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Thank you, Knight N Gale for the new title! (previously Wacky Weekend)

Celestia feels as though she has been in a rut. Thinking of a way to spice up her weekend off, Discord comes in with a proposition. Just to make things interesting, Luna also came along for the ride, despite not being given any notice.
They will spend the weekend as Rarity and her little sister Sweetie Belle, and vice versa.
Problem is, Celestia has the weekend off, but Rarity does not. What is she supposed to do now?
How will Luna deal with being a filly? How will Rarity and Sweetie act as royalty?
Will Discord have enough popcorn to last him through the show?
Let's hope everything turns out okay.

Inspired in part by Freaky Friday, though it is not the same premise.

Artwork made my marking

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Break out the popcorn !:twilightoops::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy::yay::moustache:


instant fave at second chapter:rainbowlaugh:

Oh DIscord, you really shouldn't have!
But the fun has been doubled now that you did!

5745154 wow. i can't believe I didn't see myself setting up that joke.

This story is very amusing so far, keep it up. :eeyup:

5759698 Thank you very much. I plan to. And believe me, this is only a warm up. Next chapter will have this fic starting off with real stride.
And thanks for the follow btw :raritywink:

5759699 Can't wait to read it mate.:eeyup:
By the way, would it be okey to ask you to take a look at my fic and tell me what you Think.
I am rather new to Writing and could use the feedback.:pinkiehappy:

5759711 I can tell you up front, without even having to know what your fic is, to not be full of yourself. This is something i learned the hard way.

Focus on telling a good story. and not throwing a certain character, especially an OC, on a pedestal.

5760725 No, of course not. I just wanted some feedback. It is rather hard to know if you are doing a good job or not if no one gives you feedback. But thanks for your advice.:eeyup:

:unsuresweetie: Hey Rarity!

:raritydespair: What?

:unsuresweetie: I can FLY.


:moustache: Rarity I'm here to help


:trollestia: Food fest!

:unsuresweetie: I see Spikes dreams!


:unsuresweetie: BAD SPIKEY!

This is great. The characters are all well-written, and so are the jokes.

5745329 I personally like the title, but I'm a little biased of course... :scootangel:

5954957 I was hoping more than anything else that the jokes worked. I'm glad you enjoyed.

5745329 Such a great story--so glad I've followed it. :raritywink:

Weekend at Raritys is a good name.

6718508 Not bad. I thank you for the suggestion, but most of the antics are going to be at the castle. :applejackunsure:

I've really enjoyed this story. Any plans for another chapter?

7652157 I've had zero motivation since I became unemployed. I have PLENTY of content planned for this story, but unfortunately, I'm just never in the mood.
I don't want to force myself to work on it and churn out a lack-luster product.
Believe me, I DO want to work on this story. I just need to get my drive back.

The jarring change in light caused a voice from down below to yell in grief about his eyes. A screeching crash heard from somewhere else caused another voice to call out about his leg.


"Very well." He snaps his fingers to summon another bag of popcorn. "I'll be sure to let you know if the world begins to end."


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