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For some reason i have the ability to write stories, therefore i continue to write in the hopes of saving what little remains of my sanity.


Starlight hates Pinkie, i mean REALLY hates Pinkie. The only thing she hates even more is having to spend time with Pinkie. If only there was away she could get rid of the hyperactive party pony.

Just a little practice story challenging myself to write for Pinkie Pie.

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:rainbowlaugh: PInkie you are so silly

7923039 It's because she's so good at it :pinkiehappy:

That's classic pie right there.:heart:

7923101 Glad you liked it, i actually find her the hardest of the mane seven to write for. :twilightblush:

Honestly, Pinkie Pie’s behavior is really exaggerated in this fanfiction. This is like, pre-season 1 Pinkie. And even if it is a random comedy fanfiction, having them in character would've really helped.

This story really is in the middle for me. My kind of comedy just isn't this, unfortunately. Everyone has their own opinion and, well, I just don't find this funny. I'm really sorry if I happened to hurt your feelings, and I'm not trying to be brutal. Yet it just feels like a bunch of random jokes put together into one thousand words, personally.

I really do hope others enjoy this story more than I did.

7923876 I find Pinkie a bit harder to write for then the others, this was sort of an experimental fic :twilightblush:

You can't run or hide from Pinkie pie bahahahahahaha

“OH! OH! How about Duel Monsters?”


Psssh. I dunno what Starlight's problem is. I could totally spend an entire day with Pinkie without a problem! And being her temporary roommate?

Ha! Piece of cake!:ajsmug:

*one second later*

Uh oh.

That actually just gave me a potentially very bad idea...:twilightoops::facehoof::twilightsmile:

There is no escape.

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