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What if we kissed during the changeling invasion of Canterlot? hahaha jkjk... unless? O///O


Thanks to Derpsanddinks404.

A Bathtime for Ponies inspired fic

You saw them as foals, you bathed them, you cared for them. And now you will see them as you never did before.

It is time for brave souls and harsh deeds. When the fate of hundreds lays on their hooves, what will they do? Will the ponies be commanders and leaders, or will they break under the pressure?

It is time for war, it is time for. Ponies.

Wartime for Ponies will place our beloved mlp characters in combat situations where their resolve and intelligence will be tested. It will also place your OCs in bloody combat against any of the forces of Equestria and other nations. You simply submit your OC via PM detailing his appearance and personality as well as anything you may think could be useful in combat. You also pick against whom you'd like to fight from the Battlefield Equestria unit index. Link to it here, Thanks to Bloodpool for the units and group!

Simply pick a faction to fight against and which hero you'd like to come face to face with.
You can also tell me how you would like the battle to be resolved, or you can leave those details to me and simply send your OC.

Chapters (2)
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Indeed, the admins must be on Redbull or something, my past couple of stories have been approved like lightning!

You couldn't have at least, oh I don't know, ran it through us first?


A A Bathtime for Ponies spinoff

I at least recommend rewording this somehow. Maybe 'inspired by'.


:facehoof: Never crossed my mind! Sorry if you wanted to get a look at it first, but I can always give you the chapters for previewing if you want.

1878517 yeah, guess you're right on that one. I was sort of kinda in a mental state of weirdness while writing the description and all. Will edit now.

Well, now that I actually read it, that was pretty random. I mean, at this point, each chapter seems like a standalone story, with maybe no relation to what comes next. Maybe you should add a random tag to this? :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmm... (play it cooooolllllllll..GAAAA) OMGURD! Great idea, can't wait to see how you pull it off in the future, best of luck!


Mayhaps, mayhaps... But I guess that's what the alternate universe tag is for? It is like a different universe each chapter :derpytongue2:


Thanks! :twilightsmile: Feel free to enjoy it as much as you want. :pinkiehappy:

FIRST omg that was great i am so happy with this chapter i truly am thank u so much brohoof /) you no what bro hug to lol :yay::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:


I'm glad you like it! :pinkiehappy: It was incredibly fun to write, and left me feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the horde of stories lining up in front of me. Really hope it filled all your expectations :twilightsmile:

bro it was i can't wait to see how the other chapters of this story will turn out and i hope other people will in joy there chapter's as well :pinkiehappy:

Why does this site hate me. You are about the fourth person that I for some reason stopped following, and made me miss this...battle...fiction...thing.


Well, the site does enjoy Derping every now and then :derpytongue2: Oh well, welcome to my battle fiction thing :moustache:

Yay. This is going to be a nightmare for me, as I played too much Warhammer 40k for the last 3 weeks.

1910382 Surely it couldn't have taken you this long to make a new chapter. The story doesn't say on Hiatus or anything, what is going on?


Finals, skewl, Ipad loss, and other stuffs. I have had the next chapter aalmost finished for a looooong while, but I've yet to add the end to it. :derpytongue2: It's almost summer though, so you can expect to see new life added to this.

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