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The Needs Of The Many - SapphireWings999

I don't know how I wound up here, but suddenly everypony is relying on me for their survival after a terrible curse has fallen over the land. This is not the Equestria I remember.

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Chapter III: Becoming The Messiah

About an hour later, the six of us arrived back in Ponyville. All the while I had been reading through the spells listed in the book. Everything from simple telekinetic/levitation spells to elemental attack spells to repair spells to healing spells to teleportation spells.

Something I was quick to realize with nighttime around there was that it was bitterly cold. I had noticed that it was somewhat cold when I first arrived in Ponyville, but the cold never bothered me that much. Back home, I’ve even gone out into the snow at nighttime barefoot in shorts and a thin grey T-shirt with cutoff sleeves, the same shirt I was wearing at that very moment. But even I have my limits when it comes to the cold and this was the type of cold that bites your skin; I knew I should've brought my leather jacket with me and I could not stay out there any longer.

But then, in that instant, I thought about the other ponies with their damaged homes. How would they survive the cold night with broken doors and windows? How would the young colts and fillies be able to find warmth? It was then that I realized what needed to be done: I needed to embrace this new responsibility as the savior of these ponies. Stopping, I turned to Rarity and Applejack.

Get your sisters and Scootaloo home, I thought. I’ll meet up with you two at the castle later, but first there’s something I need to do.

They both nodded at me understandably as we went our separate ways. Pulling out the spellbook, I referred to the page with the repair spell, carefully memorizing every detail of it. Once I was sure I had it down, I raised both hands towards a house and focused really hard.

It took a good while of concentrating and I was almost afraid it wouldn’t work, but, sure enough, the holes in the windows slowly filled in, the door returned to its proper place, and any damage to the sides and roof were fixed. Proud of my accomplishment, I went on to other buildings, repairing them as need came. With each house I repaired with my magic, I became more exhausted and worn out, yet, at the same time, there was also a strong sense of fulfillment I felt that helped me continue past my weariness, all the while knowing that I was helping the helpless. Finally, after about a half hour, every structure in Ponyville was in perfect condition.

With my work done and my body cold and exhausted from the job, I headed back to the castle. What I didn’t notice at the time were all the other ponies, young and old, who were watching me from their windows, happy and grateful for the work that I had done.

* * * * * * * *

I returned to the castle to find that Applejack and Rarity had arrived just a few minutes before me. I also discovered that-thank Celestia-Applejack had brought over some apples for us from Sweet Apple Acres. I had almost forgotten how hungry I was until that moment.

“Thanks fer bringin’ over these apples, AJ,” I stated gratefully before taking a bite out of my favorite, Golden Delicious.

The other ponies were quick to voice their thanks also.

“Happy ta help,” Applejack replied. “Those golems may’ve taken out a large chunk o' ma orchard, but that don’t mean there aren’t still plenty o’ apples left.”

“Golems?” I asked, confused.

Fluttershy appeared to shudder at the mention of the word.

“Just some big jerks made of stone and fire,” Rainbow Dash mentioned. “It was really strange. They came in here destroying whatever they could and then just... ran off for some reason. It was almost as if they didn't have any other purpose.”

“Ah have a weird feelin’ that tha hag that Zecora mentioned earlier has somethin’ to do with 'em.”

“Ah wouldn’t put it past her,” Applejack stated.

“What hag?” Pinkie asked, puzzled.

I was reminded then, as I’m sure Applejack and Rarity were, that we were the only three (aside from the CMC) who had heard about this hag. I then started trying to explain it to Pinkie, Fluttershy, and Rainbow.

“While we were in tha Everfree Forest, we came across Zecora,” I started. “She told us that about 1,000 years ago, a girl about tha same age as me by tha name of Crystal arrived here in Equestria while tha land was still in ruin from Discord’s reign of chaos. The two sisters worked hard ta heal tha land ’n, when Princess Celestia discovered that this girl showed promise in tha realm of magic, she took her under her wing, so ta speak, teachin’ her magic in the hopes that she would help repair Equestria.

“But durin’ this time, Crystal came across witchcraft 'n tha Dark Arts. She was soo seduced by this forbidden power that she sacrificed her beauty ’n youth fer immortality ’n tha ‘bility ta practice witchcraft, takin’ on tha hideous form of a hag in tha process. The two sisters saw how she had been corrupted ’n used tha Elements of Harmony ta banish her to a barren wasteland where she practiced her dark magic ’n plotted her revenge.

