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For some reason i have the ability to write stories, therefore i continue to write in the hopes of saving what little remains of my sanity.


Twilight Sparkle find's herself at the mercy of an unknown writer, determined to ruin her day. Based of the Looney Tunes episode Duck Amuck.

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There was another one involves Elmer Fudd finally got payback on Bugs.

Of course it was Discord.

5143395 and Princess Luna :)

5143338 Haven't seen that one. Is it on Youtube?

And he also appears to have some kind of psychopath

Do you mean "And he also appears to be some kind of psychopath?"

5143592 Herp Derp, Don't know how i missed that mistake. Thanks for the heads up, i've fixed it now.

Pssh, no one's gonna write the pony equivalent to that where Discord gets his comeuppance for being the narrator in fics like this. Why, I can't imagine. Apparently abuse is only funny if Discord's the one doing it and if Discord's even being talked to wrong the bronies cry like he just got a guillotine to the neck.

And like the other story that also used "Duck Amuck" as its basis, you can tell who's the mystery narrator within one paragraph of the fic starting. I won't go into why I feel that way since I don't feel like coming off as any more of a douche than I already am.

I really just couldn't get into it because this is yet another fic where Twilight's life gets messed up because Discord plays narrator. On the plus side, at least the tortures weren't so far over the top they crossed into utterly disgusting territory (see the fic linked above). I get it, her OCDness is why this trope is so popular, but for once can I get one where it's Discord being abused? For once? Is it really asking that much that someone finally tip this on its head? If anything he'd react like Bugs did in the cartoon short mentioned by the guy I replied to; annoyed, but not losing it nearly as spectacularly as Daffy did.

5143970 Knowing Discord, a small part of him would be proud of somepony doing this to him

Maybe. He'd also be proud because it changes up the formula of the crackfic ever so slightly. Which is something fics like these just...never do in general, from what I've seen so far.

5144274 If you want to know why most are bothered by Discord being tortured this way, Discord is a jerk, but he's a funny lovable jerk (like a toddler if he had reality wrapping powers) if he's not messing with you.

I would continue this conversation here, but this is hardly the place.

5146243 Because people find them funny?

Simply awesome! I actually DIDN'T expect the outcome. I thought it was going to be Trixie.

5150443 Thanks. I'm not sure Trixie would have been able to break the 4th wall in order to pull this off, not unless she had that Alicorn Amulet thing that is.

Now I kinda want to do a fic where Discord gets narrated against. He's already deliciously fun to write for, and imitate. So a fic like that would be awesome to do.

So, you've got me wanting to do a reading of this. Probably getting some friends in to play Twilight and Pinkie. If I do, I'll be sure to give you a link.

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