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This story is a sequel to I Found Love: A Princess Cadence and Shining Armour story

It's been a year since fourteen year old Princess Cadance left Canterlot and the colt she loves. When she returns, she needs to face the realities of becoming a princess and how that will affect the relationships around her. It is a reunion not without its share of difficulties, and there are some ponies who would rather she not take the throne, but the love of those who care for her will always see her through, and she will take her place as one of Equestria's newest princesses.

Prior reading of I Found Love: A Princess Cadance and Shining Armor Story will be needed to properly understand this story.

Cover art by RivaMon - I'll draw my own later...

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 53 )


Let's see, Cadance and Armour getting no time alone - check.
Her father being stuck up when he has no right to be - check.
Twilight the destructive little monster - check.

Hmm. That note at the beginning is NOT what I wanted to hear to be honest :P I didn't actually mind the ending of the previous story that much, but if things only go downhill it won't make for happy reading. I like happy reading. Sad reading not so much. Ah well, I'll see how it goes.

4750356 this ones happy...


So I understand ^^ Not a good start for Cadance though, regardless.

His familiar messy mop of a mane a little shorter, a little less messy. His white coat glinting in the sunlight, pure as snow against his deep blue eyes. My white knight.

Used *his, twice in a row I start a sentence. May want to avoid that.

I'm glad the sequel is out. I can't wait for the next chapter. Good luck. This is so awesome.

First day back and already things are less than satisfactory. They'll soon pick up, I'm sure. :rainbowdetermined2:

4759157 Cady never has any luck at first. Remember her first time in Canterlot? She was made to foal sit a disinterested Twilight instead of making friends like she wanted... as she says in the season 4 finale 'soon will come the day it turns around':twilightsmile:

4762878 Yeah that's right! I also remember getting hung up on a misspelled word and kept posting so many comments about it.

So ashamed... :pinkiesad2:

But when was 'soon will come the day it turns around' in the finale? I could watch it again but... please remind me? :scootangel:

4763733 Its from the song the princesses sing. Its her solo part. Such a pretty voice.
I actually applied to sell my art at a convention where the voice actress of Cadance will be. I would be amazing to meet her and to have people have my art signed by her :pinkiehappy:

4765247 I figured it was in that song. Thanks just the same. :twilightsmile:

Don't we all love stuck up overbearing parents not caring for what their kids really want but trying to force them into what the parents want? :pinkiesick:
Still, yay for this! Can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

Great first chapter so far--can't wait for more! :D

Whenever I read this story, I have a silly 'Dawww' grin plastered on my face, and I love it.

I eagerly await more. :pinkiesmile:

Not gonna happen, canternova.

Firstly, ha! Secondly, capital 'C'.

So, Cadance knows there's something up with the moon. Interesting.

The thing about being a princess is that you can banish the ponyrazzi. :rainbowlaugh: Sure, Celestia might get mad but hey, ya banished someone! :scootangel:

You're a genius ! In fact, there's a mare on the moon and the moon is a piece of cheese ! It explains why Luna didn't starve to death !

All things considered, that's a pretty positive article. The press could have been (and might yet still become) much, much less pleasant.

I love this story! I love the writer! This is just way too good already x3
Oh man how have I missed this universe, the year of waiting was more than worth it. And the eerie way you include Luna's tale in this is marvelous!
Can't wait for more! <3

Great story. I have one question though.

Is there going to be a third story? I ask because of this line.

There is a reason only a handful of Cadance's friends are in this. Some of them play a bigger part in the next story. So just enjoy the two most fun characters for now

Thanks for the great chapter. I already love this story. Good luck with the next chapter.

