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The Scarlett Mare

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A trip to Paris. Air balloons. Pinkie and Dash have a surprise for their lover. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? Sunset Shimmer disagrees.


A one-shot that turned out surprisingly well.

Proofread and Edited by Krickis! Probably wouldn't have published this without their help
This was a submission to Krickis' server's writing club. The prompt was "Falling".

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This is a fun story, and you were pretty much spot on with Pinkie and Rainbow, but I feel like the voice is closer to Rarity's than Sunset's.

I don't really have that much experience with writing Sunset
That said this story implies that all the Eqg 7 are in a poly relationship. Well, this is true, saying it now, do she might have picked up some of Rarity's quirks. Really who knows, I never thought to go too deep in any of their characters. Also while Rarity is really smart, I doubt she would go about this thought process quite like Sunset did, which is why it's her and not Rarity here. Yes, I thought about this.

Also thanks for commenting!

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