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Rosita Pie is a young mare living on the small frontier town of Villa del pony, she lives a normal life as the daughter of the town's only innkeeper, until, one fateful day a notorious bandit by the name of Arcoiris Veloz barges into the tavern followed by a dozen of hostile bandit ponies, Arcoiris has stolen something from the evil and fabulous crime lord Rareza, and Rosita is forced down the path of adventure as she discovers the magic of Mexico.

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Los clichéos des infamos!

Oh, now I want to see the old movies with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer ponyfied, just because of this!

Finally my people I thought I was the only one

Rarity is the villan of this peice,.. nice

I'm about to like this simply for the concept.
Yup. I did.

Wanderer D

I am debating whether to be offended or not. I'll get back to you.

As a Mexican, I shall read this to find out if it's good or not.

It better not be...

Que es todo esto. Señor, me va a tener que eseñar sus documentos.

1223483 :pinkiegasp: This brings back memories of DRESS.MOV...

i love how direct the translations are

well pinkie's isnt that direct but lets see if ican come up with the most direct translations possible.

Fluttershy: Revoloteo Timido
Pinkie pie: Pastel rosado would be the direct translation. Rosita pastel works too.
Twilight Spakle : Centellos Crepusculares
AppleJack: this ones hard. Juanita manzana?

and you already did rarity and rainbow dash.

Thanks a bunch guys, I'll try to update this story as often as possible, also feel free to leave feedback and your opinions, since i never truly plan a story before starting to write, your comments and feedback really make a difference in the outcome. What can i say? i have a free soul! :rainbowlaugh:

Pinche racista escribiendo estas pendejadas

But wow im surprised to see so many mexicans on this site
So does that make me a racist or just an idiot:rainbowhuh:

Also im looking forward to more of this nonsense

1225807 Your preaching to the choir I actually thought I was the only Mexican brony

1225937yo en realidad pense que era la/el unico/unica wow damm i never would of thought :pinkiehappy:

This has a El Mariachi feeling into it, I am mexican and I like it, gotta say, clever you uploaded it this month, month of the Mexican patriotism.:rainbowkiss:

Ahora pienso que soy el extranjero, ya que solo soy medio moreno.:ajbemused:

No he leído aún, pero pronto me basta. Tengo toneladas más mierda para leer, ya sabes cómo es. Adelante, atrás al barrio!


"Diana Cascos Juliana Concepcion de la Torre de los Montes Verdes..."


This is coming along better than I expected.

I am Mexican, and i am not sure if to read this :trixieshiftleft:


I'm mexican too, and i wasn't sure wether to write it :derpytongue2:

1249287 Lo puse en *leer despues*, tengo cosas que hacer

Okie-dokie-loki! :pinkiehappy:

Pero lo lees, eh? :twilightsmile:

I love how you took a pg take on what some would make a gorn fest

I love muffin vs cupcakes arguments.
Sir Biscuit of Trottingham pulled out a cookie and I thought, I see what you did there, but I wasn't expecting that level of torture from him.
This greatly amuses me.

Wanderer D

1225807 1225937 Nope. No son los unicos.

Sigh. Ahora tengo que leerlo todo... chale. Los comentarios me convencen. :pinkiecrazy:



Ahem, sorry... It isn't a trollfic :twilightsmile: it is a legit story of mine, one of the very first! :pinkiehappy: Has a few errs here and there, but I will edit it in a bit :twilightsmile:

2069649 Lol 10-5 isn't bad for a first. I'll give it a look later. When I saw "Mexico is Magic" I had to wonder.


:rainbowkiss: it is magic though! Ever had tacos? Mmmmmm... :rainbowwild:

Wow its amazing.

This is an allegory for modern day mexico. Its brilliant.

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH!.......Es enserio??:ajbemused::pinkiegasp::rainbowhuh:


Su comentario me resulta confuso señor. :moustache: No veo motivo por el cual no lo seria :derpytongue2:

2076608 Hahahah lo que pasa es qué mientras buscaba nuevas historias me apareció esta y cuando vi el titulo no lo pude creer y vi el primer capítulo, nada más fue eso :rainbowwild:


No hay problema :pinkiehappy: Espero lo disfrutes, y perdona los errores si es que los encuentras. Esta fue una de mis primeras historias, hace mucho tiempo cuando los dinosaurios rondaban la tierra :derpytongue2:

Hahahaha! Esto está genial. Mexicolt represent!

Mexicana de por vida, verdad Big Mac??? :eeyup:'Esip'

¡Santa madre de Dios...!

What beautiful piece.

5835917 Some things return from the grave to haunt us. These things are best left behind.

Luna López de Santa Ana, definitivamente necesitamos ver más

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