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Walking home through an empty, early-morning town is the perfect time to tell someone close how much they mean to you. Lightning Dust desperately wishes that she could, but no matter how hard she tries, she can't figure out how to tell Fiddlesticks that she loves her.

Written for The Red Parade

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Two stories in a day is an accomplishment lol :raritywink:

That was fast.

hell yes I love them so much, this was excellent! Thank you for it!

There is such a story around this, this is just a beautiful snapshot of it.

Can't resist a little heart tugging. Lovely story, Priest. :twilightsmile:

That evening we said our goodbyes and Lightning Dust got back onto the train. I remember it vividly: I was standing on the edge of the platform with the sun to my back.

I watching as the train pulled away, and slowly chugging its wheels, heavily along its tracks. Its billowing smoke was fading over the horizon and I could still hear the distant grunting, the huffing of the engine, as it lumbered ever further towards its destination, hulking away over the distant landscape as it disappeared past my line of sight.

Little did I know what was yet to come...

"Do you remember what she said to you before she left?"

"On the platform, I mean."

Not all of it, no. I remember she was going back to Cloudsdale. Had some...event. Some sort of application. The Wonderbolts.

'Said she should send me tickets to her first show, but...

"The show was cancelled. Rainbow Dash took her place."


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