“All of tha four princesses have fallen under a dark sleep cast upon them by this hag ’n tha ponies of Equestria have been cursed by her, havin’ their lifespans cut down significantly. They only have a short time ta live before they succumb to a terrible demise. The only way fer them ta survive is by developin’ a bond with a human, a psychic connection between tha two brought on through physical contact. On account of what’s happened recently, Ah have reason ta believe that tha connection is made through tha human’s empathy towards or concern fer tha safety of tha pony they make the connection with.”

“Ya should prob’ly show ‘em that book we found at tha ole palace ruins,” Applejack stated.

Pulling out the book, I opened it to the page that Applejack had showed me before as Fluttershy, Rainbow, and Pinkie came around and started reading. Once the three of them saw the sketch of me, they all gasped.

“Oh my!” Fluttershy uttered, nervously.

“Is that…?” Pinkie started.

“It couldn’t be,” Rainbow Dash stated, unbelieving, “could it?”

“There’s no doubt that it’s him,” Applejack replied.

“But how?”

“Ah have no idea,” I answered back. “Ah’m honestly jus’ as confused ‘bout this as y’all are. What Ah do know is that it’s been a really long day ’n Ah jus’ wanna get some rest.”

“That’s quite alright, dear,” Rarity chimed in, understandably, “I’m sure all of us wouldn’t mind getting some shuteye right about now. If you’d like, I can show you to one of the guest rooms.”

“Ah’d like that a lot. Thanks, Rare.”

And so Rarity led me up the stairs and down the hall to a fully furnished bedroom complete with a queen size bed large enough for at least two full grown stallions, a nightstand, a fireplace, a few chairs, and a chaise lounge. Lying down on the bed, I discovered that it was extremely soft. I don’t remember a bed feeling that soft since I stayed at a Marriott hotel in Detroit for my first convention.

“I’ll just let you get all settled in for the night. Pleasant dreams,” Rarity stated sweetly as she left me alone in the room, closing the door behind her.

Taking my clothes off, I put them on the nightstand while getting comfortable under the blankets. Looking out the balcony window at the full moon in a night sky free of clouds, I slowly drifted off to sleep, all the while wondering what tomorrow would bring.

* * * * * * * *

I found myself in a cold, dark place. It was out in the open and the frigid air was unbearable. I struggled to walk through this vast landscape as a snowstorm came in. All the while, I was shivering violently.

“He looks soo cold,” I heard a voice speak. “How about we warm him up?”

“H-hello? Who-who’s th-th-there?” I called out, nervously trembling from the frost.

Suddenly, a red and orange glow came from below my feet. Looking down, I saw glowing cracks starting to form in the ground. Before I could even move, the ground opened up and I started plummeting, but I grabbed on to the newly formed cliff that I had once been standing on. Looking down, I could see dancing fingers of hellfire below and could feel the intense heat that radiated from them. Panicking, I reached my other hand up to grasp the edge and pull myself up; my ice-cold fingers dug into the hard, frozen earth as I struggled to rise out of this abyss. Suddenly, the ledge I was gripping onto crumbled beneath my hands as I started tumbling head over heels further towards the flames of damnation. I let out a scream of both fear and pain as the heat intensified, shutting my eyes.

* * * * * * * *

When I opened them, I was back at the castle in bed. Sitting up immediately, gasping for breath, I noticed that there was a fire in the fireplace with two figures near it. Putting on my glasses, I realized that they were Fluttershy and Spike. They immediately looked over at me.

“Oh my Celestia!” Fluttershy exclaimed startled and slightly embarrassed. “I’m soo sorry. Did we wake you up?”

“Yeah, but it’s a’ight,” I replied, a little more at ease.

“We came in here to check on you and saw that you were trembling from the cold so I had Spike get a fire started for you.”

I then thought back to the voice that I had heard speaking in my nightmare. He looks soo cold. How about we warm him up? I realized in that moment that it was Fluttershy’s voice I had heard all along.

“Well Ah definitely 'preciate that you two.”

“Oh. You’re welcome.”

“Happy to help,” Spike answered back.

“Um… Spike, is it O.K. if I have some time alone to talk with David?”

“Sure thing.”

Spike then left the room and Fluttershy went over to close the door while I put on my shorts. She then came over and sat on the bed next to me.

So what did ya wanna talk about? I asked, mentally.

