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For some reason i have the ability to write stories, therefore i continue to write in the hopes of saving what little remains of my sanity.


After defeating the Siren's, Sunset Shimmer start's using her magical book to write to Princess Twilight about her own finding's on the magic of friendship, and her progress trying to turn over a new leaf in the human world.

Also a Youtube user named RarityFanGirl31 VA has now started doing weekly Dramatic Readings of my stories. The link is here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxGPvrdm-opWsXEWXyMjB-DqxpineC66A

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That sounds like you've got a good start here, and a good idea as well. I'd still recommend to maybe get an editor for some of your grammar, since there's a couple of mistakes here and there.

The necklace... did Sunset´s mom bring the alicorn amulet on Equestria?! :twilightoops:

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5130144 Yea i actually have heard about people using editor's before, but i'm not sure as to where to find ones i could trust giving my stories too without them stealing them and uploading them as their own. Any ideas?

This is definitely something I'll keep my eye on. I love New Sunset so much!

5130417 Thanks, i love her too. She is my favorite EQG character. Though Sweetie Belle remains my favorite Pony.

5130228 Don't worry, it's not the same one.

5130405 Good point. There's a couple of groups on this site with the purpose of bringing authors and editors together. They usually also have some admins over there taking care that the whole 'stealing stories' business won't be happening. For example, I would personally recommend either of those for now. Instructions are usually provided on their main pages, but if you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

5130597 I'll check them out, thanks.

5130750 Alright, then. You're welcome.

hey,don't really plan on reading this but just from the description I feel I should tell you that you should use an apostrophe for possessives and contractions, not plural.

5136114 This is not finished yet, thus why it is short. This is a series of daily short stories i started to help get me started writing everyday and break through writer's block. I write and post one everyday on my DA, but due to the 1,000 word limit on here, i have to wait for every 3 stories and upload them as chapters to put them on here.

I must say, I am becoming extremely interested to see where you take this. Please do continue.

5147180 Thanks, i plan to. :twilightsmile:

I love this and oh Flash your so funny.

I want Flashimmer in this comic! >:C
Flashlight sucks too muuuchhhh :twilightangry2:

Nice fanfic anyway

but..Sunset IS The Green Ranger

5168168 Well i can see where you are going with this, being both Sunset and Tommy Oliver started out evil and then was turned good by their friends, followed by joining them to defeat some kind of evil. But i was honestly going by color schemes alone, and Sunset's color scheme screamed red ranger.

5168638 I see what you mean..she better at least get the dragon shield

5171464 Dragon Shield? I don't remember that from Power Rangers. I remember the Dragon Flute, some kind of Dragon sword and of course the DragonZord, but i don't remember there being a shield.

Jus' saying, you only need an apostrophe (') if you are saying that something belongs to someone, or in omission, as in don't.

How do you work three days a week with none of them week days?

licensed driver 21, wow good thing they don't sell licensed driver 20 anymore, those were to dangerous.

I'd just like to say, not every chapter has to be 1000+ words. The 1000 word minimum is just for the story as a whole, simply to prevent a ridiculously short one-shot being published.

5341565 None of them are weekENDS, so she works on 3 of the 5 weekdays. NOT saturday or sunday.


Only complaint: it's Mistress Marevolous, not Mysterious.

Very good and nice comedic writing! However, seems pretty weird that six girls just so happened to enter a raffle that just so happened to be raffling six cars and they just so happened to win them.

Today I took some of the money I've been saving and bought a computer. One of those hi-tech things everyone around here uses. I've had it for barely a day, and already I’m hooked. I bought one of the smaller ones called a Notebook as it was cheaper. It can’t play any video games, but it can help me type, and most importantly access this thing called the internet

Oh god, Sunset has discovered the internet...just wait until she finds the shipping fanfics XD

Probably from Pinkie Pie doing her “Whatsuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup” thing again, we really need to stop her from watching those videos about the annoying talking orange. It’s beginning to get to her head, and our nerves

Pinkie and the annoying Orange would be best friends XD

Some of the people that came though my line were really rude, and some really weird. One guy came in trying to pay with Monopoly money (fake money from a board game about being pieces of property, and trying to be the last to run out of money). Another customer came in wanting all his stuff for free claiming he had a rare disease in his leg’s, despite the fact he was tap dancing while in line. THEN a couple of little girls wearing fake mustaches and suit’s way too big for them came in wanting to buy alcohol…..
As if all THAT was not bad or weird enough, some guy came in trying to rob the store…..with a water gun……while wearing a barney suit (Barney is a character in a little kids show here)…and he wanted to steal some free newspaper’s that where on a little stand with a sign on them CLEARLY saying they were free of charge. We did not bother reporting him to the police as he technically did not steal anything, but we did call a psychiatric ward

Well, it was certainly interesting XD I'd love to work there, so entertaining!

….Oh and since Flash won’t STOP BOTHERING ME OVER MY SHOULDER ABOUT IT, he says hi Twilight….

Goddammit Flash

I found out that after their defeat, Adagio (the one that looked like she had an orange mop on her head)

lol, jokes about Adagio's hair are always funny :)

5164612 Flashlight is best ship name though :twilightsheepish:

5824575 I think Derpin' is the best ship name d:

I found odd Sunset expaining every little detail of human culture here: she has lived for a long time before EG so she should be used to many things already.

I hope to read more of this, keep going!

Sunset's a fan of the Power Rangers? She's adapted to human culture like a duck to water.

As a Ranger fan, this has me excited to the max!

5458908 Five girls actually. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if Flash secretly won the other one, lol!

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