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Princess Celestia conceals it well, in appearance and poise, but she is an old mare. A thousand years is a long time to dwell, and her's have been filled with laughter and tears, love and loss, achievement and regret.

With a fresh open book and quill, Twilight Sparkle endeavors to capture in some semblance the journey that Celestia, Queen of Equestria and Warden of the Sun, has trekked in her centuries.

But before Nightmare Moon, before Discord, and before the Crown; in the age when Equestria was little more than a patchwork of jealous princes vying for supremacy, there was a white pony.

Tall, strong, and mysterious, she'd creep from the wilds and realize a destiny forged in elder days. A terrible evil stirs after millennia of dormancy. Equestria needs a hero, and the Wanderer of the North will answer the call.

An epic work retelling the life of Celestia, expanding on the mythology created in De Surgente Cadenteque Alicornuum, but it's not necessary to have read it beforehand.

Cover image by my good friend Private Dangle.

Also with a TVTropes page here!

Chapters (36)
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Comments ( 454 )

Interesting, I await more. :raritystarry:
Also, sorry for no complaints... I don't know what to say about this story.:twilightblush:

Wow. This is quite a strong start to the story. I look forward to the next chapter. :) Here's a stache for the amount of effort you are putting into this - :moustache:

3624947 Epiclestia is best-lestia.
3625095 Thanks! It's an idea I've had for a while, and I'll pump out another installment as soon as I can.
3626431 Much obliged, my friend.

Epiclesita, best combination of Canonlestia and Badasslestia.

Damn this is going to be epic. Not too often to we see Celestia being a commoner prior to ascending the throne. Strange as it sounds I am drawing parallels between Nikóleva of the North and Celestia of the Clan Everfree.

3627389Celestia of the Clan Everfree? Hm I'm not familiar with that? Sounds cool though.

My own headcanon, apart from being distantly related to the House of Blueblood she doesn't have a drop of noble blood in her... divine blood on the other hand is a different story

When her ancestor has an entire section devoted to her in their holy book tells you how epic that bloodline is

Celestia as a commoner?

Did you read my mind or something? :rainbowhuh:

In any case, this is a very original and, if I may say so myself, one very good start to what I hope is a long and fantastic story.

Continue, I shall be waiting with baited breath :pinkiehappy:

3798631 Thank you my friend! It's gonna be quite the journey I hope.

I have a feeling that I really should read the prequel to this.

Very well done. So she is very much a warrior as well, far too many don't do that.

........damn.....you.....brought me to tears, he died with honor doing what was right. And he should be proud of his daughter.

I also can't help to think that you've been reading Tolkien

3850362 You got me! I love Tolkien, and much inspiration for this came from his work.

The Sunken Isle is what convinced me. Also very well done chapter, I do wonder if Celestia still practices her smithing these days. Not many give her a skill such as that.

Wow I'm so trying not to cry right now my dad died last year I know how Tia feels

3953094 I'm very sorry to hear that friend. I'm not real good with this kinda thing, but here.:pinkiesmile:

I love this; it feels like this story should be canon to the TV series. The characters and lore behind it are believable and I thought it was brilliant how you expanded upon Equestria's unknown, and apparently, less than innocent history. I've got no complaints. Excellent job!

Celestia is so adorable ... omg I can't stand her adorableness :rainbowkiss:


What a rather heart warming end to this chapter. It brought a smile to my face.

It's official, you now have me completely captivated. I can't wait!

4149324 Aw thanks! Don't worry, I'll update as soon as I can.

Damn this is getting better and better, Dude this is so far one of the best fics I have read and some of the best world building as well. And now I do see diffrences between your "Wintermail" and my Chieftain Everfree. And the Chaos Tyrant will not claim that soul... Concordia Invicta

4149428 Thanks friend I really appreciate it. Seems like you got yourself your own little mythos right there. I think what makes Celestia and Luna so intriguing is so little is known about their backstories so you could really be creative and try to construct one of your own.

This is my own take on that.

P.S. This Concordia character seems to me to be the antithesis of Discord (Naturally). Is there like a yin-yang cosmic balance in your "headcanon"?

Well I'm trying to put it all together, and have a bit more thought up for the HWE era and the founding of Equestria.

Kind of... in my 'verse Discord is not a spirit or a god, and Concordia (the Angle of Harmony) isn't aligned to Order as she is aligned to the Balance of Order and Chaos. But she, and her mothers Cosmos and Eris, don't particularly like Discord and have helped the mortals deal with the Chaos Tyrant.

4150003 Interesting. So what exactly are Discord and Concordia? Or do they just "be"; something mortals can't entirely understand.

Discord can be summed up in one word, Mistake. He was created 10,000 years ago by the Ancients and caused the destruction of them when they bound him the magic of Atlas. The Chaos Tyrant is very much mortal, and the Alicorns could very much kill him, but he is bound to the continent, to kill him is kill Atlas herself.

Concordia is the Angel of Harmony and Balance, and is second only to Epona in the faith of the ponies, and even then Epona is worshipped like Concordia is. She has made contact with mortals, giving hints and the like. She does have a mortal form, a crystalline tree hidden beneath the ancient city of Xenophon, where she helps keep the Chaos Tyrant contained.

This is probably the best chapter so far. You had me giggling, cheering, and crying all within the same chapter :raritydespair:

I'm so sad she outlived Evergreen... they would've been great together. Celestia's reminiscing reminds me of times in my own life where things could have been different.

He live a full and good life... damn man you got me crying.

With the mysterious pony and the increase Diamond Dog attacks I wonder if he is moving, where is the Chaos Tyrant?

4329780 Something strange indeed is going on...

I cried, I really did. At least he lived and died in peace.

I doubt that Twilight would call Celestia a monster. I hope she will apologize next time they meet.




"Scales are as hard as diamond" true, but even diamond can be shattered by a weapon as crude as a hammer.

Honestly the only thing I don't like is Celestia apologizing for her outburst and for killing dragoness. Twilight was out of line and really did need to kncoked down a few pegs.

So she heads for the City of Spires and the Jewel of the Tears.

4590395 Yeah not exactly my best work. But you know you try and fix it and buff it out to coalesce into the narrative and vision you have. It's a learning experience and it's a really great think that here on fimfiction you can get feedback to improve your skills as a writer.

So I've tried to sort of pick up the pieces of last chapter and get back right on track. Thanks for sticking with me pal. Your input has been most appreciated.

And I wonder exactly what Celestia will find in Canterlot...

Why does this not have more views? it's awesome!

Interesting, i saw this story on Equestria Daily and remembered you're the editor for Rising Dawn, so i started giving this a read. Pretty good so far, i like how Celestia is a real living person (pony) in this insted of some kind of divine being like in most stories. Have a face :coolphoto:

4605733 Why thank you! Yeah I got a little tired of a divinity kinda story with the Princess so I decided to do something about it.

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