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A pony fanfiction reader from Malta. Sometimes write when inspired. Once a Scout, always a Scout. Most important of all, Twilight is best pony.


North Compass was a scout. He had many scouting adventures with his friends back in Canterlot. When he moved to Ponyville because his dad opened a new shop there, he joined the scouts in Ponyville. Watch as he and his new friends have some adventures in Scouting. From hiking, knots, first-aid, camping, you name it.

Just remember our motto: Be Prepared.

Constructive feedback is appreciated. Thank you.

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Ok I am going to take it that you are using phrases from Malta Scouts (or for that matter the Commonwealth), there are something I'm not getting... also what is a Scout Group? Is it something above a Troop?

Oh and I also I had no idea what a reef knot was, till I looked it up and saw that it is a different name for the square knot.

This is a good start my friend, I look forward to seeing where you will take it

Hm. Used* to be a Scout when I was a kid. Interesting concept, so I'll follow a bit and see what happens.

*Yeah, yeah, once a Scout, always a Scout, but I went on my last venture 24 years ago.

3755246 Sorry, I thought this was universal. A Scout Group is, well it is very hard to explain without repeating the same words so I'll try my best to explain.

Basically, well in my country, it works like this: Every location has its scout group. The group is then split into sections: Beaver Colony (5-7 years old), Cub Pack (7-10 years old), Troop Section (10-15 years old), Venture Unit (15-18 years old) and Rover Crew (18-26 years old). Then there is also what we call the Fellowship for elderly scouts. Each group has its own scarf.

I hope that helped you understand and I'm also glad that you are giving this a chance.:twilightsmile:

Thank you, and it's not universal it seems.

3755267 Thank you.:twilightsmile: It will be a bit different to what you are used to due to different countries and all, but the scouting spirit should feel the same at least.

This seems promising. Take my like and fav.
Also, I guess different countries have different names for things, because I've never heard of the place where my troop meets being called headquarters. We just refer to it as "the cabin," which is what it is. xD

3755999 Thank you.:twilightsmile: Also, yes it seems to be this way. Bear with me, things are going to sound different with some real life culture clashes when it comes to Scouting Organisation.:rainbowlaugh:

Pretty sure I'll get what you're talking about most of the time. Where are you from, by the way?

3756211 Malta. It is 90km south of Sicily.


OK, I have a little bit of a problem. I don't know what that band where they put badges is called. We don't use them here in Malta, we just have uniforms. I just have to call them badge bands for now, until I get to know what they're called.

In Sweden, we didn't have them either - we had shirts, a scarf and, if you were posh *spit* you had a beret. You put your badges on the shirt or the beret.

More shoddy scouts like our kår used a variety of broad-brimmed "foresters' hats" instead of the beret, but the hat's a tool so you don't put badges on it. (I've lost two to canoeing accidents, but then I'm a klutz at canoeing).

For some reason, I'd imagine saddlebags being important to equine scouts...

3764866 We are the opposite here.:rainbowlaugh: Green berets are part of our full parade uniform with the khaki coloured shirt and dark brown belted trousers. The badges go to the parade uniform. Leaders can also sometimes wear a BP hat, but they are a bit expensive.

This is us in our full parade uniform:

We do usually get rough in our activities (except when things are formal, like in parades).

For Merit Badges? We just called them Merit Badge Sashes. And at least in the case of my Troop we only wore them for the Courts of Honor, or when we have to be in full uniform (which was rare)

3765145 OK, so no sash for them in activities.

Since in my case my badges were only held on by old spray adhesive, they would fall off easily. Depending on the activity, we wouldn't wear our Class As anyway.

3765169 I'll make the ponies only wear them during ceremonies, such as badge awarding, going up (eg. Cub to Troop), group converting, investitures and AGMs (Annual General Meetings). Makes more sense to me. Besides, the scarf is the true physical symbol of scouting.

Can never forget the neckerchief, in my Troop it's tradition that when a Scout becomes a Tenderfoot that he receives a troop neckerchief, and I still have mine.

