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"If I had asked people what they wanted, They would have said faster horses." -Henry Ford The easiest way to tell a man's character is how well he treats the people he doesen't have to.


At the end of a long day of work, Sweetie Belle learns that some gentlestallions still know how to treat mares right.

Special thanks to Fillyphil and RageLokiCat for editorial assistance.

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A new sign was hung by the door "BEWARE OF SPIKE" Big Mac was a gentlecolt ''''


*applauds* Brilliantly done, this was a very enjoyable read. :twilightsmile:

Because his mama brought him up right.

"Damn straight I did, along with his father!"

Ambrosia, this isn't one of mine...

Sorry OCs can get vocal. Good job Dance on the plot, Mac, and the rest. I haven't had to deal with custys like that, I don't work returns but I've heard a few.

Ah, customer service. Been there.
I know those feels, Belle.

"Sir, your wife is just fat" is what Sweetie Belle should have said.


It never existed.

Chivalry was purely the romantic invention of Norman troubadours in the 12th and 13th centuries. Miguel Cervantes and Jeff Chaucer damn well knew it when they were lampooning the heck out of the concept.

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No point. Except maybe Sweetie should fantasize about a stallion who practices bushido instead. It's more likely.

This is a really nice story, but why is this in the Changelings/Ponies in the Ponies aren't Monsters group when there are no changelings in it?

I'm going to write a blogpost about this story, but in the first concept it was actually going to star spike.

Thanks, it was shockingly easy to write. Most of it was written in one sitting.

I think that my own experiences in working retail has planted a seed for a small bit of misanthropy about the human race. #Dogs=masterrace.

I think everyone, rich or poor, educated or non, should work retail for at least one year to really appreciate higher education.

You have no idea how well that fits into the context of the MLP story and the story this was based off of.

I really couldn't find a word that fit the situation better than that.

Overly what?

I think its a bit of a misunderstanding of the meaning behind folder and the group as a whole. CP already contacted me and is going to make a judgment.

I worked in restaurants all throughout high school and college. It certainly changed my outlook on labor and the benefits of education.
I hope temp cashier Sweetie Belle is looking into a bachelor's degree.

Hello, I am very sorry, I meant to type It was a very lovely story, and thank you for posting.

Poor Sweetie Belle.

5653427 yeah, poor thing.

I'm kind of surprised nobody has posted the Christian Bale rant yet.

Can... Can this be for anyone in the customer service industry instead of just retail?

Somehow, I think, customers forget that you're a person too as soon as you're on the wrong side of the employee name tag, and decide that it's okay to treat you like crap. Not to mention the ones that forget everyone else around them is also a person, too.
The rare customer that tries to be helpful and patient is a wonderful gem to be treasured.

Also this is really well written. Good job.


I feel you, this could be dedicated to anyone who had to work with entitled people. As soon as I'm sure this fic's popularity has died down a bit I'm going to write a blog post about the story behind this fic. So stick around.


Ugh, this sort of thing happened to me on multiple occasions eventually one succeeded in costing me my job.:ajsleepy::pinkiesad2::unsuresweetie:

I really liked this. And nice choice in Sweetie Belle. She is by far my favorite to read of the aged up crusaiders. As for retail jobs... yeah, not memories I like to re-live. :ajsleepy: This was an accurate tribute.

That's too bad. Hopefully you got something better.


I felt that Sweetie Belle working in her sister's Store made the most sense. Sweetie Belle is my Best Pony as well. Sorry to hear that you had problems, but I bet nobody sells retail like Gaston.

Hello Dancewithknives, I'm KarmaSentinal and I'm here to bring you a review on behalf of the Authors Helping Authors group!

Grammar: Fantastic. 10/10 This was a very well written, and accurate SOL.

Pros: A well written slice that not only added some much needed realism to MLP but as a whole is a topic that many of us can relate to. On a separate note the story feels like it could very well be cannon to the show( think Rugrats All Grown Up) without even trying, and overall created a very believable and self contained story.

Cons: While I generally don't believe this to be a con, but a minor irk is how quickly the entire event transpired. I've worked retail for nearly 6 years and so far have been lucky to avoid such a confrontation and after reading many stories I've found this sort of escalation being used a lot when the plot needs to be moved forward. But that's just from my experience and in all honesty the story's pacing was very well manged and I was happy Big Mac put that stallion in his place.

Notes: I loved how you took a situation that many of us have either experienced and or heard about and made it into a mild representation of what could have really been something much uglier. I want to thank you for showing me this story and letting me read it without taking away the unwanted baggage of remembering some very sore encounters but instead allowing me to leave saying "Fuck yea! Justice prevails."

5840575 Umm....


Wrong person?

5840618 XD Oh lord, Im sorry about that Dacne. I'm currently writing a review for the second story he linked me while I wrote yours.. sorry about that. :twilightsheepish:

5840651 shit happens.

There is a related blogpost for this story if you want more information. Overall fair review, but for your concern I just want to add that this really was how fast it happened, you're doing your job and then someone comes in and demands that their problems are the most pressing thing in the world.

Now was there something you wanted in return?

5840688 I understand and that's why I said from my experience because I've encountered people like this but for some reason it never got that bad. As for wanting, if you wanted to return the favor and review a story of mine than feel free, but if not then that's fine as well. I'm honestly enjoying these stories and the review practice.

If you don't mind another amateur review would you like me to read another one of your stories?


Well, if you want to do another one, here is my story list: List

Here are the ones I would think you may find interesting:

Celestia Kills Luna: an April fool's joke from years ago. It has bad grammar but the biggest feat is that it does a Shymalan.

If Only In My Dreams: an attempt at a purely character driven and largely conflict less story centered around a Christmas theme.

Luna Breaks her Nose: Pointless X Verb Y story. I disliked it. Pick it apart.

148 Degrees: Using a different narrative style to cover a common western styled trope with a darker ulterior motive and an unreliable narrator.

Just a Dream: Very successful and also Featured on Fimfic, an easy practice.

Tailor and her Recurring Customer and Between Needles and Knives: the largest of my stories, the first is a dual narrative using flashbacks and has a mix of Rarity being a tailor while frightened by a customer while the other is an adventure conspiracy as well as a Headcanon story about Equestria.

Anyway, since I owe you now, just send for me to return the favor and I will show you an equal amount of effort for a review.

That was great! Really like how you used Sweetie Belle as a dynamic to tell the story. Also had a great message and was enjoyable all the way through. So good job!
An up-vote and face for you.:moustache:

6647281 I'm part of the Cheerimac group. Your story is labeled under 'contains ship as background pairing', essentially meaning it wasn't the main focus in the story. I felt like reading and went story hunting in the archives. That is where I found this beauty!:pinkiesmile:

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