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Why do I write? Because it's fun! :D

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Great work keep it up

Excuse me while I like and favorite this story!

Farmers do look to Thor for a good harvest. Makes sense the earth ponies got along with him.

Oo hoo. Good cliffhanger

I’m just wondering why the heck Celestia is hiding this history. Even we humans know some basics of of our ancient history and Celestia is an eyewitness of it all.

NOTE: This is not a marvel crossover, this is inspired by Norse mythology.

Yes! The one true Thor! I was not a fan of Marvel's interpretation. They messed up so much of our mythology.

This... all of this... is just amazing keep it up man/ woman / they / any other thing I have forgotten plz internet don't be mad at me

P.S. Love that you used the REAL Thor not the marvel Thor

Thank you, that means a lot. ^^

Mighty Thor grips the snake/
Firmly by its tongue/
Lifts his hammer high to strike/
Soon his work is done/
Vingtor sends the giant snake/
Bleeding to the depth/
Twilight of the thunder god/
Ragnarök awaits

Did you write that yourself? It's bucking awesome, might have to use that at some point. XD

I think that might be from Twilight of the Thunder God by Amon Amarth.

You're quite right, just looked it up. Had no idea that was where the picture was from too. The more you know. :rainbowwild:

I assumed you knew where the picture came from. In any event, I don't think Amon Amarth will mind (or ever know) if you use their lyrics.

It's very interesting seeing a story using the more Norse Mythological version of Thor than the Marvel version.

I hope to read the next chapter soon.

Won’t be long, I just have to release a new chapter for one of my other stories first. ^^

Ah ja, det kan kun blive godt det her. Fortsæt det gode arbejde makker! :moustache:

It is the album art for Twilight of the Thunder God.

Interesting, a not marvel Thor story....
OUTRAGEOUS! everyone knows thor's hair is red.
Meh... It's still a really good story, thumbs up, and favorite. I want to see where this goes.

Finally I find a story related to Norse mythology, I will be following it!

this is inspired by Norse mythology.


Celestia joined her sister in a smile. "Thor.."

Oh no, Celestia and Luna are being pimped out as whores.

When the Frost Giants were building a wall around Asgard, Loki transformed himself into a mare to lure away their draft horse. He (?) later gave birth to Sleipnir (Odin's 8 legged horse).

His other children included the Midgard Serpent, Hel, Goddess of Death (& boss of the realm Hel) & the Fenris Wolf. THIS is a family worthy of Jerry Springer!

"He who is weary of Weird Al is weary of life" Homer J Simpson

Very much creative and nice creation

A Thor story, not the marvel version, aaaanddd I'm Traking it. love it so far.

Well now, you've caught my interest! Looking forward to following this, and also wondering how in Earth Celestia covered up Thor all this time.

"Find out next time, same Thor time, same Thor channel.." Discord announced in a mocking tone, and the others looked at him. Luna shot him an annoyed look, and Fluttershy gave him a gentle, yet still stern look of disapproval.

it's okay Discord, I still love you xP

Actually I had no idea where it was from, but it just looked so awesome I had to use it as a cover. XD

Amon Amarth is the band you want to listen to when you want your cup of tea to transform into a horn of ale. Your dog will become a wolf. Your cannery will become an eagle. Your face will grow a beard. Already have a beard? Your beard will grow a beard. Your mom will grow a beard. Your asshole will grow a beard. You'll suddenly get the urge to burn your neighbors house down and carry their daughter off back to your stronghold. You'll begin building ships in your backyard with which you will use to row along the shore and sack port towns.



Well, the Justin Bieber video posted makes me want to vomit. I think I will go burn down my neighbor's house and make off with their daughter anyway. I'll let you know how that went later. :trollestia:

Waiting on a few more chapters before I begin reading, but the idea sounds awesome!

Hmm, a fan of mythology, I am pleased you went with something more mytholgically accurate. I haven't read much, but I hope this Thor is ginger and bearded.

Also, huh, not the first time I've seen Thor and Celestia together. Granted last time, that resulted in Sunset Shimmer

Could be worse, could have been Loki. Granted, he IS used to fucking horses...albeit these ones don't have dicks

Bearded, yes, but I'm sorry to disappoint. He is not ginger, but there is a reason for that, which will be explained a bit in the next chapter. ^^

Hey, you never know with fan works. There was a story about Thor crossdressing and alicorns being equipped for both genders isn't an uncommon fan idea; so maybe I'm wrong and the human is the slut and Celestia and Luna are the pimps. I'll admit I was wrong if that turns out to be the case.

Hey now, that was to get Mjolnir back...and Loki bullshitting the whole way. And true, Futacorns ARE common. Wouldn't be the first time in a fic I've seen Thor be the bottom

Uh...was this even a remotely needed comment?

I feel sorry for the goats. Killed whenever thor gets hungry only to be brought back? Must be torture.

Well, it was what Thor did in mythology. ^^

Depending on what you read, you will find many animals in Norse mythology that does not mind it. Like the boar in Valhalla, who is cooked every night so the dead Vikings can feast on it, only to come back to life the next day.

The boar enjoyed the boiling water it was cooked in, and did not feel pain.

Besides as Thor says, they’ll get used to it. And it is not like he takes his time killing them. He does it quickly, no pain. ^^

Thor cares for his goats, promise!

Great, glad for the new chapter; I've only just read that bit about Thor's Goats on Wikipedia and I am surprised you used it in this chapter for when he killed it and ate the meat from it.

You think it was to early for him to eat one of them? I thought it be a fun scene and a great way to start the next chapter with him resurrecting it. ^^

Naa, it was a good use of facts and mythology from Nordic stories anyway.

I thought it would be fun to add some links so if people wanted they could read about some of the things I mention in greater detail. :)

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