Um… I just wanted to thank you for how supportive you’ve been to all of us, Fluttershy answered back. We’ve all been really nervous ever since Twilight… you know…

Yeah I understand. You’re welcome by the way. It’s not a real problem for me, but it’s still got me wondering how I’m supposed to fit into this new role of savior for all these ponies. I’ve never really been in a position where everypony is relying solely on me for their needs and survival. It’s a lot of pressure for one human.

Fluttershy then moved closer to me and nuzzled her head against my chest.

I’m confident that you can do it. You’ve got all of us beside you every step of the way.

I smiled as I reached a hand out to stroke her wings. Her feathers were soo soft and smooth, like velvet. She seemed to enjoy me doing this.

Thanks, Flutters. You know? You actually remind me a lot of my girlfriend back home.

Fluttershy lifted her head up to look at me.

Oh. You have a special somepony where you’re from?

Well… more of a special some… body, but yes. She has a very gentle and caring personality, like you, but she also has fears just like anyone else would. You see, she’s a very talented singer, but her parents viewed her singing as shallow and pointless. They threatened to kick her out of the house, telling her to get a real job. All throughout this period, she was scared, feeling like, this whole time, she’d been nothing but a disappointment to both of them.

Oh my!

It was at about that time a couple years ago when I first came across her work and it really inspired me. Back home, I do a lot of writing myself whether it be stories or songs. It’s one of my passions along with singing and acting, but I digress. Anyways, she was the one who inspired me to get back to writing songs. I actually wrote a song about her and, when she told me about her dilemma, I helped her out in any way that I could. Now, she’s signed to a record label and has a successful debut album with another one currently in the works.

That’s great. I’d really like to meet her sometime.

My smile quickly disappeared from my face as I turned away. Fluttershy noticed my sudden change in mood.

What's wrong? she asked, putting her hoof on my hand out of concern. What is it?

I was silent for a few seconds.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to do that, Fluttershy, I finally replied. The truth is I was never even expecting to come here and, now that I am here, I'm not even sure if there's a way back home. My family, my friends,... her, I might never... never get to see them again. I didn't even get to say goodbye to most of them. The last thing I said to my girlfriend was that I'd see her tomorrow over a phone call. What if she shows up and I'm not there? She'll be heartbroken, thinking that I've abandoned her.

In that moment, I felt a comforting wing on my shoulder and a hoof against my chin, slowly turning my head to face a serious looking Fluttershy.

You will see her again. I just know it. You've gotta stay positive.

Fluttershy's encouraging words slowly brought a smile to my face.

I guess you're right. I will see her again and I'll bring her back here to meet you guys... somehow. Hey. Maybe the two of you could sing together. I’ve heard that you sing pretty beautifully yourself.

Fluttershy blushed beet red with the compliment.

I sing… pretty O.K., she thought, modestly. What’s your girlfriend’s name?

Savannah Grace or just Savannah.

That’s a really pretty name.

Thanks. She’d probably appreciate you saying that.

It was at that moment when I looked out the window at the full moon in the sky. A thought soon popped into my mind.

Fluttershy, what’re your thoughts about nighttime?

Well I mostly love how calm and peaceful it is. Everything is just soo quiet and relaxing, but the darkness can be scary at times. I prefer nights when the full moon is out.

Same here. Me and Savannah would spend many nights looking at the full moon in a cloudless sky. What we really enjoy, though, is when it’s winter. At that time, we would look out my bedroom window as the full moon would shine down on the freshly fallen snow. It would cast an almost bluish-silver light on it that we found beautiful. Combine that with the lights of a nearby city and it’s just breathtaking.

Fluttershy smiled at the mention of this.

It does sound beautiful.

It is, but if you really want beauty, walk along a beach at nighttime under a full moon. The moon shining on the ocean and wet sand like a gentle spotlight… it… it just can’t be put into words.

I’d like to do that sometime.

I think you’d really enjoy it. I’ve loved the night since I was young. Well… younger. I even wrote a poem about it in college. It's called The Night. Would you like to hear it?

Fluttershy appeared to be hesitant at first, but then, after a few seconds, she slowly nodded. I still got the feeling that she wasn't entirely comfortable with this.

You know you don't have to if you don't want to, I replied. I don't wanna force you into something you're not comfortable with.

Nonono. It's O.K., she answered quickly. I'm fine with it. Honestly.

K. I have my poem all memorized. Here it is:

The night,

Why do people fear it?

Such a haunting entity,

Full of darkness and mystery.

Is it the fear of the unknown,

That which can’t be seen,

That fear that pulls us down,

Crippling our very being.

