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Vinyl Scratch is alone. Her parents are gone and she's estranged herself from the rest of her family years ago. Now she's fallen on hard times; she spends her days drinking, her nights partying and the intervening time in trouble with the guards.

After one too many run-ins with the authorities she is assigned a personal guard to help her get her life back on track. The only question is: can she truly be helped, or is she far too gone at this point?

Proof-reading provided by Shrink Laureate.

Cover art by Mytho.

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I am intrigued. You may continue.

5103985 With Haste, good sir!

Will this derail into crack shipping territory? We can only hope!

I like this. Can't wait for the next chapter. :ajsmug:

Just a couple of editing issues -

My caretakers gave me the wonderful moniker I bare


- and I noticed a couple of sentences which were broken in half after dialogue, such as -

“Ponies suck…” Mumbled the wolf in sheep’s clothing

- where "mumbled" should be starting with a lowercase letter, because it's not the start of a new sentence, it's a continuation of the dialogue, telling the reader more about it (who's saying it, for example).

5104105 I hate to sink your crack ship, but it's not going to. It's not the intention at least.

I'll get to work on the ShiningScratch fan art.

5106184 Totally. However, I can't post it because I'm still in school and I'm @ my grandparent's house for fall break.

Interesting, this has potential. Check your last line, though, you have a hanging fragment.

5107486 Yeah, I literally just noticed that.

Shining Armor and Vinyl Scratch? Oh, this will be interesting. Cady will be jelly!

5107971 Actually this takes place before all of that.

Romance! Let the Romance come!

5108856 Twily is still living with her parents and Shining Armor is barely a new recruit. Plus I'm not going by the comics.

5109280 Though perhaps they are dating. I don't know yet. We'll see when we get there, huh? Every story is a journey upon a new path, who knows where we'll go or the things we'll see!

What kind of trash is too lazy to drop off a kid at an orphanage? At the very least, you could leave him/her on the orphanage's doorstep instead of some random house.

That's an incredible story. I want to see more! <3

I'm going to assume that binding spell comes with certain 'safeguards'.

"I dated a diamond dog" - You know, after reading all the way though, I can only see Vinyl having wanted to date him seriously despite being different. That mare has a heart of gold and she wears it on her proverbial sleeve. Of course, you pretty much get that first explanation of her character being all romantic, but still adorable to think she once knew a diamond dog nice enough to catch her eye. xD

Twily is so characteristically creepy. I'm liking where this is going. Celestia is Best-tia.

5109296 Shining Armor IS too handsome for his own good. Actually, now that I think about it, Twilight and Cadence ARE also too pretty for their own good, especially for the latter. Too bad everypony wants Rainbow Dash, if you know what I mean...

Yikes, that was not a good decision with the child, but it's not like pregnant teenagers always make good decisions.

The feels are strong with this one

Definitely want to see more of this!

Hm... Wait the orphanage owner gets slapped and Vinyl is the one knocked out?

Anyway, waiting on romance tag.

5112617 I'll explain, trust me when I say that's not a typo.

And you people, "Romance romance romance!" Boy, what happened to just being friends?

Being friends is okay, but romance makes the story that more complicated.

5112952 Well I can assure you that Vinyl and Shining will not get together. Sorry to burst your bubble. BUT there will be other shipping, I promise.

I just thought of something. What if Scootaloo was Skyward's daughter?

5113544 Right. Funny little thing. Originally that was the idea! Then I realized Twilight is only 11 in this story and Skyward had her daughter 7 years ago. I think Scoots is a little more than 4 years younger than Twilight. Sorry.

5108685 Professional royal guard Shinning and Party Mare Vinyl not in a million years on the moon besides Vinyl is INTO Octavia

this story is most amusing :twilightsmile:

Have to say i am disappointed that there want be any vinylxshining. Its i ship i have never seen before, but wouldnt mind seeing.

Probably a good thing that Shining Armor and Vinyl aren't being shipped, since they're practically R63 versions of eachother. Plus...TaviScratch forever!

“Always disobeying, even when she was still her parent’s little girl…”

should be filly

shiningvinyl or shining scratch ship it

NEXT CHAPTER PLEASE :twilightoops::twilightsheepish::twilightsmile:


5116374 Well I don't support the TaviScratch ship either.

Comment posted by derpydad deleted Oct 9th, 2014

Finally, one that does not involve Taviscratch. :pinkiehappy:

Nice subversion of the standard "girlfriend gets upset over a boyfriend that isn't actually cheating" plotline. Not that Vinyl isn't apparently planning on playing up a potential relationship anyway, but at least Cadance isn't angry. For the moment, that is.

So many possibilities... :trollestia:

Moms were supposed to make you feel better, not emasculate you.

Oh Shining, you don't know many moms do you?

Wow Cadence is a really understanding fillyfriend, I'm not sure about her idea to hitch Vinyl up with somepony and then hit her with the love whammy spell though.

I wonder, no pictures of Shining as a colt and he knows Glory, was he adopted?

new shipping vinyl armor :rainbowlaugh: seriously great story

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