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The Pies are actually very sweet ponies once you get to know them, and Limestone Pie is no exception. Unfortunately, the Apples didn't have a chance to really get to know Limestone. So as the early Hearth's Warming party winds down, she decides to rectify that by showing Applejack her less-abrasive side.

My mini-epilogue to the episode Hearthbreakers.

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Ok I really need to watch the episode. And Key Lime? Has someone been peaking at my hard drive, granted that's the name I gave Granny Pie

Holy poops, this was a really great follow-up to the episode! And I loved it! :yay::heart:

This was cute. Great job fav

Wait, I was supposed to ship Big Mac and Marble in my Hearthbreakers fic? Looks like I didn't get the memo... :twilightoops: A very great and simple story you have!

6568161 No, but that's a pretty neat coincidence. Honestly, I'm surprised Hasbro themselves didn't see the puntastic opportunity with Limestone's name. :duck:

6568438 That's merely the trend of stories I've seen, at least at the time of writing this. I personally think there's a lot more of the episode that's well worth exploring. :twilightsmile:

I see Limestone Pie as a slightly more tougher tsundere type of pony and not an outright grumpy overprotective jerk. Still though I really like this story. :raritywink:

6569341 Yeah, that's kinda how I see her, too. There's a lot of context behind her actions that can easily be glossed over if you're not paying attention. :twistnerd:

6569440 Actually, I thought Marble was spot-on as far as my headcanon is concerned. Shy, introverted, all that jazz. Heck, the pony who was most different was Limestone, and as this story shows, my headcanon and the established canon can easily co-exist. :scootangel:

So I see I wasn't the only one to think Key Limestone Pie should be her full name

This was incredibly adorable. Faved!

I accept this as headcannon. Keylime seemed to be getting portrayed as completely rude, and I think seeing a soft side of her helps to make her much more likeable, especially coming back from reading a bunch of comments about her being a ... :x:misc_Octavia_O_O: meanie.

"C'mon, spit it out," Limestone snapped, tapping her foot impatiently. "I don't have all day."

'Nuff said.

That's the only error I found though, so kudos to you:derpytongue2: This was adorable. Me gusta mucho.

You know, this is a nice side of Limestone! I am glad to see her getting along and having fun! <3

6570731 I honestly don't think the term "foot" in this context is all that egregious. Ponies still have feet, after all. :applejackunsure:

Hey look, it's a story based on Hearthbreakers that isn't about shipping Big Macintosh with Marble Pie. Whatever next? :pinkiegasp:

Lies. You're shipping them in your heart...

Seriously though, this was a nice little slice of Apple-Pie life.
Have like or three.


...No, I'm pretty sure they don't. Their equivalent of 'feet' and 'hands' are hooves.

6570832 , The definition of "hoof" is "the horny part of the foot of an ungulate animal". In essence, to have a hoof, one must first have a foot.

Eh, I guess so. But Limestone would still be tapping her hoof, not her foot.

Hey look, it's a story based on Hearthbreakers that isn't about shipping Big Macintosh with Marble Pie.


Wonderful fic. And she's not forced to submit to anypony for being herself. Nice way to build on what the episode gave us. Though, not that it matters much in fiction, but Lime's actually the oldest. Marble is just minutes younger than Pinkie. Maud is just second oldest.

Limestone > Maud > Pinkie > Marble

I'm surprised you didn't pull a s1 Fluttershy moment with "Pinkie, I'm like a a year older than you!" when Pinkie said that "You're growing up!" part lol

Great little slice of Limestone goodness. :twilightsmile:

This fic made me realize something: Marble seems similar in temperament to Fluttershy, and Limestone seems similar to Gilda. I wonder what Pinkie's treatment of Gilda says about her relationship with her sister?

Very nice story it was fun to read.

Awesome little story. It's nice to see a sweet story like this making Limestone more relatable. Pretty much everyone (myself included) seems to have been skipping over her to focus on Marble, and I'm glad someone grabbed the reins and wrote a nice little piece like this about her. I really like how you personified her, keeping a bit of her edge but making sure to show that that edge isn't all there is to her.

6573115 Well, all that was indeed my intention with this piece (although Marble's still plenty adorable :rainbowkiss: ), so I'm glad I succeed on that front. :scootangel:

It would be typical Pinkie not to realise why Limestone doesn't like a nickname, especially one given by her beloved Granny Pie.

Well done! Absolutely splendid read, darling! Bravo! :raritywink:

A very nice tale all around! You have earned the like for the wholesomeness of it. :pinkiehappy:

Ah the joy of Key Lime Pie. A bit tart when at first but eventually the sweetness comes out.

Great characterisations and an overall nice feel. I feel like this could actually be a part of the episode, which is always a good thing.

Instead of an oven mitt, I'm going to start calling it an oven muzzle.

Nice epilogue :pinkiehappy:

But I have a bit of a question regarding the episode:

I felt something very odd about seeing Holder's Bolder the instant I saw it in the show at 6:47. Then at 18:14, during Granny Smith's story about how Holder's Bolder was found in a dragon's nest and brought to the Pie's home.... Did anyone else get the feeling we're going to see a bit more about this "rock" in an upcoming future episode next season?:twilightoops:

& I bet the dragon that laid it really felt that one! :flutterrage:

...Well that was nice.
What with there being a Fluttershy clone to fawn over now, Limestone really got left outta the loop!
Nice to see you giving her some attention and some rather nice characterization of your own, particularly with the comparisons to Applejack. :ajsmug:

I get that she's shy, but I believe marble was supposed to be more of Big Mac character than a Fluttershy. But hey whatever.

6576497 Maybe so, but if you were to remove Fluttershy from your generic Fluttermac scenario and replace her with Marble and I'm not convinced there'd be much difference. And you know her shy traits are where her popularity's coming from! :rainbowlaugh:
In that way it's kinda genius! New character gets instant popularity, and fandom gets a neat little alternative to Fluttermac!
You clever, clever writers you! :raritywink:

True. When I watched the episode I was like. Okay so Pinkie Pie, Maud, Shy Sister, Jerk Sister, and... Amish People?

Cute story :scootangel:

Now I want to eat key lime pie :rainbowlaugh:

6577183 I think it would be better to have a fluttershy meet marble.Marble is like season 1 fluttershy, just a little less talking.It's kinda like amending the fences but the chapters could display how she is different from fluttershy.But, I don't think this would work well.What do you think?

6581912 I think that's another awesome story idea that the writers could but probably won't do anyway. :fluttershysad:
I just hope we see the other pie's again at all.
Not to worry I'm sure a fanfic writer or two will get on it at some point! :pinkiehappy:


Now I want to eat key lime pie :rainbowlaugh:

Interesting choice of words there, friend

6569448 I can totally imagine canon!Limestone saying, "You have a very slappable face." :rainbowlaugh:

I know I'm late to this party, but this was still a fun read. It's nice to see a version Limestone that adds some sweet to the sour. Thank you for it.

A sweet little story.

Hello! Have a review. Rather a sweet little fic, and I enjoyed the characterisation. Have a like!

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