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How had it come to this? I came here for a fashion show. Now I found myself trapped on the cold streets of Baltimare with no place to stay, and no place to go. Worse, I didn't know a single soul in this big, foreboding city. Without bits for a train or a place to stay, how was I supposed to get by?

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Not bad, when's the follow up chapter?

6445603 I have the next two chapters already written. I'm planning on releasing the chapters weekly unless I finish the last couple of chapters before then or I get inundated with requests to post earlier.

6445615 Great! I'll look forward to it when it comes out!

A sad and depressing start, wow.
I like it, nice job! Can't wait for more.

No where to go? You could just walk lol. It would take a while but unless the only way out is a train which I doubt it is she could just... walk.

Well... on one hand, the "Trixie is down on her luck, one of the M6 takes her in" idea has been done to death an beyond.

On the other hand, Rarity here is having enough trouble that she's hardly claiming morally higher ground, so that's a definite variation and improvement. If anything, it looks like it's setting up to have Rarity having to rely on Trixie's hospitality (such as it is) for once. That would be a definite novelty.

I withhold judgement right now, but I'm curious to see what will happen. Please, go on.

6446360 It's a day long trip on a train, supposedly. I don't think she'd MAKE it back on foot.

6446779 Not in a day but she could make it in like maybe a week or 2 but Nooo that would take too much hard work for POOR Rarity. Seriously she could so it.

Given the weather and Rarity's abject lack of supplies, she would likely perish from exposure before making it very far on hoof.

6447956 Rain? Tsh. Rain wears off. If you think hard enough you could figure it out but whatever. Also The Banana Bus will come around near Rarity just you wait...

Man oh man, I feel bad for both of them, man Dx
Poor Trixie and Rarity... ugh.

Nice chapter well done.

Friggin feels :c

I want this to end happily... but somehow I think something will go wrong Dx
Nice job mate!

No. Whatever may wait across the ocean, it would be no Equestria. For all its flaws, hidden as they may have been, Equestria was still a utopia. There could be no better place to start over.

“I will concede that, perhaps, I am not nearly as well-travelled as I once thought, but I can definitely assure you that the ponies of Ponyville are of a very forgiving sort,” I said, doing my best to sound reassuring.

Sorry for my cynicism, Rarity, but you forget one key detail - you with your friends national heroes and Ponivillians, when Trixie complete stranger.

“I’ll have you know I worked very hard to get where I am now.”

“And I guarantee you that I’ve worked just as hard as you to end up where I am now.”

That's a very awesome quote :3

Maaaaaan, dat train ride dough.
Nice job again dude, keep it up!

Been following this since it started but have held off commenting since I was waiting for it to finish. Breaking that now to let you know I'm enjoying this a lot and look forward to seeing the rest.

Keep at it!

Somehow I expected Rarity to react that way to being, exposed, not Trixie. Ehe, Whateves Trixie. Hope she gets that stick out of her ass. Rarity is just the mare to do ti.:twilightsmile:

I will. If I can get the next chapter written today, I may be able to post another chapter in a day or two. I'm aiming to get this story done by the end of October.

Classic Rarity, putting others' needs before her own. I love it when a fanfic can make a character look good by... well, being good.

I like it :) I look forward to coming chapters ^^ in case your wondering, I got here from Three Gems and a Scooter :3

Another well done chapter dude, awesome job on this! :yay:

Am I a bad person, because I hope that Poniville disappoint Rarity?

I'm liking this so far. Usually I stick with romance stories, but this is interesting. Rarity learns a bit about life on the streets, and gets to realize in Trixie that even hard work can not be enough to succeed. I am curious to hear on what has happened to Trixie in the past with ponies that brought her to this state of paranoia and no longer wanting to be recognized. She has hinted at it, but I somehow doubt Rarity fully believes the little bits she was already told.

It has to be quite a double edged sword for Trixie now. She wants the roar of the crowd and fame, but at the same time she doesn't wish for anypony to know who she is for fear of being attacked. I can see why she decided that going to another country is the best thing to do. I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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Awwww man, this is so awesome.

Nice job, nice job.

This story feels like it's about to end, or is just beginning. I hope it's the latter.

I need my fix of angry Trixie hitting people.

Well, this is a confrontation that can go any possible way. Let's hope for something good.

