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For some reason i have the ability to write stories, therefore i continue to write in the hopes of saving what little remains of my sanity.


Sunset tries taking a bunch of different electives to find one that suits her the best. Will she find one? Or will she crack under the pressure of dealing with crazy wacko teachers?

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Fun and awesome story, but I feel like more could be done with it. Like, for instance, changing the story's name a little and doing a number of chapters for a number of electorates. But, you know, just an idea. The story is brilliant standalone too!

That Harry Potter reference, tho.

I honestly think that if my art teacher did that to me, I would have punched her. I find it very agitating when people tell me I'm doing my art wrong.

Harry Potter reference. Wow. :derpytongue2: Love it!


Okay, that being said...

Are you going to write more? Why does this teacher hate Sunset so much? I NEED TO KNOW THE DETAILS. Is it Discord? Hoity Toity? SNAPE?

I read all of that teacher's lines in Alan Rickman's voice.

Very nice. I liked that it wasn't a "happy" ending. But I would like it if Fluttershy where to tell her not to give up or something .

I hope there's a second chapter with Celestia and/or Luna lighting up this asshat. You don't do that to students, even the ones you don't like.

I would kill that teacher.
Also, Principle should be Principal in this case.

Pfft, everyone knows that painting is impossible unless you're some kind of magical weirdo :moustache::moustache::moustache:

5144881 Someone should have told that to Professor Snape then, of course he got what he deserved for it in the end.

5145131 Same here. Also, i blame Spell Check :twilightblush:

5144756 Well logically Fluttershy would have probably wanted to leave/tell her to leave as well after the treatment he had given her. Any of her other friends however might have convinced her to report the teacher, but re-main in the class.

5144644 It was suppose to be a total knock off of Snape of course. I didn't give him a name as i could not think of a good one that sounded like Snape. Also he hates her for the same reason he hates everyone. Just like Snape, nobody loves him.:trollestia:

5144146 Thanks. The idea was just a short story about Sunset trying to take a painting class, and it just went off from there.

Eeehhhnn... is this gonna be it? Like if you continue to have her try a bunch more electives, maybe, but as it feels REALLY incomplete, I can't bring myself to vote either way on it yet.

5146571 I'm debating continuing it as a series of short stories, each where she tries a different elective if people are really interested. Since i keep getting comments on it.:twilightsheepish:

5148725 Thanks, i try to write at least something everyday. I generally come up with a thousand stories in my head everyday, so it's not that hard to come up with idea's, it's actually putting them into words that's the hard part for me. But i'm learning, and heavily enjoying the process :twilightsmile:

5148977 Well i have a DA but i started that just before getting set up on here. Other then that ive been coming up with stories in my head since as long as i can remember, but never really bothered sharing them with other's until now. I did do fairly better then average in English class and ive also been reading since as long as i can remember as well. One of my favorites growing up being the Harry Potter series.

I concur with the notion this should be continued with other electives. :twilightsmile:

5152831 I'll try and work it in then :yay:

A small piece of cheese suddenly came flying at her from the back of the room, hitting her square in the face. Sunset swore she could hear the mouse at the back of the room booing at Professor Wompkins.

Well played, mouse.
Well played.

I love that the mouse got in on the act. Brilliant! :pinkiecrazy:

I take it Professor Wompkins is a parody of those pretentious professors who see symbolism in everything?

Oh, God, theatre class... So many HORRIBLE memories...

5156628 I liked Drama class back in Middle School, but when i tried Theater in High School it was the pits. Drama was more laid back and fun, and we were able to make our own plays for the class and have creative control. Where as with Theater we had to use the older more booooooriiiing plays that where already made.

5156104 Actually i was basing her off Professor Treyolney from Harry Potter, at least in the beginning. After that she started to very a bit, which i kind of liked.

5155936 Thanks, that was just something at random i thought of that i had to put in :)

At least she was better than the art teacher, he was a total butt-trumpet.

5164701 He was more like a complete git.

5164885 Seemed pretty snivelly to me.

I'm not sure why you basically copied the first potions class from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I feel like you could have put a much more unique spin on it rather than relying on the familiarity of the scene to carry it.

I came here to read your story, not a converted scene from Harry Potter. I'd like to see what you can do.

Also, you really need to work on your dialogue punctuation.

5177100 I was simply putting down what i was inspired to write, and while creating the story this was what came to mind. The whole point of that scene was to make it like Snape's little speech as i thought it would be funny.

Let me guess, the teacher was Sombra and a Harry Potter reference was in it

Are all the teachers going be based off of Harry Potter characters?

I can relate to this. I hate it when people, especially adults think Shakespeare's works were the best ideas since underwear. Hell even I think J.R.R. Tolkien was better then him and I hate that guy.

It had the same problem as Double Rainboom - a ton of references but not much substance.

You should probably call the teachers "Mr." or "Mrs." Professor isn't the proper title for public school teachers, and doing this will help distance your audience from Harry Potter. The chapter itself made me optimistic that you were going for more than just Harry Potter references, but when I saw that the next chapter is a guy with the exact same name as a Hogwarts professor, my heart sank a bit. This is quasi-Equestria; people have names based on their jobs; you should be utilizing that.

For those who care, Sunset's entire argument can be refuted with one word: Comedy. I guess the teacher was a real hack, because I studied math and even I can name three of The Bard's plays that don't fit Sunset's bill; A Midsummer Night's Dream, Much Ado About Nothing, and The 12th Night (the latter from an Amanda Bynes movie).

“Well, well, well, Sunset Shimmer” he said “Our, new, celebrity”
Lol :rainbowlaugh:
"Well, well, well, Harry Potter. Our new celebrity." - Severus Snape - Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Many of those lines were from Harry Potter, which is what makes this so funny and awesome.

Well this was an interesting read.

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