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Once upon a time a selfish princess who raised the Sun and took an entire world put it inside a dream so she could test a prince she favored. But the princess was afraid she might break her prince, so she tested her dream machine on a vagabond, leaving the vagabond with a happy life inside the dream as repayment for his cruel mistreatment. In the end she she broke her prince all the same, and the world itself inside her dream machine died beneath a melting Silver Sky.

The prince did not loose faith in the selfish princess and would have forgiven any mistreatment, but the cost of breaking an entire world is dear. The world of the selfish princess was itself placed inside a dream by a selfish princess who raised the Moon so that she could fix a pony who was never really broken. And when he awakened the world of the selfish princess of the sun faded away like the silver stars with dawn’s first light.

This is the story of the vagabond.

It wouldn't hurt to read David Silver's Silververse Stories if you haven't already. This is a shared universe story, and the stories do occasionally cross-reference, though it's not strictly necessary to read both, It might clear up occasional confusion.

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ok this chapter start out a bit on the odd side but I must say it got super duper good after that.
good work.

So.... have you heard the good news of the cult of The Unspeakable Pinkie Pie? We have 666 levels of super fun damnation as we bounce and giggle down the the darkened path that devil's tread with caution. Giggle at a ghosty, grab a fork and eat a brain and SMILE SMILE SMILE. The Laughing Abyss awaits us all!

This story has taken a sweet and sentimental turn, which I approve of wholeheartedly.

Thank you for sharing your work with us!

6767571 Thank you. It's a bit rough around the edges, but I really wated to get it up by Christmas. I'm gonna do one, maybe two more chapters on the Ki/Z arc I think. Cover the trip home and wrap up with them for now. Technically this arc takes place in he future reletive to Silver Stars (as David has declared that it's not Hearth's Warming there yet). And if I play around in the future too long I'm sure to go off canon eventually. But I really wanted to do a holiday special. :pinkiehappy:

Glad to see that you're continuing this after the 270° twist that Sir Silver's story took.

Sorry to learn that you've not been well, and I hope you're feeling better. Please be well into the new year, sir.

hope you get better I know how being sick sucks.
this chapter is good and as you say with the full reset of Silver now you have free range to play with Z as you feel.

6801351 Thanks. Feeling a lot better. Yeah David really threw me for a loop there. :pinkiecrazy:

6802005 Thanks. I'm feeling alot better now. Z was originaly gonna be just "Zeke the changeling" for that one holiday story. Then I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if that changeling's real name WAS "Worker Changeling Z-978". And then Z got a background story. And now the stories all about her. Because that's how chngelings take over. :pinkiecrazy:

Enjoyed reading the new chapter. The conversation between Z and Rarity definitely lives up to the series title. Z is certainly a likable character and it'll be interesting to see where she goes from here.

Thank you for sharing this with us!

P.S.: are spelling corrections welcome as comments?

6805965 Definitely welcome! I do make spot edits to these as I catch them, but if I can't edit the mistakes I missed. :twilightblush:

6807012 - Cool, every author is different and I figured I'd better ask your preference. :twilightsmile:

their prey - they're prey
they’re foals - their foals
will the paying - will be paying

a good chapter with fun and good time's for all. and I am guessing z made a friend in Rarity after all thing how much help z would be working for Rarity a living model for making her clothing.

6812755 Z would indeed have been a good friend for Rarity. Too bad marshmellow-mare dismissed her as a changeling prankster on the train. :pinkiecrazy: Saddly Z is simply reliving a different version of her backstory from the previous universe. Everything that happens here will basically mirror the backstories given to the characters in the Holiday Special, before the universe reset. Which is kinda spoilery, but not really, since I already introduced the characters in the last version of the universe. Backstories have now become actual lives that have to be actually lived. Z's new friend is her fellow changeling, Whatserface, Will she be a good friend, or is Z-978 running from one bad situation to the next, possibly worse one? :pinkiesad2:

Z road - Z rode
Uh oh, if this keeps up will Z choose the dream or reality?

This chapter was a little hard to follow until the very end where it all came together. Excellent work sir!

Looking forward to seeing more as you share it with us!

6813805 And edited. Good lookin' out. :pinkiehappy: Saw a couple more that I missed in proof-reading that I'm going back for. I'm aimng to get at least two more chapters in this week-end. I feel bad for Z. Ki just landed ass backwards in Equestria, imediately got rescued by Pinkie Pie and was basically handed a decent job and bitched about it the whole time. :ajbemused: Z had to go through some shit to get to that warehouse. :pinkiesad2:

Z rolled for diplomacy! Natural 20!

