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Since 2012, I've been writing a number of crossover-based stories. My most famous literacy works is my main story, Saiyan of Equestria. I'm the founder of the first DBZ group, Equestrian Saiyans.


Thousands of years after the Great Sundering, many races that were, had been banished from the world by a Goddess. Now the Wonderious Kingdom of Alicornia rules, peace and tranquilty everywhere, and no possibly way for any evils to tear it down.

But deep in a frozen cave, lay the last Human, who has now been found by a gray creature and taken in to become, the newest Overlord!

Because Evil Always Finds A Way.

(Note: If you are familiar with another story by the name of "Evil Always Finds a Way", I am telling you that my story was released many months before that one. The author of that one just didn't realized his title name was already taken. Both stories are only similar by name, nothing else.)

(Featured 11/5/2014! Yay! 2nd Story of Mine ever featured)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 97 )

I would love to help with editing, if you'll have me...

:raritystarry:An Overlord Story? Instant Like, now to read and possibly favorite.

Good start, a few errors here and there but a really good start. Also I love his name.

1934639 Keep up the good work and, if you cant find someone to edit (Sorry, I'm terrible at editing but am willing to try.) just reread it to yourself until you like it.

That reminds me... I still need to beat the final boss of the second game.

Is this based off a game? If so please tell me the name of the game !!

Based off Overlord, Overlord: Raising Hell, Overlord 2, and Overlord: Dark Legends.

Good way, but I think you took a bit too much at some parts... Mana? The throne having his quests? Maybe a bit more needs to be changed there for our reading benefit.

Le gasp
A story where the Human isn't disgustingly friendly to the ponies?
Oh so much yes. This better not have an ending where Discord gets turned to stone and the ponies vomit rainbows and happy songs all over the place.

Haha! this is marvelous!

the skies will burn, the soil corrupted, their souls taken ,used against them, there is no brakes on this trians, because evil, evil always finds a way.

I.... I want the next chapter.

Sweet. But the name was kind of blunt and right out there. Who names their kid Discord?

Some random unimportent peasant, that's who! :trollestia:

Dude, high quality shit right here:ajsmug:

I read this with the old goblin's voice. Great game, great story, but where's that bucking jester?:ajbemused:

What is an Overlord without subjects to rule?

Domination mostly but have 'the not' willing murderd.

Domination for life!!

How about a balance of both?

Only kill those who are of no use. Starting with those dirty foals. Waste of food they are. You shale have a mighty slave power. Diamond dogs to help grunddy dig for materials. Earth pony shoe shiners. Hell, even the pegasi have a use, getting things off high shelves.

Yes, yes, you make a good point. I shall consult my advisor, Gnarl.




Oh hey, looks like someone took up the Overlord as well. Very nice reception I'm seeing, good job, good job. I have no problems, been too lazy to update my own. But I have to say....I hope you're not taking the story in the same direction mine went, or is going towards.


No worries, I'm not taking the same direction as your own story. Plus, it's not Equestria, since well there are alot more than just three Alicorns. This is the time before Equestria was founded.

Domination with a side of murder:pinkiecrazy:

Domination, but heroes must suffer.

Absoluty domination!!

Serously the Overlord as it's name state it'S a LORD and a lord nead minions AND pessants to work the fields make the products trade pay taxses etc. Let's say thet Discord decide thet eye for a eye and kill/banishe all the ponies including the princessess (specialy the princessess) so then what? There is nobody left to rule except his minions but they don't count since they whas his minions from the start of his traning so he woud sit on his trone and bored to dead.

Also I LOVE your idea when the overlord ordered his minion to keep it's previous weapon ansted of droping it away (when I whas playing the overlord I always thinked thet hey why can't I order my minions to carry there uneaded weapons back to the base so if they die my new minions don't nead to be geared up from the start). What's next? Minions building heavy and light seige weapons? Minions work in smaller squads eache including browns fory meel commbat 3-2 red for ranged combat 2 green fory ambush and sabotage 1 blue for medic? Oh boy I can't waite for your story to continue man!

Domination, because destruction is so simple minded you might as well be a minion.

Crush her head! She's an enemy to all races!

Every evil lord needs a fine plot. :rainbowwild:

Mistress the Overlord needs mistresses!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Mistress, because why not.

I Just started playing Overlord II again, so this way I can visualize this while playing

Why can't we have both?
*Epic celebration*

Need to know more, is she going to be evil like him or a bith with power. Funny how I see a difference.

I have been thinking. This Overlord is smart, he should take some guards/soldiers as slaves and make them mounts for the minions: Minion Knights. The female alicorn can convince the soldiers to join him.
Reading the part about a minion using a unicorn horn reminded me of my favorite anime/manga.

Not mistress. No, not enough.
We need a succubus.

Slave! Mistresses only sit on their asses in netherworld eating cake all day.

Mistress I mean come on why be an overlord if your not gonna get ladies it's like scarface money power women in that case I wonder what overlord money looks like is it just gold coins?

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