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Getting my ass kicked one day at a time.


Anon decides it's time to test out a theory of his. If the ponies can go around naked all day, then why can't he?

I mean, what's the worst that could happen, right?

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Starlight Glimmer has been working a bit too hard. Princess Luna, in the interest of national security, sends you to put an end to this.

By any means necessary.

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Starlight devises a new method of transportation. Twilight is having none of it.

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio:

Starlight Is Being Weird - Celeestiaa Starlight Is Being Weeird (Fanfic Reading - Comedy/Random MLP)

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When the Equestrian forces prove to be insufficient, who can save Equestria from a full on assault by Changelings and Diamond Dogs? The Sacred Principality of Fluffy Pony, of course!

Part of: Equestria Expanded

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Skyrim guard travels the magical land of Equestria, making friends and foes, having adventures and lecturing about proper citizen behavior.

But how will our hero fare against the native ponies with such a short repertoire of phrases? Will he help the land or cause its downfall? Should we follow?

Of course we should!


Also, all comments saying anything about anything get a prize!

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As war rages throughout Equestria... Panini...



Side effects may include but are not limited to:


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This is not a story of joy and happiness. It is not a tale of friendship or magic, of tolerance or love...

This is the ballad of Minecraftia. That land of bravery and savageness, were only those who were worthy of living were able to survive through the night, and rise during the day to meet the challenges of life once again. To defy death was an art in those fields and mountains, in those valleys and jungles, those blizzards and sandstorms were no pony had ever set hoof upon.

Forgive me for the brutality of the story, forgive me for the horrid truth behind this words. But do allow me to tell a tale of strong hearts, of free souls.

The tale of Minecraftia.


Cover art by me, Irongalley.

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I had a, basically, perfect life. Few responsibilities, I lived in a somewhat luxurious environment. The best a middle class family in a kind of peaceful capitalist country could offer.

So how did it come to this? Dragged out of my home and into a strange land by an insane being? And to make things worse, how come I'm suddenly a father to such strange creatures?

Mythical beasts of legend now crawl around me, wailing for food and love. But my own mistakes have lead me into a fight in which I don't belong and until I am able to clean my name and erase my mistakes, I doubt there will be much peace in my life.

I do not believe to be ready for this...

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Rosita Pie is a young mare living on the small frontier town of Villa del pony, she lives a normal life as the daughter of the town's only innkeeper, until, one fateful day a notorious bandit by the name of Arcoiris Veloz barges into the tavern followed by a dozen of hostile bandit ponies, Arcoiris has stolen something from the evil and fabulous crime lord Rareza, and Rosita is forced down the path of adventure as she discovers the magic of Mexico.

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