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Two alicorn sisters ruled over life and death. The Goddess of Life was of a beauty as passionate and vibrant as the life she brought forth in every creature. The Goddess of Death was of a beauty as calm and peaceful as the peace she brought upon creatures when their time had come.

It was widely known that neither one could interfere with each others realms. But, the day the Goddess of Life saved a single soul from the reaper's hoof, another soul paid the terrible price.

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Ok, I'll bite. Once I'm not at work, of course.

Alsways amazing how you can come up with such concepts. Love your characters, love your stories. :heart:

Keep on writing!

Looks great, excited by Rarity tag, will be keeping an eye on this

What a great start to a beautiful universe. I'm really looking forward to more of this! Like Misago said, how do you manage to come up with such amazing alternate worlds?? I mean, the idea of the emissaries and why they were chosen for their roles? Just beautiful. And the kingdoms of essentially pre-life and death? So amazing.
Also heeyoooo, all aboard the RariLuna ship! My second favorite Rarity ship! You spoil me so.

Oh Twilight, you poor, amazing filly. I'm so sorry you had to go through that (must....restrain myself from yelling at fictional foals for their insensitive curiosity).

She remembers? Ohhhhh goodness. I'm sure that did freak Celestia a little (a lot).

So if the prologue is anything to go by, it kinda sounds like Rarity might be the one that gets in trouble for sparing Twilight's life, but here in chapter 1, it seems that Celestia is the one that interfered, even if it's only at the very beginning. It's still a huge transgression, which makes me wonder what maybe!Rarity did that was so much worse that she'd have to stand trial in the highest court there is! Oh the suspense!!!

Yeah, I'm really, really excited for this story! Don't give me any hints, I want to discover the mysteries answers as they unfold through the story! *Squee*

...How is this not in the feature/popular box yet?

Calling it now Twilight's life is spared for the sake of "equality" among the sisters' number of helpers By which I mean Luna wants Celestia to have a relationship like her and oopsies she accidentally a thing


Alright then. This'll be fun.

~Skeeter The Lurker

So Mono is trying a new ship eh? I can dig it. This is a pretty fun universe you've made here. I'll definitely track this story to see where you take it. You have some great stuff rattling around in your head.

I r8 8/8 m8 me finding this was f8.

Exceptionally heartwarming!
Finally we see why Luna didn't go Nightmare Moon here.

She her sight back to Rarity,

Missing a word between those two.

Really good to see an update of this story.

A nice little flashback to when they first met. Rarity is always such a sly pony in your stories. That last line was great.

I like it so far.

Seeing an update to this was a pleasant surprise.

Looking forward to more, Mono, as always.

And by the way, I like the concept of the Lower Realms you've established here. The descriptions make it out to be a very fascinating place to see, and the nature of its expansion is also quite interesting in and of itself. I can certainly see why her reapers would have trouble keeping track of it all. :twilightoops:

7442234 Why is it every time I find you, you've changed your profile pic?

I should be studying for a test tom...-wait- today... but whatever ...didn't have time to check up on the site for a couple of days and found that you had updated and added a new story... what is this Christmas? :twilightsmile: :yay: :heart:
Also seeing the ponies warming up to Luna and the reaction of the Reapers when Rares acted like nothing in front of Luna were gold!! :raritystarry: :raritywink:

I love this story so, so much! :heart::heart: I can't even tell you how much I love this universe you've created here. It's so beautiful!

All of your characterizations are beyond amazing as always (yes, even Applejack, who you've said you can't write well for. Guess what? You caaaaan and you dooooo! :yay:) with Luna and Rarity shining like the stars they are in this chapter. They are going to be an amazing couple to watch in the coming chapters! So happy!

Goodness Rarity, what kind of situation were you escaping where death at your own hooves seemed to be the better option?? Looking forward to learning about that mystery.

I love how you depict Rarity. She's wonderful! Cunning and kind. It's just excellent.

Thank you so much for the new chapter Mono!

How did i not notice this before? Either way, color me invested.

This is certainly going to be exciting...:trixieshiftright:

Star-crossed Luna and Rarity? Nice.

I'm not sorry for that.


This makes me so happy~!


What do you mean back? The story was last update a year ago, not 2 weeks ago when you posted...

The story has an interesting concept, Even better than the 'The Enchanted Library/Kingdom' series. but sadly It was never updated. Sad.





It was taken down for a while. I know because I was trying to find it a couple times, and then it shows up with new cover art. I'm pretty sure she's working on it or will soon. I wouldn't call this better then the ELverse either, since both are pretty fantastic. Yes, no updates can be a bummer, but Mono - and a helluva lot of other authors on here - have their own lives and more demanding projects, but I imagine that this will update eventually.

Seriously, writing good stories can be hard enough, but writing them as long and frequently updating and at the quality that a lot of great stories, known or unknown, on this site are takes a lot out of a person.

a story that hasnt been updated in over a year suddenly get popular what happened?

It might be because Mono made a new story that has some relation to it.

Ha ha, that's one heck of a promise.

Multi life flirting

It is only inevitable because in the end.. The both allow it.

Why would Celestia not put fear of death into those who want to live? It's depressing to realize that while Luna's may hate her for dying, Celestia gives life just to see it end.

That last bit actually got me tearing up.

We need more of this. Now.

....Please? :applecry::fluttershysad::duck:

Well now. This is an interesting universe. I look forward to hearing more from it.

Well, this helps explain some of what happened in, "The Twilight of Death."
But I will assure you that there are many who await death with patient yearning anticipation. Not for suicide, but for their natural release from a slow and miserable deterioration for which there is no cure, in the final months of life.
It should be a fairly common thing for a new arrival bow before Luna, smile, and say something like, "Yes! Finally, it's over!"

well this was an intreguing tale here.

Should have read this well before now. Well worth the read. :twilightsmile:

Cancelled? :c
But it's such a lovely AU. The only other Life and Death AU I know of that's this good is the Undertale one, ReaperTale.
Why cancelled? :raritydespair:

I'm sad it is cancelled but I hope you plan to work on the original version of this sometime in the future? I love stories about life and death gods and look forward to what you would do with original characters!

What I'd like to see is the moment when Celestia broke her own edict and kept her promise to Twilight, and the aftermath thereof with Luna.

I like how u combined the elements with life and death. I think that was really cool.

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