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This is a collection of short stories, all shipping, and all with some element of luck involved in the pairings. All the stories take place in the same continuity, and all pairings are final! No cheating in these fics, sorry.

When Rainbow Dash kissed her, she had no idea what she was doing. She was running on automatic. Will the pony of her dreams hate her? She really is the Stupidest Pony In Equestria.

Based on image by GonzaHerMeg.

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almost lost my head at the end there... but nice work, very nice...

link to the picture?

It seemed kinda short to me, but I enjoyed it.

18624 gonzahermeg.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4dg7z0

18626 I wrote it on a whim, and pumped out 2501 words in thirty minutes. I didn't even mean for it to be THIS long. :rainbowlaugh: It was meant to be a fun idea I told to one of my friends, but in my head it kept growing.

this was good, altho to be honest it felt like a summary of a longer story to me, if you could i would like it to be extended please and thank you :scootangel:


That's an odd request. I felt it was fine the way it was. My other stories are usually longer, though, so maybe you'd prefer them.

I was thinking about adding an epiloque, but I like how it ended so openly. It's all up to your interpretation. Did they stay together? Did it turn out Dash was just infatuated, not in love, and they separate? I didn't want to make it official here. What are you expecting out of it?

I think it does need an epilogue, if only to bring resolution to your one major plot hole...what poor Applejack ended up doing with her only half demolished old barn as Rainbow Dash left without a Rainbow Nuke to finish it off. :scootangel:

18847 :rainbowlaugh:

Alright, I'll make an epilogue. :P I might even put in other pairings in another chapter, buuuut don't hold me to it.

yeah i know its an odd request, but i liked the way it read, and i saw potential for more. Maybe a little bit describing how she came to feel that way. Was it love at first sight? Or did Twilight being there for her at Cloudsdale for the Best Young Flyers Competition help? the epilogue would be awesome, thx :pinkiehappy:

this cant be a one shot, you have to keep going with more, I am begging you!!! please keep going


18941 I already have an explanation for why she fell in love, but you'll probably be disappointed by it. It's fairly mundane.

19020 I warn you, all of you, if I continue this fic, it WILL have odd pairings. I like trying pairings I've never done before, stepping outside my comfort zone...Heck, in Point of No Return, I decided to do AppleTrixie on a whim and somehow I managed to make it work. XD I'll write an epilogue today. Keep an eye out...

Annnd done. Check out chapter one again, everybody. It's twice as long now.

that was epic :pinkiehappy: i quite enjoyed this story, and the extensions worked out quite well, loved the end to, great job 5/5

yes, I love the epilogue! :rainbowkiss:
now to see if we can get it up on EqD :yay::twilightsheepish:


hehe yes
loved it again ;D

the new ending was amazing!
adorable and funny :>


Oh look what the cat dragged in! <.<

You rule. End of story. Oh, and thank you for putting a link to that picture...I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking the same thing when I saw that scene! *grins*

so... this is now shown as incomplete, does that mean there is going to be another chapter? I am pretty sure it shown as complete last I checked.
Not that I am complaining, I love this fic! 5 times read :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:


Don't be such a dweeb. A second part? That's totally lame.

Wait, there's a new chapter? BUCK!

Fluttershy does fit the ranger description. Maybe she knows how to dual wield bows? Anyway, this was a great read.

Pinkie I'm going to kill you!

Best line I reckon...:pinkiehappy:

Awww it's so cute! I love Gilda. She's trying so hard!


The first story was a bit short, but now that I read the extended edition: WOW! I really enjoyed it now. The added depth made it so much nicer.

The second piece was just hillarious though! Crack shipping indeed. But now I hope you make an extended version of this too. I can't even imagine how it'd turn out, but you seem to have a flair with both comedy and romance.

Not that kind of ranger. X3 My headcanon has that as her official job in Ponyville. She's there to care for the animals, and to make sure nasty things from the Everfree don't get into Equestria.

This chapter is Part One for a reason.

This is good, and the last part made me laugh pretty good. oddly I think Gilda and Flutter can be good for one another, the can both learn so much. good work. No I am disappointed tat there was nothing about twilight and Dash, and anything form the chapter. But it was still very good thank you!



Don't worry, the first chapter is canonical to the second, and the very reason Gilda is avoiding Twilight too is because she's married to Dash. If Twilight finds out Gilda is around, Dash will too. They'll be seen later on.

theres a new part? sweet! cant wait to see how this develops :scootangel:

Awww, I remember when this story was just a comment on ponibooru. You fleshed it out well! I liked the bit with the bracelets at the end, but I'm a sucker for that sort of ponified version of things... thing. I definitely liked the fact that it had Twilight willing to give Rainbow a chance, instead of instantly falling in love. I think my only real complaint is that the pacing feels a bit weird with the time skip in the middle - if you have multiple breaks like you do here I think it's better for them to cover similar time periods. The jump from "let's try dating" to marriage would be better as a chapter division, in my opinion. Other than that, good job.

Fluttergild Gildashy? This has the potential to become my new favorite ship.

Love me some Gilda, second character in my mind only to Vinyl Scratch in terms of fanon characterization. This had me cracking up and smiling hard.


Honestly, the marriage was an extension requested by fans. I originally had planned to stop the story with the invitation Twilight gave Dash. The entire wedding sequence was an add-on, and I admit, I kinda had to force it. When I write, the words just flow out as if the story is writing itself. I didn't have any inspiration for extended "scenes" as it were, so if it feels abrupt, that's why. I might come back to it and fix it later, but I have new chapters to write, and I need to get to writing the next chapter of Point of No Return. I also need to figure out why that story's image isn't displaying correctly. It's probably too large...

Gilda in this actually seems redeemable keep up the good work...

"Wait a second. Wait a damn second. Oh crap.
I gave her flowers. We're going to eat together. This is a bucking date.
Pinkie, I'm going to kill you!" best part in it :rainbowlaugh: I can't wait for the next chapter.

God help me, I am excited for GildaxShy. :applejackconfused:

Lol poor Gilda.

The pairing surprised me though. At first I thought Gilda x Rarity, which would surprise me too.

Dude, you have made me so happy. :pinkiehappy:
As for the quad-wielding, I guess it depends on how Fluttershy laid her stats. And if Fluttershy is the Ranger of the group, would that make Gilda the berserker?


I could see Gilda as a Barbarian, sure. Twilight is a Wizard, Rarity is a Rogue, Pinkie is a Bard, Dash is a Monk, Applejack is a Fighter...Pretty well rounded group there. Just need a Cleric or Druid.

Anyway, guys, this one is on hold until I finish Chapter 8 of Point of No Return. I have a bit of Writer's Block, but a music binge might help...If anyone can think of a good song that might help for the situation they're in, it might help.

Note: The lyrics matter more than the song title!


I warn you, all of you, if I continue this fic, it WILL have odd pairings

Yeah. I seriously doubt you'll find "odder" pairings than the ones in my fic. Just so you know, I honestly considered pairing Pinkie Pie with Princess Celestia. :trollestia::pinkiecrazy: What would that be, exactly? Princess Piestia? I also was originally going to pair Gilda with Fluttershy. Gildashy?

Anyway, my point being, I've already set records for "odd pairings". Knock yourself out! :scootangel:

I've seen those choices for classes before, even saw a nice bit of fan art for them, but having watched the series, it really seems like Pinkie should be a rogue. Sure, she sings a few times over the course of the series, but she sneaks around and surprises other ponies far more often.

I've shipped Berry, Cheerilee, and Mayor Mare. At the same time.

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