Kudos for having Rarity try to get into Trixie's head, rather than just fixating on superficial impressions. It makes a character more alive. Of course, it depends heavily on what the author thinks is in there, but it's still better than bargain basement stereotyping. It also shows Rarity in a very good light; I've always interpreted her cutie mark as a talent for "looking for the inner beauty and bringing it out", and that's what she's doing here, definitely.

I liked it. It feels so real considering the fact that Trixie had all the emotions down. Plus, even the anger was perfect.

I hope this confrontation is a good one D:

Nice job, nice job!

6554048 Trixie be like, 'talk shit to me get smacked.':rainbowlaugh:

6555754 With the way 'this' Trixie is I wouldn't count on it being pleasant. My bet is Rainbow will be the instigator.

6558165 Oh Rainbow, tsk tsk tsk, hehehe.
Probably, you make a good point.

NOOOOO why I keep reading unfinished trixie fics!

Great story so far. Looking forward to the next chapter!

6588809 My god, someone remembers Arthur?

And I thought I was old before remembering Reading Rainbow....:rainbowhuh:

6590861 Ha! I remember both of those shows.

Man, another woe is Trixie fic. On the other hand, a woe is Rarity fic at the same time? That can go places...

Worst of all, the infestation closed the entire hotel. They wouldn’t even allow me back in to retrieve what’s left of my things. Now I’m stuck here in Baltimare with no bits, no place to stay, and no place to go.

This, however. Equestria is a mostly civilised nation, and I can't see how a hotel would shut down and not even arrange alternate accomodations for its tenants. That's what hotels usually do if they're overbooked (they usually overbook by 5-10% because of no-shows) or have critical equipment failures or fail inspection, etc. Certainly even a couple of important ponies speaking out will keep the hotel from reopening later by lack of business.

Aw, poor Rares. It's not until a pony's really down hard on her luck that her basest traits come out. Rarity's always shown to be a generous pony behind the selfishness, and it sometimes comes back to bite her in the plot, but she's never let it change her. But now she's going to have to convince Trixie to be generous as well, from her own low point.

Welp, Trixie saved Rarity and got her on the train. I guess Trixie really does have a heart of gold buried under all the jade that life gave her.

Now for the train to blow up. Or the engine to quit. Or for Trixie to be discovered and kicked off. Anything, really.

Rarity I see is rather uncomfortable when hard truths of life are presented to her, and she's still not truly understanding Trixie's perspective. Trixie's line about how she (Trixie) worked hard to get into a position of utter poverty is about the only thing that's really given Rarity insight past her bad luck of one night, and I'm sure it'll take a few more piercing questions like that. Regardless, Rares is a generous pony enough that she'll definitely be looking into the homeless situation in Ponyville once she gets back.

I'm genuinely surprised Trixie wasn't visibly bitter that others could do basically as bad as she did and get forgiven, while she (purportedly) is an outcast still. Also, if you look at the comics there's also Nightmare Rarity.

Also, damnit Rarity, eat a sandwich! You never know when something will bring your train ride to a crash.

Rarity truly is best Mane 6. Generous to a fault, and she's probably forged of steel under pressure

(honestly, it's kind of sad that all the grimdark story ideas I have involve relegating the Mane 6 to the sidelines, because I totes want to write a super badass Rarity singlehandedly saving Equestria for once)

It's nice to see both ponies are finally beginning to really accommodate one another partways, though Trixie of course is too jaded to fully meet what Rarity thinks is best for her. I expect we'll sooner rather than later hear from Trixie just what precisely happened to make her so bitter and paranoid.

I have a little feeling this won't end well. I have to give credits to Rarity for trying so hard, but she might doom it with that bit at the end.

You capture Rarity’s voice so well, bro. From her mannerisms to her dialect…it’s utterly perfect. And I’m loving this.

I tip my hat to you, bud.


Hate to be annoying, but this is one of my favourite stories on the site, and I really can't wait for the next update. Pwetty pwease write it soon i.ytimg.com/vi/3ZmfX7JWoAc/maxresdefault.jpg

I finished the chapter some time ago, but it requires an overhaul. Unfortunately something like that I can't work on sporadically, and I haven't had a full day to myself to really have at it. The good news is that next week is finals. After that I should be able to find enough time.

6704286 Ah I understand that feeling. I'm going through the same, I was just lucky enough to have my last story nearly finished when exams came around XD No pressure then, look forward to seeing it when it happens :3

Wait this is complete? That can't be how it ends, there are so loose ends. I hope there's more :raritydespair:

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