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On the last day of the Wonderbolt Academy session, Spitfire asks Rainbow Dash to see her in her office in order to clear the air. Perhaps if she mentioned some of this stuff earlier, things might've gone in a different direction. Or, as she soon discovers, perhaps not.

My mini-epilogue to the episode Wonderbolts Academy.

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Wow, first Aces High, now this. I hope we continue to get more of these, because "Wonderbolt Academy" was quite frankly an awesome episode with a lot of potential for additional story. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go see if there are any more of these.

I'll consider this the off screen ending for "Wonderbolt Academy". :rainbowdetermined2:

An excellent, excellent addition to the fandom! Very well done. Five stars :rainbowdetermined2:

now this is how it should have ended. this is still my favorite episode but I like this ending alot.

This was interesting and shows a nice side to Rainbow Dash's competitiveness. The letter to princess Celestia though was a bit odd, made a good ending I have to admit.

Obviously it was so awesome :rainbowlaugh:

This was definitely a good alternate ending, nice work.

I was expecting that Rainbow Dash didn't get the importance of the wing pony and what it meant and Spitfire was going to give her the rundown and the importance of Rainbow learning how to follow. Yes Rainbow can lead, but she is a terrible follower.

If Spitfire wasn´t totally incompetent she would have made Lightning Dust Rainbows wingpony.

I honestly don't think that's a mark of incompetence. It was more that Spitfire saw Lightning Dust push herself, and she thought that was a valuable asset for a lead pony to have. And to an extent, that's true (unless you think it isn't for some reason). But as the episode proved, that's not the only asset a lead pony should have.

And instead of correcting Lightnings behaviour (which she encouraged all the time) she publicly humiliates her and kicks her out.
The least she could do is to make her Rainbows wingpony.

I don't think she actually saw examples of Lightning Dust's behavior. She only saw the results of said behavior.

She was present all the time. If she saw nothing that does not speak for her.

She still should have made Lightning a wingpony.

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