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This story is a sequel to A Scratch On Shining Armor

Seven years ago in the middle of Canterlot, under the light of the full moon, the world changed in ways it was not supposed to. Lovers were torn apart, and a pair of new ones were brought together. Through trials and tribulations, Shining Armor and Vinyl Scratch fell in love.

Now? They are still in love, but cracks are forming. Stress and work regularly cause divides, and Shining disappearing into a mission his grandmother tasked him with isn't helping. Everything seems to be falling apart, even Canterlot itself.

Proof reading and editing by Shrink Laureate

Cover art by Birbhorse

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So Celestia is covering for Galea throwing people in the "mines" in a way.

Ohhh man I am looking forward to this.

So, the question is, does she look at Galea and say "this is good and necessary" or does she look at Galea and say "This is her prerogative and I won't stand in the way."

Or even does she not know. Does she even, perhaps, believe herself above the ability to be lied to by one such as Galea?

So, I wonder what it is Shining does that he can be so candid. The equivalent of doing a desk job, perhaps?

And he still has mind problems... and a bad leg...

And being met coincidentally by other agents when he gets lost due to his mental issues. Somewhat suspicious for sure.

I wonder how close to the next Summer Sun Celebration this story will span?

Shining’s official job is liaison to the Royal Guard. He acts as a filter for information between DEqI and the Guard.

Welcome back. Happy to read more.

I'll start with... Shining Armor is the least spooky government spook ever. Unless all the confidential and scary intrigue happens totally outside of him.

That being said, it is in fact super concerning, his blackouts. And if it's getting worse? Well that's... worse, yeah. And might contribute to him not being a real scary agent, as if he loses a whole day of work, that might be sorta bad for his job, if it involves more than desk work.

That being said, we've got lots of stuff starting to float around... I wonder just how related they are or will be.


I definitely like the idea of Bon Bon getting in on this.

Woo! Glad to see an update.

My initial guess as to Vinyl's guest is either now wrong, or it's a double bluff XD

Awesome, some more!

And Celestia is missing, and Galea must be desperate to try to call on ponies she probably holds no love for (If she indeed holds love for any ponies...)

It's rough to see Shining put himself down like that. Overall he does seem... crushed? Like, just portrayed as passive and not particularly competent... I wonder if the career reset plus the blackouts encourage that part of him.

FILLY CELESTIA................grab chest right over heart and falls over in heart attack from too much cuteness.

Lemme guess, did you think her guest was Celestia in disguise?

So how long until Cadance is returned to being an Alicorn then, I think she will still be needed to rule the Crystal Empire when it returns after all, her cutie mark IS the Crystal Heart.

Hmm...maybe fate and destiny will be a big factor in this story. Maybe.

We'll have to see.

Magical sensitivity causing memory blackouts is... bad. Really, I hadn't made the connection, but as he was describing the situations I saw the pattern. Which is pretty well done, there.

Has Shining cast anything difficult lately? If he tried to, would it cause bigger issues?

Anyway, things are now moving somewhat badly. Cadance let Nightmare Moon out early, although it seems she is aware this is a potential issue... which I suppose is very Cadance in this verse, huh? Celestia is still noping off without telling anyone.

And Shining's alrightness with the authoritarian surveillance is pretty disturbingly realistic. "I don't like it, but I guess it's not too bad as long as nothing bad happened."

Cadance is still not the smartest pony.

Holy shit, I did not know there was a sequel to my absolute all time second favorite fimfic in the site! Just finished up to here right now, thanks for continuing the story!

And so it returns

Why are the numbers in the story chapter titles going down?

Because it’s counting down

Legitimately I am very happy this sequel exists and I am glad to have found it. Thank you for writing this, it's a very enjoyable read and I look forward to seeing more from you!

I'll be waiting for the next chapter, I quite enjoyed the first book.

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