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The Cutie Mark Crusaders are more determined than ever to earn their Cutie Marks. And when they meet two colts that promise to help them find their Cutie Marks as daredevils, it seems to good to be true. But when they are forced to perform humiliating tasks, they begin to wonder if these colts have their best interest at heart.

Art by: Smlahyee

Special Thanks goes to Fantasia Archsage for proofreading. I highly recommend checking out his work. He's got some great stuff and he's a talented writer and he has a really creative mind. Please help me to say thank you by following him.

This story was feature on The Hot Muffins group by Pedro Handler. First, I'd like to thank him for featuring the story so quickly after establishing this group. Second, if you haven't checked him out, go check it out. The links are right above. If he is reading this right now, I would like to thank him personally and I'd like to thank you guys for reading and giving your thoughts. Take care.

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Comments ( 8 )

Sounds just like an actual episode, I will give you a thumbs up and fav. Why? Because I can.

3728427 Thank you for the fave and the comment. :pinkiehappy: Why? Because you're awesome! :raritywink:

So how long until Hasbro steals this for Season 6? Not that they're thieves, but this is just that good.

3728663 It's already in their storyboards, marked as Hasbro's original work. They have copyrighted it, and are just animating it. Hasbro's are always two Seasons ahead. They have accounts all over FIMFiction, just waiting for an episode idea...

3728663 If they did, I would die a happy man. :pinkiehappy:

3728719 :pinkiegasp: My dream is finally coming true!

...and what happened to the other Daredevils who were manipulating the girls?

Other than that, its a very good piece, The girl interaction was spot on, how their various Epic Fails were both funny and somewhat logical, the moment at the park when they were playing games nearly had me in stitches, Overall this feels exactly like an episode of the show.

3733590 Thanks. This is the kind of thing I want to write, just because it was really fun to write. :pinkiehappy: It was just plain fun.

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