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Short Stories


After hearing Nightmare Moon's perspective of what happened 1,000 years ago, the mane six agree to help her, instead of Celestia.

So Nightmare Luna knows this isn't a trick, she puts up six trials for each pony, each with the same theme: Their worst fear.

Rated T for Tia's behavior in the second Prologue. (nothing really bad. :twilightsmile:)

Not all chapters are sad, here are the ones to look out for if your feelsy.
Apples to the Corpse
Blind and Homeless

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This seems interesting. A few grammar mistakes here and there... but overall a really great start. I look forward to seeing where you take this.

Oh, no! Quesadillas! :twilightoops: Kill it with fire!!!

Great start though! :rainbowlaugh: Hoping to see more. :twilightsmile:

Who's next? Rarity? Applejack? I must know!

6488941 Applejack, I'm going by order of appearance from the very first episode.

I really like your story so far please do keep up the good work.

If that's what they consider Wonderbolt material, then clearly Rainbow Dash needs new role models.

yay! my idea has been used :D

I like the pun, it was a nice touch.

Well, he shrunk, and pissed himself, poor Big Mac

these side stories are getting really interesting, please continue .

"lay" is perfectly good idiomatic English. See for example this.

But yeah, you're right about barley. Unless Granny Smith has been transformed into grain.

NMM: Celestia's a big dumb meanie poo-poo head who burns down orphanages and has devil horns! This easily faked story with easily manufactured memories proves it!
:ajsmug::fluttershysad::pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh::raritywink::twilightsheepish: : Okay! Let's overthrow Celestia, all hail the New Lunar Republic!


:derpytongue2: Well then, NEW LUNAR REPUBLIC!!!! DOWN WITH CELESTIA!! :trollestia:

Well then... not what I was expecting... especially since, in the season 3 premier, her worst fear was being dismissed by Celestia. Is it because she knows the real Celestia now?

:pinkiecrazy: Oh Nightmare Moon? Be careful, or you'll get a crazy pony.

Why did you call Nightmare Moon Nightmare Luna in the synopsis?


I didn't know that this story was still alive... huh. I might as well go read it again.

7535998 Haha, yeah. Hopefully people will see it and read it and like it and stuff.
Guess I shoulda promoted it more, even if it was on hiatus. :twilightsheepish:

7535777 I think I did that cause I thought "Nightmare Moon" would offend Luna lovers, but I still wanted to call her that, so I just combined the two.

..showed Angle's heart rate.

Although, Angel is arguably a cute bunny, he is definitely not acute little angle.

7806462 Math puns. :P
Thanks for pointing that out. XD I'll fix it later. Half of these chapters will be edited later, anyway. :)

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