Or even worse still,

Is it what we do know:

The demons that threaten our very will,

That haunt our past through and through.

Whatever it may be,

Whether seen or unseen,

There are also those who are,

Attracted strongly to the dark.

Oh night, what could it be,

That attracts so many souls to ye?

Is it the sheer feeling of mystery,

From you, the most unknown entity?

Maybe it’s the full moon at the midnight hour,

Shining its silver light full of eldritch power.

For this is when the children of the night,

Spread their leathery wings and take flight.

Living on in our fear and fascination,

These mystical creatures, born from imagination.

Personally, I am one with it, a son of the night,

Its seductive beauty, is my single true delight.

Fluttershy had an uneasy, nervous look on her face by the time I was finished with the poem.

What's the matter, Flutters? I asked with concern. Is everything O.K.?

Oh yeah. I was just having a flashback.

To what? I questioned, now curious.

To... an unpleasant memory... involving vampire bats.

At first I was confused by what she was talking about, but then it suddenly hit me. My mind was flooded with memories of that episode I had watched only a few short months ago where Fluttershy had become Flutterbat. A wave of guilt rushed over me. How could I have been soo stupid? My reference to bats in the poem had torn open old wounds, forcing her to relive a dark moment from her past. I had just caused the kindest mare in Equestria unnecessary pain, albeit unintentional, but still callous.

Oh my god, I quickly thought. I'm extremely sorry, Fluttershy. I wasn't thinking.

Oh no it's fine, she replied plainly. I wanted to hear your poem and I did enjoy parts of it like the rhyming style and the use of descriptive words to create visual imagery.

Thanks. I’ll bet Princess Luna would probably really like to hear it sometime.

I’m sure she would too.

I really love how her mane is a beautiful shade of blue much like the night sky around here. I noticed that your eyes are blue also, just a shade or two softer with a little touch of green.

Fluttershy smiled as I continued

Blue is actually one of my favorite colors along with green and red. There’s just something about the combination of the three that I’ve always found cool. What’s your favorite color, Fluttershy?

Oh I just love the color of a baby chick in spring.

Ahh. So a nice sunshiny yellow color like your coat.


Well it’s getting kinda late. Should you be heading home soon?

Oh goodness no,-Fluttershy shook her head rapidly-All of us are staying here in case Twilight wakes up. We’re not leaving her side.

I smiled and stroked her mane.

Princess Twilight is very lucky to have such loyal friends like you guys.

Thanks. Um… is it O.K. if I stay with you tonight? I just feel more safe and comfortable around you. I could sleep on the chaise.

I thought about how I had accidentally brought up the unpleasant memories of Flutterbat, which resulted in her nervous state and there was no way that I could say no. The two of us had developed a close bond over my short time here and it occurred to me that somepony as timid as she was possibly looked up to me as a protector. One night with me wouldn't hurt anything and it wasn't like we'd be sleeping together; she already knew I had a girlfriend, even reflecting that knowledge by choosing to sleep on the chaise. Nothing wrong with that.

Sure, Fluttershy, I replied with a smile.

She smiled back softly in response before getting up, heading over to the chaise, lying down on it, and getting all settled in. Looking at her, I grabbed one of my pillows and blankets and brought them over to her, placing the pillow under her head and the blanket over her.

Thanks, David, she thought, with a smile.

You’re welcome. I headed back to my bed. Sleep well, Fluttershy.

You too, she softly answered back, closing her eyes peacefully.

I smiled back at her as I coasted off into more calm and restful sleep.

* * * * * * * *

The next day, I awoke to a still cold but slightly more bearable morning than last night was. The fire had long since died down and Fluttershy was still asleep on the chaise so I put my clothes on, got up, and walked over to where she lay. I gently brushed her mane away from her closed eyes, smiling at her all the while.

“Flutters,” I whispered softly. “It’s mornin’. Time ta get up.”

Her eyes gently fluttered open as she looked up at me with a smile before yawning and stretching.

Good morning, David, she thought. Did you sleep well last night?

I slept great. How ‘bout you?

Oh I slept beautifully. Thanks.

You’re welcome. Whataya say we go check on the others?

Sure. That sounds great.

And so, the two of us left my room to find the others. No sooner had we stepped out of my bedroom than we ran into Applejack.

“Whoops. Sorry A.J.,” I apologized, immediately.

“It’s alright,” she replied, before realizing that me and Fluttershy had just come from the same room. “Wait a minute. What was Fluttershy doin’ in yer room?”