6817514 Now I gota check if I left links. Itsa cannonized universe for fan fiction by that guy David Silver , who wrote those pony D&D books. Come on in the water is fine, I promise. It's a large pool, those things disapate. :pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Daremo deleted Jan 10th, 2016

Great chapter!

It just goes to show that anyone named Whatserface doesn't have a lock on all the answers.

6817652 Deleted comment? Awe come on you gotta share. PM me;you gotta share, I will torment you untill you do. :pinkiehappy: I respect your feed-back and am prepared for criticism. :pinkiecrazy:


I'd responded to Starlight Nova's question, then noticed that you had already done so with the same links, so I deleted it for redundancy. :twilightsheepish:

a vary good chapter yes this is.

David Silver has several story's that are vary worthy reading as is this one.

gave he assistant - gave her assistant
Great chapter!

Nothing witty or insightful to add, other than that I found the punchline funny and it made me laugh.

You seem to have a pretty solid grasp on Pinkie's character too.

:rainbowlaugh: This is why you don't want drunk humans around XD

ok this is a interesting chapter. with a interesting game.

Can't wait to see what comes next!

It was certainly fun reading your story and although it ends on a low note, it's not the end, so it's no time for sadness.

Thank you for your hard work and for sharing it with us!

ok that is a different kind of ending.

6830444 The kind that ends nothing. :pinkiehappy: Turns out the original plan was less feasible than originally planned. :pinkiecrazy:

cut - cup
This is an interesting story mechanic that you've introduced here, or perhaps it's better to say that it's an interesting application of the mechanisms that Mr. Silver set up for this universe.

Thank you for sharing your work with us. :twilightsmile:

6832320 And Fixed.

Thanks, I'm glad your enjoying it. :pinkiehappy: Yep, it was an application of the classic "Just restart the story and fold the universre in on itself, it'll totally fly". Ripped a page right out of David's playbook. :pinkiecrazy: Guilty

I imagine that the fun part of writing Pinkie Pie must be that just about anything that she does could be considered 'in-character' for her.

Things are off to a solid start, now I have to wonder what will happen if Ki and this particular Pinkie Pie cross paths.

Hmmm... as comical as it's made out to be, I'm suddenly concerned for Z. It sounds like whatserface is trying to candy coat a road apple.

6840782 Z's back story will not change. The universe reset. And yet hell-fire insists to burn. Yeah lets stick a cartoon band-aid on a gangrenous wound. Surely that will fix things. :pinkiesad2:

6840782 Z's back story don't change. She can take it. Even if it's a cartoon band-aid on a gangrenous wound. I already told it once. Reset and live it again. It's Ki you should worry about. Z is the strong one. :pinkiecrazy:

The Silver-verse is now heading into the Tatzl-verse...
The plot thickens...

Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality...

6847744 Oh, I think it's probably safe to say this part of the story is not in the Silververse. :pinkiecrazy: Where is it, when is it, and what is really going on? Who knows? Probably those damned words. Maybe Ki? He certainly didn't seem to keen on the idea when the Text actually offered to send him back where he supposedly asked to go...

As David would say, the typos have the power to alter the universe itself.

6847940 Yep. :pinkiecrazy: Ki finally talked too much smack and now it's time to face the music. :pinkiesad2: But it's not like there's an established rule that it's a bad idea to go around blaming near omnipotent entities of unknown motivations for all your problems, so how was he supposed to know that was a bad idea. :scootangel:

I'm still not sure where this will end up going, but it ends on a pretty solid laugh. I'm still chuckling. :rainbowlaugh:

6854726 Yep, that is in fact what this is referencing. :pinkiecrazy:

What if the One Step 'verse is what happens when the text gets cranky?

6854951 It is a very good theory, and I won't say that's NOT what's happening. Another possibility is that Ki escaped the One Step Universe with the help of the text. It's also possible that this is still a coma dream :pinkiesad2: . All the story really told so far is that he lied about, well pretty much everything he told pretty much everypony in Equestria. About the only one he ever told the truth to was Jake (and it wasn't really appreciated when he kept his word that time :pinkiecrazy: ). Of course, *I* know what's going down (I swear I'm totally not just pulling this outta my ass :scootangel: ). The truth will come out, and it will be awkward. :twilightoops:

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