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This story is a sequel to A Scratch On Shining Armor

Seven years ago, the world changed. A confrontation under the moon altered a future that was supposed to be. Jealousy came and wiped the slate clean, an ambitious captain seized power and ousted nobles, and two ponies destined for other things fell in love.

How did these events snowball into the greater world?

(A sequel anthology series to 'A Scratch On Shining Armor')

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Huh... Well, Cadence seems to be doing poorly.

I confess, driving a pony into isolation seems a touch cruel, especially if you don't give them anyone to speak to. Celestia isn't helping Cadence by putting her out to pasture in the old castle, she's exiled her and turning her more dark. Without someone to talk to, it's very easy for someone to stew in their head until they get angry enough at the world that they lash out. She should have at least sent a contingency of guards with her, or a friend or two.

Oh well, I hope Lily will help Cadence out and vice versa. Glad to see you back to writing, Remedy.

You forget, this is the same Celestia that told Cadence that alicorns are gods and know better than the mortals and can do what they want. Which led to Cadence going off the deep end in the first place. The Celestia of this universe is an arrogant idiot.

Fair point, though I'd hardly call it "arrogant".

What else is there to call it? Celestia literally believe alicorns know better than all the helpless little mortals and that it is their holy duty to guide and protect the mortals from themselves.

I hate arrogant gods in stories like this. I always feel that gods portrayed this way need to be swiftly introduced to what I like to call "Klingon Atheism."

Oh, I had forgotten about her. And it just goes to show how messed up this AU is. I can't wait for Shining Armor to take Galea's place. Preferably after he permanently cripples her.

And thus the dystopia grows. I salute you, Air Waves. May your fight not be in vain.

Oh. Galea has gone full police state. Well that's far worse than just being unwilling to believe in reform and believing in strict discipline.

And at the same time follows really easily from it.

Well, I was hoping a that there was a little bit more impressive performance from Shining in this scene, with some cynicism at least from him? And I'm not entirely sure what he's doing right now.

But I see Satin has... weird priorities.

She has Galea pegged as evil correctly, although it seems like "doesn't support the nobles" is contained in that, and not the police state nonsense.

So, this says "between, bigger stories." Edit: wait, now I can't find that line. Regardless: Does that mean a future one is indeed planned?

"Real sequel"
Good sir.
You have made my day.

Sweet mini-Sequel, thought I can't wait for the Main Sequel to start up, how long until it comes out?

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