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Equestria and Yakyakistan are friends for a thousand moons thanks to the ingenious efforts of Pinkie Pie. However, Twilight still feels guilty about letting everything get out of control like she did. During the party, she approaches Princess Celestia and Prince Rutherford to issue her heartfelt apology in private. But as she soon discovers, she's not the only one who needs to brush up on her diplomacy.

My mini-epilouge to the episode Party Pooped.

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I agree with this viewpoint. In real life, yaks are actually quite docile and friendly.

I was honestly thinking the exact same thing for why the yaks behaved the way they did. I was considering doing something of my own but you've done it much better than I think I could have. Nicely done!

6149190 The funny thing is that I think that's what the writers were going for in the first place. My best guess is that people were so fixated on the yaks' over-the-top behavior that they decried it as inexcusable, never taking a moment to ask why they acted the way they did. :applejackunsure:

Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed this little tale. :twilightsmile:

Quesadillas really?

6149295 How are Twilight's bizarre phobias relevant to the story at hand? :trixieshiftleft:

6149542 Yeah, the time constraints really bit the episode in the butt. We seriously needed to see more of Pinkie's epic journey in order for the message of the episode to resonate properly, but they just couldn't fit that into the pre-established timeframe. Quite a shame, really. :ajsleepy:

That aside, I am glad you enjoyed this little story. :twilightsmile:

Inconceivable! :pinkiegasp:

6149736 In the trade, we call that "making a joke." Of course I know portraying the yaks of Yakyakistan in a positive light is conceivable. I freaking conceived it. :rainbowwild:

6149825 I know, I was just attempting to create a little humor myself...apparently I wasn't too successful.

6149850 Ah. Sorry about that, mate. It's often hard to gauge that kinda thing on the internet. :twilightsheepish:

6150037 Oh, I'm not saying the message didn't get through at all; it did. I'm saying that when Pinkie came to her realization at the end, I felt like it came out of nowhere because we didn't get to see her epic journey. She instead told us about it, which any writer can tell you is not nearly as effective. Even so, there really wasn't a way for them to fit that into the twenty-two minute time limit. Even if we cut all the superfluous jokes (such as AJ's remark about Granny's dentures or Pinkie eating sand), that still wouldn't have been enough time to show Pinkie's quest properly. :duck:

Regardless, I still felt the episode was a lot of fun. And in all honesty, I thought the yaks were one of the stronger parts of the episode, hence why I wrote this story showcasing why. :eeyup:

I like your portrayal of the Yaks being angry because they were told they were getting Yak things, but they were actually pony things.
While at the same time getting the whole "that's not what they intended and you know it, you blockhead"

Pretty much can't say much more about it. Good story Met.

Wow, that...was a different way of looking at it, and a viewpoint I can appreciate. Nicely done!

Wait people were confused about the motivations of the Yaks? Hmm... weird. I thought it was straight forward. Good take on the story to help people get it then.

This is a sweet ending I enjoy. The episode soooo could have been like this!

6150186 In all honesty I thouggt that Vandalism and getting mad wasn't doing this any episode any jiustice. Wghich is why I was ticked when another new species non pony was portrayed as titanic douchebags. I might understand why but uat the same ftime yaks were ungrateful. There is a saying in Greek. tThere is no greater enemy than the undgrateful friend.

I agree that the yaks' motivations were sound. Seeing someone attempt and fail to duplicate your culture, especially when you pride yourself on authenticity, would justify being offended.

However, I have a hard time seeing how it justifies vandalizing three different buildings, attempting to crush innocent wildlife and a young dragon, or declaring war. Especially when the yaks never bother to explain themselves. They just shouted 'not perfect' and stormed around like angry children. In other words, yes, ponies were in the wrong for the approach they took, but the yaks were far more in the wrong for the way they reacted.

Thank you for doing this! Thank you so much! It may seem very weird, and trust me, it is, but I felt personal responsebul for the yaks bad behavior in the episode. they were so clearly modeled off Scandinavian vikings, and I felt it wa smy people that cated like pefectionist lunatics. This story make me feel less responsible.

Hmm. Had this been a part of the actual episode, I think it would've gone a long way towards making the yaks' (almost wrote yanks, lol) behaviour more palatable to some of the naysayers.

As others have pointed out, the yaks' over the top reaction can be perfectly understandable once you take into account their cultural isolation. However, from a writing perspective, the repetitive presentation of their violent reactions just got stale for some of us. This is more of a personal taste in comedy, but it's another reason why some might find it less than entertaining.

6151830 That's why I had Celestia scold Prince Rutherford for his actions in this story. I agree, the yaks really need to work on their diplomacy. In fact, Twilight was the better pony for continuing to put up with them despite their behavior. I've seen comments and stories saying that Twilight and/or Celestia should've just given up on befriending the yaks and destroy them instead, but as this story clearly shows, I don't agree with that notion. :coolphoto:

6151852 I thought the yaks actually had more of a Mongolian influence, given their snowy home and attire. Still, I'm glad this story made you feel better. :scootangel:

6151890 Well, one key thing about comedy is that humor tends to be subjective. I myself wouldn't go so far as to call the yaks' tantrums comedy gold, but I'd be lying if said I didn't get one or two chuckles out of them. Especially Pinkie's reaction to them not liking the snow; she certainly didn't see that one coming. :rainbowlaugh:

1: Have you ever been in sweden? We got more than enough snow to qualify as 'snowy' most of the year
2: That attire, it'ss almsot exactly like Scandinavia viking clothes

anyhow, thank oyu

6152076 Alright, fair point. Although I wouldn't go so far as to call the yaks "vikings." They aren't pirates. :duck:

Considering the yaks behaviour, I find in completely laughable that Twilight should have to apologise about ANYTHING. These yaks just lost their temper at the drop of a hat, and didn't bother explaining what caused them to behave in such an irrational manner. Were Twilight or her friends supposed to be mind readers?

