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Was Lightning Dust really that one-dimensional jerk who just had to be kicked out of the Wonderbolt Academy for the better? I don't think so...

I initially wrote this for a panic contest in the Quills and Sofas group, with the prompt being "Alone."

Thanks to Nailah and Firefoxino for their help in proofreading and editing.

Featured on 17/9/20! Thank you to all!

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This was a great characterization of Lightning Dust and her struggles, and how she must not dwell in the past, and focus on the path ahead. This was excellent character piece, and I enjoyed it every much as I did the first time I read it. You are quite talented and have a great future in front of you. <3
Oh and

I never saw her as one dimensional. To me, I saw her as sortof the Anti-Dash. Driven to be the best, but loyal only to herself and aspirations. Being a washout was good for her in the end.

I liked this one. I always found Lightning Dust and interesting character because of how her dream is taken away from her. Also there is something tragic about her, she is arguable better than Rainbow Dash at flying but her own arrogance keeps her from succeeding the way Rainbow does.

Do you plan on writing a sequel, not that this story needs it it, it is very good as it's own contained story. I am just curious.

Awwwh. Thanks Nailah! You are too kind :twilightsmile:

Hmm...this really gives me food for thought. Was she simply destined to be a Washout? Was being a Washout really what’s best for her?

I am considering it, actually. If I were to write it out, it will most likely be quite a long tale! :rainbowwild:

I like to think she might have grown a little because of it.

Take all the time you need there aren't that many good Lightning Dust stories out there.

Completely agree with the other sentiments that this look at Lightning Dust needs to be continued. I’d like to see your take on what in her past catalyzed her drive and what might be in store for her after the visit to the Academy.


You all have convinced me. I’ll have a go at it :twilightsmile:

Why did I initially gloss over this? This is the exact reason I liked Lightning Dust in season 3. Showing regret for what happened and attempting to build back up as a better pony. I would like more of this, Lightning Dust in a more positive role would be nice.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the story! Currently, I am brainstorming some ideas for the sequel for this to explore her journey of change and the challenges she will face. I hope that it will come up soon once my inspiration kicks in. Thank you!

Seguel, I will wait...write it....will you? (sorry for using wrong franchise in comment section:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:) Good story tough

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