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Heather is a beautiful pegasister with a crush on Soarin. She learned everything that she knows he likes. After wishing upon a star, she gets teleported to Equestria, hoping to get him to love her.

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This was rather amusing. Nicely done.

But what happened to the pie? :pinkiegasp:

Fucking love this.



BwahahahHhA awesome!

Oh. Ok.

Clearly you don't like H.i.E.


It's not that I don't like the genre. I usually take original premises or twists. Though it's true that HiE is a demonified genre (and not without reasons), I've read some good ones. This was just... an experiment. This actually reminded me of those times when you spend ages building your character in an RPG and them BAM, the first monster rips you apart.

So no, I have nothing against any genre. Now, specific stories? Totally, but that's just like everything else in this world.


"What's the first thing you'll do when you get there?"

"...try not to die."

A person must be specific with wishes otherwise the proverbial monkey paw will fist rape them.

This would be me. I wouldn't last a day. :facehoof:

2319300 Well Duh, the hydra ate it along with heather and all her other stuff. The pie was probably the best tasting thing about that particular meal I'm guessing.

Oh course Heather tasted horrible, she's named after a bush and 80's dark comedy. This was satisfying, because it feels like a parody of a HiE fic. :pinkiehappy:

Oh god, this reminds me of a silly fic I wrote in which almost the exact same thing happened, but never uploaded because it was just too silly. Heh.

this was funny as hell


Vaguely humorous in a morbid sort of way. On all other counts, rather pathetic.

4282143 Yeah, not my finest work, I have to admit it. I'm really bad at oneshots.When I had to start adding stuff to get into the minimum word count, I already imagined it was going to be a bit meh. I consider this a joke that became a bit longer than the punchline could handle, but it was a fun writing all in all.

I see. If you wanted you could be ultra cruel by having her turn into a pegasus properly on the way down, barely escape being ground paste and then smash into a hill and end up with broken wings. Excepting canon, I bet those take a long time to heal... Of course, maybe then you've just slid into HiE.

Full review here, but in brief: I feel a horrible person for laughing at the ending. What comes before is almost archetypal brony-in-Equesria stuff, though.

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