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Hi FIM · 11:03pm Dec 23rd, 2011

I guess this is the best place to put this. Hi FIM.
For anyone looking in, I hope you enjoy my little story so far.

I just thought I would put this here and give credit where credit is due.

First of all The Goddess Faust and all her wonderful glory. Let's face it, if it were not for her none of us would be here now would we?
Dan Ingram for his wonderful music and inspiration.
All the folks at DHX, for all they continue to give us.

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Thanks for the watch! :raritywink:

Wow. Though not wholly unexpected.
If we see Rainbow in a leather jacket and thong, jumping over a salt water marine environment on Scootaloo's scooter, then we can be sure we are thoroughly - Buy Some Apples -!

Sorry I haven't been in game when everyone else is on.. Life has gotten complicated.
Hope things are good on your end.

Um, Shana, remember our "what's the worst that could happen" brainstorm about the finale? Well, I just accidentally clicked on a spoiler post with some demo screenshots, and, um.... :pinkiesick:

EDIT: I just saw another official spoiler. I don't know whether to laugh my head off or beat my head off the wall. I'll give you a hint: remember the completely out-there "spoilers" we heard from a mysterious source last year? They're damned close to right.

Yea, odd that huh? :twilightsmile:

...And after our little chat about Google et al, knighty goes and changes the site an hour later. :derpytongue2:

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