“She spent tha night.”

“You two didn’t…” she started.

“Oh god, no!” I answered automatically, knowing what she was implying. “She was unsettled last night so Ah let her sleep on tha chaise. Go in ma room 'n see fer yerself if ya don’t believe me.”

I opened the bedroom door for Applejack as she walked in. Sure enough, the extra blanket and pillow were still lying there on the chaise.

“Nothin’ happened between us last night aside from talkin’. Ah already have a girlfriend back home anyways. Fluttershy 'n Ah are jus’ friends.”

Fluttershy nodded in agreement. Applejack’s expression then softened into a trusting smile.

“Alright. Ah believe ya. Anyways, Ah was comin’ ta look fer ya ‘cause we got a whole bunch o’ ponies waitin’ outside tha castle.”

“Oh my,” Fluttershy stated. “Do you know what they’re here for?”

“Ah think they’re here fer you.” Applejack pointed her hoof at me.

“Me?” I questioned.

“Apparently, word has spread fast ‘bout you bein’ this ‘Messiah’ ta tha ponies 'n now ev’rypony wants ta see ya.”

I soon realized something.

“They only have a short lifespan ‘cause of tha curse,” I stated. “Many of ‘em are prob’ly sufferin’ from one affliction or another. I hafta help ‘em out.”

I then made my way to the castle doors, opening them up and stepping outside. At the sight of me, the multitude of ponies gathered there started speaking to each other in hushed tones of Awe and reverence.

As I looked at the ponies in front of me, both young and old, the sight of them was heartbreaking. All of them had some form of infirmity caused by the curse from broken limbs (and wings in the case of the Pegasi) with protruding bones to open sores to blindness to cracked hooves to burns to severely malnourished bodies to almost anything else you could think of. Many ponies appeared to be on Death's doorstep.

But the one thing that was even worse than their afflictions was the looks on their faces. Their expressions were ones of sadness and fear; they had the countenance of ponies who had just about given up all faith entirely. Yet, looking up at me, I saw a glimmer in their eyes; a glimmer of hope and pleading that I would be the one to help them get through this tragedy.

With empathy in my heart, I stepped out amongst them with hands outstretched to lay on each pony I came across. With every pony I touched, the Aurora Borealis aura shone brightly, healing their illnesses. They were quick to voice their thanks mentally to which I would warmly reply, You’re welcome.

This went on for quite a while as I healed many ponies. Some of them I instantly recognized like the Cakes, Mayor Mare, Granny Smith, Big Macintosh, Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, Trixie, Snips and Snails, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, Carrot Top, Minuette, A.K. Yearling, the Wonderbolts, and even the grey walleyed Pegasus that many back home call “Derpy”. The majority of the ponies, though, I had no idea what their names were. I had only ever seen them on the show occasionally, but never actually heard their names mentioned before.

As I healed the ponies, I heard their thoughts which were mostly them expressing their needs. Some needed me to make sure their families and friends were safe, many were hungry and needed food, but most of all, they just wanted to feel secure from this state of fear that they were living in. I told all of them telepathically that I would do my best to help out with meeting whatever needs they had. Thinking, I knew that I could probably fix the food problem relatively easily. First I had to check with Applejack to make sure that my plan would work.

"AJ, you mentioned that tha golems had destroyed a large chunk of yer orchard. How much of it is still left?" I asked.

"Ah’m not entirely sure," she replied, "but Ah reckon there’s prob’ly about 2/3 of it left."

"'N tha trees all still have apples on ‘em?"

"Sure do."

"Good. A large number of these ponies are hungry so Ah’m thinkin’ we should store up as many apples as we can ’n ration ‘em out as need arises. Hopefully, it’ll last for a good couple of weeks. Ah’d even be willin’ ta help out with tha harvestin’."

"Alrighty then. Let’s get on it ’n help tha ponies."

And so, with newfound purpose, me and Applejack started making our way to Sweet Apple Acres, ready to help out the ponies however we could.

* * * * * * * *

Before long, we arrived at the farm. Upon arriving, I noted the sheer vastness of the orchard with apple trees as far as the eye could see. The TV Show just didn’t do justice to its immensity. Aside from the many areas where trees had been uprooted -some of them even burned- there were still an enormous number of trees.

"Ya got any buckets fer us ta put tha apples in?" I asked Applejack.

"Sure do," she replied, "in tha barn."