Cheerilee as an Assistant Scoutmaster is perfect

What 3765145 said.
Though nobody in my troop ever wears one. In fact, I keep all mine in a binder. xD

We wore them, but never in the way shown in the book. Always hanging from our belt, never across the shoulder

Well, I take that back. One kid in my troop wears his sash during courts of honor, and he wears it properly. I have one, but I never use it.

Must be interesting to do knots without hands..Or have a knot named after a body part they don't have.

Scoots must be anxious to do a High Adventure outing, though it sounds like they might not be cool enough for Rainbow Dash

3770508 Sorry, had to name them with their real names. And you could go with making the knots the same way as Rarity building a nest and straw sculptures.:twilightsheepish:

And about Scootaloo, sorry if it felt cliched by putting RD in the conversation.:twilightsheepish: But yeah, Scootaloo wants High Adventure and she wants it now.:scootangel:

Did you like their interactions?

I think we now come across another difference in terminology, from the picture you gave us a Thumb Knot looks a lot like an Overhand Knot (which can easily ponified into a Overhoof Knot)

Scoots better wait then... or not since I did see 11 and 12 year olds go to Northern Tier (the next year they made the age limit official)

On my honor,
I will do my best,
To do my duty,
To god and my country,
To obey the Scout Law,
To help other people at all times,
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.
Heart of America Council, Troop 1256, Dragon Patrol. Made Eagle in 2010.

Carry on, brother.

This is going good


3771065 Patience. I do have a life, sort of.:twilightsheepish:

3771085 It's OK. I wasn't really angry.:twilightsmile: Tell me what you liked about it.

Basically how scouts works as a rganization there isn't any here (well there IS but only for girls and it seems that it is already dead)

3771113 *Looks at avatar* Admit it, you also enjoyed it because of Pipsqueak.:rainbowlaugh:

Really yes, the story was a bonus

Sorry Vallet, for not popping your review just yet. I got a lot of work and RL is being annoying. I'll get to it in a bit so please be patient.

Grammar score out of 10: 8
Pros (list three pros)
It's written quite well and doesn't have any blatant technical errors.
The plot also flows naturally so that's good and I feel the interactions between North and the CMC are alright.
In terms of scouting lore and rules? I think you've got that to a tee, so that's perfect for a story like this
Cons (list three cons)
I don't really relate to North... I mean he's a nice colt, but you need to let the audience know more about him.
Moreover, I don't really see a plot that I can follow or I am enthusiastic about. Its just my personal preference, but what conflict is there in this story?
And that's what the crux of the issue is, for now, i don't see a story just yet... more of an introduction. Sure, its Slice of Life, but its a bit boring in my case and I would like to see more adventuring for the scouts
Notes Section (how you can improve your fic, at the very least an elaboration of Pros and Cons section)
All in all, its a nice, simple story, but perhaps a bit simplistic. I think it needs more conflict or more ways to drive the character interaction between North and the CMC. Then again, you are very early in the story so you have time to add that.

Enjoy your review!

3843949 Thank you. I needed that review.:pinkiesmile:

Comments on authors not:
1 knew that! our patrol is called "the abnormal"
3 a couple of weeks ago, a scout organisation ny to long away from us HQ burnes Down... Right now there having there meetings at our HQ...:fluttershysad:
4 right..:facehoof:
5 aha, you mean a roban..., I use to think that if you've done it right, it should be like a life jacket for yout finger...
Great chapter, by the way! :yay:

Kind of how things work in our troop too...

Wait... is Scouting co-ed in other countries (Like the Venturing program thing in America) or is it just like that for the story?

4241457 If you are asking if there are Scout Groups with mixed sexes in other countries, yes there are.

Wow. America is weird.
Also, I'm hopefully gonna make Eagle within a year depending on getting merit badges. :D I'd probably be the youngest one in my troop to get the rank as well.

I'm intrigued. A story of Ponies and the BSA...... Nice. This coming from an Eagle Scout who has NEVER seen one of these stories before, probably should have looked up that first, oh well.

2) Full Metal Alchemist?

:facehoof: crap I forgot about that comic series. I know what it is. It's astrex and obliques

It's been a while since I read it......:twilightsheepish:

Oh, i am a little confused. I am a scout too, but in Italy the organisation it's a little bit different. Estote Parati to you all!

7497195 I mostly based it on the Scouts in Malta and the UK.

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