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Rated Teen: Violence, Blood, Brief Language

The world has been ravaged by darkness and chaos. Monsters and demons run amok in the world, destroying everything that every pony holds dear. Unspeakable horrors and malevolent forces gather to shift the balance between order and chaos. Yet there is hope...

Join Princess Celestia as she embarks on a journey to the Lhorse mountains, where she hopes to find enlightenment and atonement. But before her spiritual journey can begin, she must first let go of her painful past and awaken the powerful magic sleeping within her. Empowered as the Sorceress Supreme, Celestia will test her limits against the most terrifying creatures the world has ever known.

Dr. Strange and all respective characters are owned by Marvel.
Princess Celestia and all respective characters are owned by Hasbro.

Big huge thank you goes to Bronyman1995, Flutterguy89, and Aquamarine-Rubie for the use of their OCs.

And to Avenging-Hobbits, Looney Lunar Avenger and The Invincible Iron Brony for being proofreaders on this project. I would appreciate it if you would take a look at their stories and read the work they've done.

Hoofcuffs - Bronyman1995
Redeye - Flutterguy89
Auriaco and Vibrant Note - Aquamarine-Rubie

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 116 )

Wow...dark opening that.

Please continue

2605865 Yeah, it's starts really dark. Don't worry, it will lighten up :pinkiehappy: ...and then go dark again...:fluttercry:

Good to see it's up! :yay:

Like I said before, looks great and I eagerly look forward to seeing more. Just let me know if you need anymore help :rainbowdetermined2:

2607107 Oh, I will. Thank you for the read and the fave. :pinkiehappy:

2666217 I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as Bronyman did. :raritywink:

Finally. I found the time to read this and well, It was GREAT. Very well executed and I'll definitely be back for more. I don't really have any critiques for you yet so I'll leave this here. Also I'm afraid to say that the chapter never got to me for proofreading. I double checked my deleted e mails to be sure but couldn't find it. So just to make sure you have the right e-mail you can send future chapters to spyronick@yahoo.com or pokenick30@gmail.com. Just let me know where you send it.

2673737 Thank you very much. :pinkiehappy: I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. :yay: But I am sad that you didn't get the email :raritycry: I'll be sure to double check next time. Keep an eye out on your gmail account. I think I'll be sending it there in about a week or so. I'll send you a message here when I finally send it.

This was pretty epic. Can't wait for more. You have yet to give me anything to criticize. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

2698808 Yeah that made me do double take when I read it.

2702925 Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it. :pinkiehappy:

I was hoping people would get that reference. :raritywink:

This is exactly how I portray Celestia as a teenager, I love her character here and can't wait to see her progression.

Also, :yay: for the Avatar reference.

I really can't find anything wrong with your writing (though I am not a grammar nazi, so maybe that is not perfect, but good enough I didn't notice), This has great pacing, the characterizations are well rounded and the world building is beautiful. Keep it up, and bring us more, please. :twilightsmile:

2894247 Thank you. :pinkiehappy: I've always thought of Celestia as a good natured, but fun loving teenager. Also, I've thought of her being irresponsible at times, especially during her younger years. But she learns responsibility when she is forced to exile Luna to the moon, not because she wants to, but because she sees no other option. But this only a theory. We know so little about her that we are forced to make theories as to why she acts the way she does.

Once again.......... Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


Why didn't you tell me about this you rube!? :flutterrage:


You think Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac could make for an interesting crossover with Marvel or DC?

Now this is good. Still a royal pain, but not to the level of making people stop caring about her :ajsmug:

3189335 Thanks. I'll admit. That was my biggest worry. :twilightsheepish:

That was a great chapter I don't care what anybody says.

Not quite, more like I hope she gets over it soon

3194124 Yeah. I understand. But don't worry. Celestia change her ways.

Yay update! :yay:

I really like Celestia's progression, both in her search and her persona.

Who really is this Starswhirl that helped her huh? Intriguing.

3299205 All will be explained when she arrives. :raritywink:

Sorry, couldn't resist. But tune in on October 17th when Celestia attempts to climb the dreaded Lhorse mountain in an effort to find her sister.

“The kingdom of Canterlot needs to unite the realms. There needs to be an everlasting peace.”

Gag. I always hate it when Mortals presume that Everlasting peace is possible for them. I especially find it funny when it was such Utopians as Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, and etc that always prove to be history's greatest monsters.

3363084 Agreed. There really is no such thing as the perfect civilization and even if there were, it would come at a price. Despite that, people (or ponies in this case) will never stop trying.

3427733 Thank you. And thanks again for your help :raritywink:

I really like your battle scenarios! :twilightsmile:

3489397 Thanks. :pinkiehappy: I try to keep the monsters as diverse as possible, that way I am forced to come up with new ways to fight them and describe them. It gets boring watching the heroes fight the same thing over... and over... and over... :raritycry:

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