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Equestria Expanded is my take on Equestria's universe. I don't enjoy sticking to canon in the majority of situations, and I have many ideas that I think are neat. I have decided to compile all my ideas regarding Equestria into a single Alternate Universe were I can dump everything I think is cool into a copy-pasted Equestria and adapt it to my liking.

If you are interested in my universe, here's a brief piece of what it contains:

Humans: Hailing from an island kingdom off the coast of the Crystal Empire, humans have a long history of peaceful wars and civil conflicts and all of them caused by the smallest of reasons. They are normally deemed as insane creatures by all other species.

Monster Ponies: The supernatural creatures that capture our imagination from beyond the grave and the norm. Monster Ponies inhabit the area around Hollow Shades and a few other places in Equestria.

Orcs: A strong race of humanoids that hail from the badlands, orcs are extremely violent beasts with primitive societies and an innate love for plundering weak villages and towns. They are brutal and merciless, but also quite stupid, which has kept them from annihilating the world.

Goblins: Goblins are a humanoid race that dwell within the earth and feed off carrion and prey. They are aggressive and will attack on sight, but they are also very cowardly, and are easy to rout and scare.

Fluffy Ponies: From the western reaches of Equestria, truly, in a land of its very own, shrouded in mystery. The SPFP (Sacred Principality of Fluffy Pony) is one of the strangest kingdoms within Equestria, and it houses one of the strangest species. The fluffy pony, as they are commonly known, is a variant of the regular pony, but with so many distinct features, that scientists have deemed them to be a species of its very own.

So yeah. I'll continue to expand on it a lot. Welcome.

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377061 Yup. They also tend to duct tape unicorns to themselves to increase their magical prowess.

377039 By Sithis, you're right. Humans really are insane.

377031 They mostly shouted insults at each other from a distance while hurling spells at the air. The war ended after enough of them forgot why they were fighting in the first place.

peaceful wars


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