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This story is a sequel to The Cute One 2: Growing Pains

Twilight Sparkle and The Council of Friendship have finally been stripped of legal authority. In a desperate grasp to maintain power, they must become the greatest power mad despots of all... School Faculty.

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So Spike dating the CMC, Yes or No?

If you're reaally sure you wants the spoilers...
Applebloom Flirted with Spike briefly to win the initial "Cute One" contest between the three
Sweetie Belle is betrothed to Spike for purely political gain. They are in Respect.
Scootaloo's blindly ignorant infatuation with Spike has caused him to be nearly date raped by Pinkie Pie and all of them to occassionaly be decreed legal adults by the council of friendship, because Twilight would never let her friends be put on watchlists.
This is all covered in the two prequels. :pinkiehappy:

So Twilight is basically in denial about the whole racism thing.

Well, she's a unicorn. If one group of ponies is given a different curriculum than the others, that's obviously racist. But since all sorts of ponies are being given their own curriculum specifically designed for the natural talents of their respective tribes, that's obviously completely fair and those birdbrains and mudponies pegasi and earth ponies are complaining about nothing.

Yes or No, is he in a relationship with all 3?

I've pretty much, exactly. in as much detail as can be managed without rewriting the previous two stories, explained Spikes relationships with all three of the CMC. Not sure how much more I could spell it out, dude. :scootangel:

I like this ride! Sorry, Spike, but ponies are racist! Good luck to you four! :moustache::scootangel::applecry::unsuresweetie:

Spike is now a non-pony citizen, 2nd class. Which is really just one step down from citizen 1st class, which is only two steps down from unicorn nobility

... Wait what class is between citizen first class and nobility?

Careful, though. With people being upset at racism and about being treated like less than a real person, and thus the desire to change it existing, you will sway dangerously close to morality.

And here we go with some more pony racism! Yay!

Also, her name is Smolder, not Ember. With reminds me, Ember and Thorax, may have a double clawed finger salute coming there way!:pinkiehappy:

Didn't the Crystal Empire gave Spike the title "Great and Honorable, Brave and (singing)Glorious"

I say screw the government and let those 3 sweet fillies married Spike I believe even Cadence would officially wed them right there on the spot.

With the opening to the final season having Sombra conquer Canterlot and Twilight and co. snuff him out like an old match, does that mean they re-established the monarchy? They basically couped his coup. It would also explain why Celestia and Luna would need to take some time before handing Twilight the job of 'Princess of all Equestria' as it is suddenly actual govermental position instead of the just being a 'powerless figurehead.'

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