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Play this while reading, it's what I'd do.

Manly tears were shed.


I wept like a child while writing it :pinkiesad2: Hope you enjoyed it, even if it was a tad sad.

Yes, I did enjoy it. A well-written "Humans aren't bastards"-story is always great in my books (no pun intended). Along with "Humans are Cthulhu" and in some cases "Humans are superior". :twilightblush:

This is one of those one-shots that I wish wasn't a one-shot (wow I just said the word "one" a lot didn't I?)

Well, I'm not 100% sure what I just read about, but it involved humans not being evil and lots of people dying for some reason. Gotta say I liked it.

Although I sort of disagree with humans aren't evil. I quite enjoyed the story.


Yes, yes you did :moustache: I think this story is better off as a oneshot, but the concept is something I may retake a tad later. :raritywink:


:moustache: I thank you friend, glad you enjoyed it.


It was a tad confusing :twilightblush: I wrote it as it came to my mind and did not edit much except for a few grammatical errors.


Real glad you liked it :twilightsmile:

this was... insperational? hmmm... I don't know the word. but... amazing... is all I can muster. the closest I can get. /salute


:moustache: Thanks! Very glad to know you liked it :twilightsmile:

Extinction is a funny concept. Pity that we are the only species within a thousand light-years that can comprehend it.

Oh man up you wussies. I didn't cry at all.
And it's either because I just woke up or I am just emotionally dead.

That was damn good, just gonna put that out there.

you wrote a short story about war and extinction and it's this beautiful? i must say... damn you are a good writer, have a stache:moustache:

Very good and well written

so the human race basically just sacrifice themselves against the machines to save pony kind?... beautiful :fluttercry:

I must have an iron heart because I didn't cry... it's strange to feel nothing... but the amount of sad stories I read and the sadness generally all around me is hardening my soul, good thing too I suppose... joining the army isn't for the weak hearted :fluttershysad:

pony on good sir, it is a good one shot :pinkiesad2::fluttercry::fluttershyouch::derpytongue2:


Yeah, you know what they say though. Ignorance is bliss... That much I can envy my dog, when the world burns he'll keep on being the happy canine while I brood in silence about everything I didn't do :applejackunsure: Story idea btw...


Will fix :rainbowdetermined2:


:rainbowkiss: Good to know I can always count on you to be awesome in my fic's comments. Also, I blame unicorn magic on your lack of feels :rainbowwild:


:pinkiesad2: I know, I shed my part of em.


Thanks! :twilightsmile:


I thank you for the compliment and the stache :moustache:


Thanks :yay:


Will do! Thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed it :rainbowdetermined2:

Ok.........now.....theres some bad shit out there and Ive seen quite a few and THIS.......

Jesus christ.....this was not one of those.

This was brilliant, this was amazing, this left me speechless and in tears, this is poetry, this is a story worth reading over and over again.
This is how a story is meant to be written, it is supposed to fill your soul with emotions like this one does.
It has been said before but I will say it still: this was beautiful and epic and I loved it.
You my dear friend have written a story I can not only enjoy immensely but feel.
I felt every word and it is a good feeling you can not describe but it is something few stories can deliver.
And you did it in a little over a thousand words.
Thank you for making this truly amazing story. It is now my all time favorite story. Ever.
Well done my friend.
I wish I could say more but words really can not do it justice.
So I will simply say this: "Sit istam historiam perpetuis vivamus horis et numquam marcescunt a history."

My, my... This piece seems to be a eulogy, perhaps viewed as the last words of dying race. It is...evoking.

That was beautiful. A monument to all our sins.
We march against the coming storm without fear or hesitation, for with the love of those we protect in our hearts the darkness cannot touch us.


GAH!! :pinkiegasp: Oh, :rainbowderp: :rainbowlaugh: You had your revenge sir, well played :moustache:





:twilightsmile: Thanks!


That we do, friend. That we do :moustache:

HOLY COW. That is the most emotionally gripping fanfic oneshot I have read in a VERY long time. I SHED TEARS! MANY TEARS!


All your feels are belong to us :trollestia: Glad you liked it :yay:

2035333 Please base a fanfic on this AMAZING premise! I BEG OF YOU!


Hmm... Well, I was thinking about doing one and I may, but it'd take a while. Got plenty of other stories to work on too. :twilightsheepish: No promises, but there's a high chance I retake this concept in a longer fic :twilightsmile:

2035376 Okay. I really hope you will.

I'm a bit calmer now so I'll re-iterate what I said above in a more stately fashion.

This fic completely suprised me. Somehow I remained emotionally effected and was shuddering for several minutes after reading.
I can't remember that ever happening before when I read something sad or moving...
(it might have been the addition of the music?)
[This fic is dangerous! there should be a health warning on it, lol.]

I completely loved it, from the way you portrayed the ponies as the children, and the humans as the fathers-
to the human's utter devotion to the race they had created. It was beautiful. . . wait, am I crying again? WHAT THE HECK?

well, no tears here. just shivers and clenched throat. and a slight hint of metal in my mouth.
that was a good way to go.

Wow very well written and powerful made my throat clench
You should make a longer story based on this piece


:rainbowdetermined2: Glad to know I made something you enjoyed :twilightsmile:


:rainbowkiss: Thanks! Will do after a while, but I've got several things lined up at the moment. :rainbowwild:


Thanks :twilightsmile: also, you happen to be my sixtieth follower! :pinkiehappy: :yay: yay!

I'm confused... We died for them to live on and the saw us as saints for that but they remember us as monsters. Wut?


It's an analogy sort of thingy. Long story short, we are monsters capable of the most horrible crimes. But we are also capable of great deeds of selflessness. That's why they should remember us as monsters as opposed to saints, to let them know that no matter how dark and evil something may be, there will always be those who are willing to fight for what is right and good in the world. :twilightsmile:

Kinda confusing, I know. Wrote it in less than an hour and with tears clouding my sight, the music didn't help reign in my emotions AT ALL either, so yeah :twilightsheepish:

I wept at this. Not tears of sadness, but tears of joy.
Humans are at our best when we fight not to conquer, or to gain, but to defend. Never do we fight harder, never do we fight better, never are we so damned hard to uproot, as when we fight for something. Violence may be a terrible, terrible thing, but to not rise up to defend others is such a crime. This has to be the second greatest end of humanity that I have ever read, and I have read a few... So, here's to you, ye galley o' Iron! May yer hull never rust and yer cannones be plumb and true!

-_Ƣ ~ Stay Classy.


Indeed we are :moustache: thank you for the kind words, friend :twilightsmile:

Dude... I'm shaking slightly after reading this. Thanks, I needed that...


No prob :twilightsmile: Glad you liked it!

Not much to say here, I think most of it has already been said, but I can say this: Humanity is capable of great creation, and those we create, we defend with our lives. We give them what we cannot have for ourselves. We also contain those who are jealous of such creation, and wish nothing but to destroy it.
In battle, is there only black and white?


Thanks for the comment! :twilightsmile: I'm really glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:

I must be heartless. I liked the story and all, but I was relatively unaffected. Sorry. :scootangel:

That was beautiful.


Not a prob, a lot of people felt the same :moustache::derpytongue2:


Thank you :twilightsmile: I really appreciate it :yay:

2066951 this is kinda going to ruin the moment, but |I am so stealing that ASCII art...

I love it.
This needs a polish poster.:rainbowkiss:

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