Still, your story was extraordinarily well written... So, upvoted for that. Even if I could never get on board with your perspective.:raritywink:

6152088 nah...but still... they destroyed almost all of Ponyville

6152099 It's funny that you say that you can't get on board with my perspective, yet at the same time, you point out the same ideas I was trying to get across in this story. :rainbowderp:

6152112 Well, not really... The mere thought of writing a story where the opening passage is about Twilight feeling the need to sorry to those jerks strikes me as impossible. She didn't fail at all, and I don't see it in her character to take personal responsibility for something that clearly wasn't her fault.

Perhaps those ponies understand that sometimes you have to shoulder the burden for certain situations in diplomacy to preserve peace, even if the other party is far more culpable... Which is why I wouldn't make a very good princess, I think I can live with that... :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Next Gen deleted Jun 30th, 2015

6152127 Considering that Twilight was blaming herself for causing the yaks to declare war in the episode, I don't think this behavior is out of the ordinary for her. But, to each their own headcanon. :applejackunsure:

6152140 As in a dramatic reading? By all means. I'd be honored. :raritystarry:

Oh, sorry...wrong account. I'm not good/never done a/at dramatic reading, however, I'll try my best. :twilightsmile:

The account I meant to comment with was Short Stories, FYI. :twilightblush:

6152161 Ah, it's fine. You don't have to if you don't want to. :twilightsmile:

No, I'd like to do a reading.

Just saying I haven't done a dramatic one before.

6152200 I thought that was just a common term that encompassed all live readings. I suppose I just misspoke. :derpytongue2:

6152141 I meant AFTER the episode (Where your fanfic is set) when everything had been resolved. I think, after Pinkie's speech, Twilight would have seen that the YAKS were the ones with the problem, and no apologies were necessary (at least, from her end). But, as you say, each to their own... :trollestia:

It was at the piano scene where I really made the connection that what they really wanted was authenticity, and that Prince Rutherford had been miscommunicating the whole time.

My question is, what kind of crazy-ass fauna does Yakyakistan have that the yaks were fooled into thinking that various animals with false horns randomly attached to them were Yakyakistani?


Not to mention Celestia, as the main and oldest ruler and Twilight´s teacher, should have bottered in preparing her pupil for her first diplomatic visit, including a few lessons about Yak culture.

After reading your comment, something occurred to me; the yaks speak broken English (or whatever language the ponies speak), which would indicate that they don't have a complete grasp of the language. Is it possible that in the yak language, "perfect" and "authentic" are the same word, and it was simply a mistranslation on their part? That being said, it still doesn't justify their destructive behavior. Then again, it's not too inaccurate; diplomats can be real assholes.

Given how long the Yaks had isolated themselves, I wouldn't be surprised if Princess Celestia knew nothing about their current culture. Even it had been unchanged from the past, she still went at least a couple of centuries without needing that information, and she likely forgot it.

If the Yaks had carried out their threat of war... well, Equestria is fully within their rights to defend themselves to the best of their abilities. But, yes, I know the sort of stories you're talking about, and I agree with your assessment.

That is a fair point.

I think the major problem with the Yaks is that they seem to be heavily sheltered from the rest of society. Up until this point, it seems they've had no contact with any other civilization, and are far behind in the times. The way they speak, dress, and attitude makes me think like that.

One thing I just can not understand in this episode is the lack of help from Celestia. Yes, Twilight's mission was to make friends with the yaks, and that she is Princess of Friendship. However, that doesn't excuse Celestia's lack of action yet again. You'd think she'd at least be around to offer some advice, or send one of her own advisers to assist Twilight since this is the first diplomatic negotiation she is doing.

6152367 I'm sure Celestia would've given Twilight help if Twilight actually asked for it. From what I gathered, Twilight wanted to prove herself by befriending the yaks before Celestia arrived to meet with them. It seems that even with her new title and responsibilities, she hasn't been able to kick that old habit. :ajsmug:

Headcanon accepted.


I still must be hanging out in all the wrong places; I didn't realize people hated the yaks so much until reading this story and the comments. I personally loved how completely madcap the whole escapade turned out to be, :pinkiecrazy:

This story was really great! I hated the yaks at first but now I see them in a different light. You did a really great job writing everybody.

That was a nice read. I like how you wrote the yaks here as well as how you handled Princess Twilight and Princess Celestia. They all felt in character and it serves as a nice epilogue to the episode. With the lesson involved, I could easily see this actually happening in the show. Anyway, excellent work as always! :twilightsmile:

thank you,:twilightsmile: I really needed a good closure for this episode

I honestly think a lot of these episodes could be saved with proper epilogue a or resolutions. FICA like these help fill that role perfectly. Thanks!:pinkiehappy:

The yaks are essentially a race of Manowar fans. "Metal not true? SMASH!" :derpytongue2:

Now if only someone would call out the Everfree Forest deer for not caring that their replanting efforts robbed ponies of their homes who had nothing to do with Well To Do's construction.

I for one enjoyed the episode as it was even with the Yaks being so difficult. Much of my reasoning follows this story, but I also like the realistic portrayal of other countries/species not always being reasonable. Even so, from the beginning I was yelling at the Mane 6 to stop catering to their culture. To quote Giuliano from DaVinci's Demons: "This is Florence. They will love it, or they will leave!" While courtesy is a must, often the point is to put on such a grand show of your own country that the foreign delegates return to their own demanding improvements to reflect what they've seen.

Of course, the tragedy of this is that 1000 moons can be estimated to be only about 80 years, which is approaching the upper limit of what we could possibly expect Pinkie to live to short of Alicornication. Wow, that got morose quickly...

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