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A leader can't be nice...that's a weakness.
She has to be strong.
I learned that quite a few years ago.
Even now it seems I haven't quite figured it out.

I don't know what I was expecting when I came to this academy...
Not a friend who turned against me.
Not a mare who happily stripped me of my rank.
Not this.

I'm not a leader.
I'm just...

Written for the Everfree Northwest Fanfic Competition

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This is AESOME

Lightening Dust is awesome.

Lightning Dust is best pony.

Hell yeah, I really liked this.
For once, neither Dash nor Dust blames the other, they seem almost friends. I really appreciate it, it's just like my point of view of the events. Bitter Lightning Dust or Rainbow Dash always annoys me.
Well congrats, you just proved they are the best ponies :)

Thinking back, Spitfire is kind of a douche.

Great story and an interesting way of showcasing the Wonderbolts leader like this. Truly actions and words go hand and hand in the world.

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