, they don't even fall on our idea of a moral compass. It would be more accurate to say the C'tan have a Blue and Orange Morality.

I am a god. I can't die.

You're not a god, you are a ghost-thing that eats energy radiating from stars. That kind of arrogance is why the Eldar always lose and why the C'tan always end up getting sealed into something or destroyed. The lack of that arrogance is why the Emperor always roflstomps.

Discord seems to have gotten some brain damage.

...nice going... I think.

we can only just walk in circles and hope we are going the right way.

This actually is a good way to take care of the nonsensical vagaries of the warp. After all, in there, if you walk in a straight line then you will probably end up right back where you started. If you walk in circles, you'll probably get somewhere.

I promise.....

Which he will keep. After all, Naruto the Emperor always keeps his promises!

I can't die even if I wanted to

Tell that to all the C'tan killed by the Blackstone Fortresses.

The least he could do is to ensure they would be safe.

Fluff actually covers what the Emperor does (in a round-a-bout way). He shepherds souls using their faith to shield them as they pass through the warp to the afterlife (well, the "other side"). Otherwise, daemons om nom. The warp is, in the fluff, a sort of "middle ground" between life and the afterlife. Souls pass through the warp after death to get to the other side. The Emperor protects these souls. The only way for Chaos to get you is for you to give them your soul willingly, or for it to be dragged out of your body (such as by daemon weapons and daemon engines and sorcery).

A mortal that had managed to figure out a way into and through his maze?

I like how he got through the maze in 40k. He smashed his way through everything that got in his way. Oh, there is this huge, unsolvable maze and I need something from within it? Ok. HULK SMASH!

it was loud enough to wake the dead.

Hope no one mentions that out loud, given where they are.

hammer of the Anathema

You would think the Eldar (and any other species with knowledge of Chaos) would recognize that humanity is top dog when the Dark Gods refer to humanity's leader/human spirit as "The Anathema".

Gosh, the ego this guy has. Twilight thought. Threatening gods?

You're just underestimating us humans. You will learn.

the ever-so expansionist tau

Why do people insist on treating the Tau as a major player? In fluff, literally the only people who know the Tau even exist is the people who have fought them and a handful of inquisitors. I have nothing against them, it just irks me when people act like they are major when the whole reason they are playable is to give players an idea of what it is like for minor xenos species in 40k. Suffice to say that it sucks to be minor.

Ironically, the Imperium frequently saves minor species from extinction (and sometimes spares them afterwards). This is mainly due to what is doing the extinction. The Imperium has outright admitted several times (after saving xenos) that they believe no one deserves to be butchered by Orks, devoured by Tyranids, purged by Necrons, or torn asunder by Chaos. Freaky, how the xenos-haters ended up getting shoe-horned into basically a protector role for many minor alien species simply because of the above beliefs. Of course, if you attack them or have destroyed/enslaved humans at any time, the Imperium will purge your ass.

This guy is actually right. Fluff says the Tyranids have devoured a thousand galaxies and at least a million species (sapient species, that is).

And even hope against the Tyranids.

Perhaps he intends to get his other sons and their legions back?

The traveler lay in pieces, torn apart by the daemonettes.

This is what is known as "too stupid to live".

For how long, that's the question.

When daemons die in the Warp, they stay dead. Permanently. Same goes for when they are killed by a psyker or a psychic weapon.

"Go away." Draigo said flatly.

Honestly, I'd be insulted at the terrible effort on the daemon's part. A child would have seen through that.

The case with these two would be no different.

Wow, someone is sure out of the loop. Wonder if he/she/it has any eternal cities or gardens to blow up/burn down.

Was what I had formerly believed, that The Emperor has no equal.... was this all false?

No, the Emperor roflstomped the Void Dragon and has had ten thousand years since then to grow even stronger. The Void Dragon scared the Dark Gods. Galaxia can't be more powerful than the Emperor simply because she is a C'tan. The Emperor's power basically screws over the powers of both Chaos and C'tan. He is basically the ultimate God-Mode Sue, but this is balanced by him being stuck on his Shiny Toilet of Awesome.

"BLOOD FOR THE.......... oh shit."

Yeah, I can imagine that being a common reaction for Chaos Marines who wind up face-to-face with a loyalist Primarch in a confined space.


Hmm.... Wasn't it that Vaul first had got like 8 Blackstone fortresses, launched an all out attack, and was never heard from again?

Then The Emperor came to finish him off... only all he did was send him to sleep.

i think that this chapter was a little..... fast.... just my opinion :moustache:
still great work keep it coming :B

Finally, I have finished reading every last story in the series and boy was this one amazing. Khorne destroys the chaos realm because he's an idiot, perfect way for chaos to go, if you ask me.

That's the way I pictured it'd end if the Imperials won anyways.
Khorne (Surprise!) doing something incredibly stupid.

The Emperor mentioned that'd it wouldn't work on daemon worlds.

Ciaphas Cain says that exterminatus on a Daemon World isn't smart because it won't work and it'll just "give them ideas".

sending dozens of astartes flying in various directions.

I'm sure the mane six are now very glad he didn't catch them.

The power of Celestia and Luna together... now imbued with Malcador...

Actually, since Celestia and Luna together is Malcador, he wouldn't have a power boost. On the other hand, he was second only to the Emperor in power. For example, he was said to snap Imperator titans in half with a thought.

"He is a god." Twilight said as the pair watched the Equestrian sun set.

The first (known) alien convert to the Imperial Cult! I'm so proud of you, Twilight! I've got something in my eye...:fluttercry:

Can't say I like the how they work with ponies.

4215255 you also have to consider what power they got from their mother.

ok...im lost...

Boreale would be shedding tears of joy seeing his favourite tactic being employed in such a way.

Damnit Kaldor's been snorting warp dust again...


Horus... eaten by a pony god... BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Ultimate disrespect!

"I don't think that will be necessary......" Twilight said looking down from the mountain.
"Let's just follow that......"
And right down the mountain, was the largest thing any of them saw. Standing 150 meters tall and bristling with weapons, was an Emperor-Class Titan. Marching towards its targets.
The portals to the warp.

Emperor-Class Titan

*squees* THE FUCKING BIGGEST GUNS! and that ending was funny too

He was always special, he never had a father.

Is this line implying that Malcador is Jesus?

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