4781280 Either that or Luna was also temporarily made out of cheese while she was up there. :pinkiecrazy:

More adorable feels that I just don't want it to end and become sad again :twilightsmile:

I must congratulate the author for the incredible feat of turning the most revoltingly saccharine toy-selling pink princess into a rather interesting character. I wonder if they give awards for that. :pinkiecrazy:

Cadance was good for what she was in her episodes, but I suppose this is kind of better. Must have more! :pinkiehappy:

What, you were at Bronycon??? NOOOOOOO I'm sitting at the bus station to leave there now ;_;

4799306 aw I would have loved to have met a reader. I met some of my tumblr readers there. Maybe you did see me. I was a Cadance with a ponytail minus a Shining Armor wandering around with my Twily purse. I was at lots of panels, and stood in lines talking to people for hours... you never know:raritywink:

4784801 hey that's what I tried to do, so thanks :) she never really did have a personality at first, or a background story... so I tried to make one for her. I still believe it since A, I didn't get a chance to ask GM Barrow otherwise at the con, and B, her origin is still not in the show. Just a book. Even the comic book artists confirmed their stuff isn't show canon. So... have an origin story for a non ascended alicorn princess :twilightsheepish:

4960232 Why? I just wrote a post about the next chapter and its only been a month. Its coming soon. You'll see

4801325 Cadance was a unicorn... until she stole a pegasus' wings and sewed them onto herself and cackled, "NOW I'M A PRETTY PONY PRINCESS!!! HA HA HA HA HA!!"

And Celestia just randomly showed up and was like, "THAT'S HOW I DID IT!!"

And then they both stood there maniacally laughing until they got tired.

(This will clearly be the show canon. Clearly.) :trollestia:

4783243 So then we could say that Luna is the cheesiest character?


There was the pure white, enigmatic queen of the frozen north who brought in a chill with the flow of her ivory flowing mane and lion shaped tail, and whose eyes shone blue like the deepest lake.


*Alondro runs for his flame thrower!* SOMEPONY CALL THE PYRO!!

It's still good for what it is, at least. :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::yay::eeyup::twilightsmile::rainbowkiss:

5014524 We could call some asylum workers as well, to sedate you. :derpyderp2:

This was a nice little chapter, and I would definitely love to see Cadence's travels to the island to learn more about her past :twilightsmile:

...I get the feeling Shining Armor would like to see Cadance in Shrine-Maiden attire.

Yayzah! This was one cool chapter :D

I love this story way too much, and I would SO read the side-story of Cadance going to Neighpon. I always find it pleasant to read these stories, and would keep reading them as much as you make them. Thank you ;)

Thanks for the new chapter. I liked it. I can't wait to read what happens next. I wonder what will happen to Sweetie in it. Also I'm glad Celestia got Twilight to apologize.

How long has this existed????
I-why-wha- *hugs you way too tightly* thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!! IFL was the first fic I ever read. And the long awaited sequal has been here all along?
I-I-jus- AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! *decays into girly squeels*

Finally got around to catching up on the two chapters I hadn't read, gotta say I'm surprised this story isn't getting nearly as much love as its predecessor as this is a great sequel tale so far.

5252833 probably because I don't release it as often.:fluttershysad:
Next chapter should be soon-ish though. Glad you're enjoying it

Hey, nothing of quality is gained through rushing, or at least that's my opinion of the writing process. I'm just glad this story is still going on:yay:

Represented by Princess Aida,

*Theatre geeks yelling at high-pitched tones in the distance*

Funny thing is, I'm actually going to be in a production of Aida this summer.

6132164 Huzzah someone got it! Yay!
Yup, I listened to Aida as a kid and though... nice name for an African Zebra thingy. Stay tuned for more updates. Sorry about the wait XD

6135504 I hope there's an update! I read this and was like, "YAS OMG SO GUUD" and then saw the last update and became sad. I understand, though, if life got in the way or something.

Also, fun fact, the song "Dance of the Robe" was an actual dance that Nubians would perform with their royalty.

Okay, I'm hoping to get an explanation for this. Cadence's father acts like a complete jerk and didn't even show up when Cadence was pretty much on her deathbed. I have to wonder why. I mean, if I was dying and my father didn't even show up I'd want an explanation. Has Cadence ever confronted him about that?

6207870 Cadance does comment on this in the last chapter of the first story. What I may not have made clear is one of her parents had to be in her country to continue running it, and it rightly should have been her mother since she is the princess, but her father took over the affairs so her mother could care for her full time. He does come to see her, but not as much as her mother who stays by her side full time.

Her father does have some big issues though. Hopefully I can continue writing this story to show you!

This is one of the best works I've seen in online story telling. Though I understand good writing takes time it is still hard to wait so please do hurry. :fluttercry:Good story tellers are few and far between. Your the third good writer I've found so far. Thanks for a great story.:yay:

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