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Scorched Earth


This story is a sequel to The History Of The Human War

Takes place in Warverse, during the war. To better understand this universe, read my other stories. Just a hint ;)

Strange invaders have come from the sky and laid siege on Equestria . As they advance, using strange machines, The Royal Guard tries desperately tries to hold them back. Yet, the enemy is unknown. Who are they? What do they want? Why are they doing this? Most importantly: Can they be defeated?

However, Equestria has just captured first subjects of their enemies and Twilight has been called to study them. Can she find answers before Equestria falls?

Current planned update schedule: 1 chapter per month. No hard date when during the month, but I try to aim for the end of the month. If I get a chapter much earlier ready, I will post it but it does not mean the next chapter will be out any earlier either.

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Psst hey fred.
*fred the muffin simply stares at him*
Mabey changing into aliens from that game and trying to scare ponies
Was a bad idea.
*Is about to be vivasected*
Please noo, i need my insides to eat the muffins!!

A side story of The Human War?

Why do I feel that the ponies are creating an X-COM expy?

Reading this I am suddenly reminded of playing XCOM. :applejackconfused:

Nicely done but there were a few scattered spelling errors you might want to clean up. :twilightsheepish:


You misspelled "Equestria" twice in the summary. That's not the kind of attention to detail that would encourage me to read the story.

They needed the weapons becuse humans aint that friendly all the time ^^

I guess New York City.


Not going to say any more, but it ain't New York. I did consider it, but then decided it was overdone. So nope, it's none of the East Coast cities.

Funny how people keep thinking US cities.

Derp some minor changes, checked the timeline I had written up and yup, I had some discrepancy. Fixed now.

Forgive me if I missed some stuff. :twilight blush: (If I did, I'll be sure to do a better job for next chapter.)


Of course, next question is why are the books in Spanish?:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Another question is, is the statue something that exist now, or is something that was raised in future?

However, it seemed they did have great leaders. One picture showed a great number of Ancients, all without helmets or masks, standing around one Ancient. It's hand was raised in a greeting. Others were returning the greeting, some with expression that made Twilight think of joy.

Oh no, anything but THAT...


Imagine seeing that without the context or idea what sort of leader said person was.:fluttershyouch:
Sufficient to say, said misconception is not going to last the first round of translations. Even if it does, humans will be more than happy to correct said misconception.

They mastered magnetic,"

I think you meant magnetics.

There should be a chapter all about them descovering stuff in that math book.

As I read this chapter, I knowticed that the ponies don't have the scientific method. Twilight will fachoof when she realizes how simple it is.

"I mean, we saw what they did during the first hour. Why haven't they repeated that?

And that, dear Spike, brings us to one of the greatest questions of all.:ajbemused:

If we can do it, should we?:coolphoto:


True, they don't have scientific method as we understand it. It would be better called "Throw magic at the wall and see what sticks".

For example, let's say one wants to figure out how to cast a fireball spell. Scientific method would be try to translate magic into math (which... does not really work, magic is not quite physics) and then figure out.

How ponies figure it out? First through trial and error figure out telekinesis. Then trial and error figure out basic fire spell.

Now keep smashing two spells together until you got something that works. You might not know why it works, but you know what you need to do to make it work.

To credit of ponies, humans are at this point, after 2000 years of studying magical energies, still at "Magic = Harmful" level of understanding. Ponies might not understand the core components it, but they know enough to use and wield it.

Subject: Machine Spirit

Omnissiah save us. They're starting to figure it out.

It will still be funny once they realize how simple it is, if they find out at all.


Well, ponies are not stupid. They have been shown the basics of the idea and they know what once can achieve by applying the said idea.

It won't be long after the war when "Study of Magic" becomes ""Arcane Science".

There is so much more they could learn about Humanity. I wonder if they will discover that humanity can fuse and split atoms, perhaps from a science book or something? Didn't they just find a bunch of books when they found D.C.?

Really? Celestia could beat the humans easily if she wanted to? I sense some OPness....Also, how are magical medical practices better than modern and technological medical practices?


1) City was not DC

2) True, they found bunch of school books. Still, imagine you are a... well, not a caveman, but never heard of what "atom" is and how it relates to the world. Now someone tells you can split it. Not going to sound very impressive, especially since right next to you is someone who can control sun.

But yeah, there is going to be scientific revolution going ahead once the proper methods are established.


She could. She would just scorch at least half of the continent in the process, not to mention ecological damage that would cause. Goddess of the sun, remember? More powerful magic you use, less precise it becomes (at least in this universe) and if Celestia tries "Powerful and precise" magic, humanity will notice it and do everything they can to stop her. You can get big and powerful magic relatively easily if you got the reserves, but it's going to be very unprecise. More precise and powerful magic you want, more time ti takes to set up.

She is insanely powerful, but she isn't invincible. Nuke to face would hurt her, a lot. Not to mention, like Twilight inferred, if Celestia begins to seriously use her own magic, humans might start lobbing more asteroids, which is something ponies do not want.

3980606 ONLY HURT HER? Celestia is not a god. Chrysalis easily beat her in "Canterlot Wedding".


"Hurt" as in "blast half of her body into smithereens". if you want, you can check what happened to Luna when she was a at the epic center of Anti-Matter bomb in Luna Aeternal.

And she was standing on her domain at the time.

Personally I got this theory of Celestia intentionally holding back, to make

a) Ponies not depend on her for everything
b) To not to kill everything
c) Not to fall all too easy trap of doing everything by herself(Ever read Superman: Red Son?)

3980681 I still hate it when people presume that Celestia can easily beat everything but just "Holds back."


Well, consider this: US has ability to beat every single nation in the world. There is no real military that can challenges them (Except Russia and China). Yet, who are the biggest threat to US at the moment?

Bunch of people hiding in the mountains using weapons that are horribly out of date. Still can hurt, a lot.

Celestia might be able to deal nuke level of damage at whim, but she is not ready to that level of destruction, especially since it would kill more of her own subjects than it would kill the invaders. If humans were to start wiping out cities, however, she would resort to that level of power.

Magic is not technology. Technology makes humans very powerful, since every human can pack enough power to kill several ponies without trouble, but it does not make humans invincible.

3980877 Ok. But those people in the mountains use Guerrilla warfare, know the land, and still use weaponry leagues more advanced than anything the Equestrians have.


True. If you checked the preceding story and others set in this story, it is generally accepted that in the long run Equestria would have lost. Badly. As in extinction level bad.

Plus, considering for human to kill a pony, human needs to wound the pony to point the pony dies, rather than get injured and the healed back.

Ponies just need to cause the suits to break even a tiny bit and human dies.

Both sides have advantages and disadvantages, but in the long run, unless Celestia decides that death of half of the continent is OK price, humans will win. Or they decide to risk humans starting to wipe out more cities.

For the city guessing game: it's definitely a city that is Spanish speaking in North or South America. Beyond that, I don't have many guesses to narrow it down much, so I'll just guess Mexico City since it's so huge.

I guess it could be a U.S. city with a large portion of Spanish speakers in it, but then I'd have to wonder why they didn't mention finding much content in a second language. It would be pretty (un)lucky if they went to a library in Miami and didn't find any English stuff at all.

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So did he die or something?

This story still updating?

3399395 don't be a grammar Nazi now i hate those type of people

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