And so, she led me to the barn where we brought out many buckets for holding apples. Carrying several over to one tree, I reached up and started picking the apples off the tree one at a time. After picking every apple off the tree, I thought of all the trees we had yet to pick apples from and I groaned inwardly.

"This is gonna take ferever fer us ta get all these apples picked," I stated.

Says who? I heard Applejack ask.

Looking over at her, I saw her buck one of the trees, clearing every apple off of it with one kick. Of course, I remembered. In Ponyville it’s Applebucking, not picking.

Why don’t cha try doin’ it like me? she questioned.

After thinking it over, I figured that I could at least try. I do have pretty strong legs and it would certainly be faster than picking one apple at a time. Remembering the two years I spent taking Tae Kwon Do classes, I took up a fighting stance with my left foot planted firmly in front. Once I was ready, I swung my right foot around and landed a powerful kick on the tree. With the impact of my foot, I knocked 3/4 of the apples off of one tree. Applejack watched in amazement.

"Woo-wee!" she exclaimed. "Now that’s what Ah’m talkin’ about. Ya jus’ knocked all those apples off with a single kick from yer… uh whataya call it?"

"Um… foot?"

"Yeah. Foot. Ah mus’ say that Ah’m impressed, Sugarcube. You got legs like a stallion."

"Thanks," I replied with a smile.

Joining Applejack in Applebucking, I decided to strike up conversation with her.

"So, AJ, you've got pretty strong legs. You been buckin' your whole life?"

"Well fer as long as Ah can remember, sure," she stated with a powerful buck against the tree "What about you, Sugarcube? Ah reckon you didn't grow up buckin' trees like Ah did."

"Nope, but Ah did spend a lot o' time runnin' around when Ah was little. Ya could say that all those years o' runnin' gave me stronger leg muscles."

"Ah guess so. Ya sure did a darn good job keepin' up with me when we were runnin' through Everfree yesterday."

"Thanks, AJ," I smiled delivering another strike to the trunk. "Ya know back home, when Ah was in high school, ma friends thought Ah was soo fast that they nicknamed me 'Kenya'."

"Can Ah what?" Applejack asked confused.

"Oh no"-I laughed-"not can ya do somethin'. In ma world, Kenya is a country far from where Ah live. Some of tha people there are warriors known fer their great speed. That's how ma friends gave me ma nickname."

"Ahh. Ah get it now."

"At one point they even lengthened it to 'Kenya Legs Johnny' after Johnny Depp."

Applejack paused from bucking and looked at me like I had spoken some alien language.

"Who in tha Sam heck is Johnny Depp?"

"Oh umm... no one you'd know, but he's a pretty big deal back where Ah'm from. He's one of tha most powerful actors in tha movie industry and a personal favorite o' mine; he's starred in hundreds of big budget blockbuster movies."

After that clarification, we continued on for about an hour before every single apple had been bucked. With the apples all stored away in the barn, I looked back at all of the dead trees that had been uprooted by the golems. Suddenly, I got an idea.

"Hey, AJ."

"Yeah, Dayvid?"

"Do ya think we could use these dead trees fer firewood? It would certainly help keep tha ponies warm durin’ tha bitterly frigid nights ahead."

"Great idea, Sugarcube. That’s usin’ yer noggin."

"Perfect. Now Ah need ya ta get tha other ponies 'n have ‘em come here. Ah’ll get several fires started fer when they arrive."

Applejack nodded and galloped off. Pulling out the spellbook, I looked up a couple of spells that I thought would be useful for this situation: a telekinetic spell and a pyrokinetic spell. Reading the spells over carefully, I then focused my attention on a rather large uprooted tree.

With full concentration and mental sharpness, I slowly managed to levitate the tree over to a clear area free from other plant life that could cause the fire to spread. I then “moved” several other trees to this area til I was satisfied with the number. With all the trees arranged perfectly, and in spite of my exhaustion, I concentrated on trying to ignite them. I focused hard til I felt balls of fire form in both hands which I then discharged as two steady streams of scorching heat at the trees. Before long, the bonfires were all ready. Tired from the brain power that went into achieving this, I sat back and admired my work, feeling like, finally, something was going right.

Author's Note:

So with this chapter I decided to do something different by focusing more on character development with me creating some bonds with Fluttershy and Applejack. As such this chapter ended up being longer than originally expected so sorry bout that. Hope you guys are enjoying it so far and, as always, feel free to leave comments below. What did you like? What didn't you like? Are there areas where you think I can improve going forward? Don't hesitate to leave feedback. I always read whatever's posted.